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TTT -Seamless change guide -25 April 2016, V2

  1. Top 10 Tips for Seamless Change in Small Enterprises ©2016 V Broomes Your Small Business
  2. 1.  View change with Optimism In viewing change, through the lens of optimism, you benefit from opportunities for reflection, learning and earning. In contrast, a pessimistic attitude to change can result in even more barriers to moving forward and making progress.  
 2. Communicate What's Changing in a Timely Manner 
 Plan which changes will be done and when. Identify
 those responsible to ensure change takes place as
 planned. When there are delays or disruptions, take
 action swiftly to let others in the team/business know and explain what will be done to get back on track or change course, appropriate. Timely communication reduces the likelihood of misleading rumours being spread, particularly by those opposed to change. 
 Top 10 Tips: Seamless Change in Small Enterprises
  3. 3. Consider Challenges as stepping stones When planned changes do not go as expected,
 consider these as 'Learning Opportunities'. 
 Learning from mistakes of implementing changes in
 small enterprises enables you to convert stumbling
 blocks into stepping stones. This ensures you and
 your team find solutions, not merely focus on barriers
 to a smooth and seamless transition during change.
 4. Ensure Appropriate and Guidelines
 Hiring staff/ contractors for daily task can be a quick
 way to scale up a business. However, if not done
 correctly, this can lead to resistance among current
 staff. Working in virtual teams also raises the issue 
 of whether or not personal devices should be used 
 at work. Having a policy on 'Bring Your Own Device'
 (BYOD), and guidelines on practical implementation
 should be prepared and made available to your team. Top 10 Tips: Seamless Change in Small Enterprises
  4. 5. Encourage and Support Positive Mindsets
 Build linkages with people who are positive (not negative) in outlook and who are keen to succeed. Be ready also to challenge their conclusions as well as provide guidance on how they can be more thorough in their analysis to help inform decision-making.
 6. Promote Team Work, Avoid 'ME' culture 
 Be wary of those who are prepared to succeed at any costs. These can be costly to small businesses, and prove toxic for team relations because such staff will be ready to discredit others to achieve their own goals.
 Top 10 Tips: Seamless Change in Small Enterprises
  5. 7. Acknowledge Success, Reward Your Team
 Rewards to members of your team (individually
 and collectively), can be financal or non-financial.
 A simple “Thank you, brilliant job!” can be all that
 is needed to let others working in your business
 know that you have recognised their efforts and
 are generous in praise for a job well done.
 Be appreciative of even the smallest
 victory, especially if it won against the odds. hange 8. Daily Review of Progress -or Delays 
 Cultivate the habit of setting aside 30 minutes
 every day as time for YOU to focus on the changes
 you are making in your business. Consider what's
 working, what you may need to tweak, delays
 encountered as well as what should be stopped
 because it is ineffective. Give yourself time and
 space to assess what needs to be done so as to
 succeed when taking the next step.
 Top 10 Tips: Seamless Change in Small Enterprises
  6. 9. Treat yourself to an 'inspirational mini-break' month. Your inspirational mini-break can be for just three or four hours. You can use the time to meet up with
 other business owners to reflect, be re-energized 
 and set focused short-term plans. 
 Your mini-break is also an ideal time to review and
 update your medium to long-term vision of where
 you want to be and what you would like to achieve 
 in the next 3, 5 or even 10 years. 10. Inspirational quotes -for focus and energy 
 Keep close at hand your favourite inspirational
 quotes and affirmations -refer to them often.
 Despite being mentally stimulating and personally
 satisfying, implementing and managing change can
 be challenging. Let your favourite quotations help
 you stay focused and energised! 
 Top 10 Tips: Seamless Change in Small Enterprises
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