vaibhav khanna operating system cloud computing soa software engineering information retrieval data warehouse adbms service oriented architecture dbms c++ ddbms oodbms object-oriented programming soa governance software quality assurance security ordbms software testing dimensional data model soad pressman aes query optimization concurrency control control structures jax ws spatial database software design esb wsdl soap software estimation data reconciliation etl data transformation web services business and cloud hash functions des cryptography integrity transaction control transaction processing data placement ddbms architecture object query language object oriented model virtualization model fuzzy model boolean model object oriented programming inheritance search process user interface design spatial data warehouse star schema rest web service description soa technology uddi process based estimation service design software development waterfall model service orientation services software process mca m tech authentication applications digital signature algorithm digital signature standard direct digital signatures digital signatures security of message authentication code message authentication code sha3 secure hash algorithm secure hash algorithm security of hash functions birthday attacks message authentication chinese remainder theorem primality rsa algorithm asymmetric cryptography public-key cryptography public key cryptography random numbers idea blowfish triple des advanced encryption standard linear cryptanalysis differential cryptanalysis data encryption standard des feistel cipher block ciphers modern techniques steganography transposition ciphers poly alphabatic ciphers vigenere cipher playfair cipher classical substitution ciphers cryptanalysis classical encryption techniques model for network security security mechanism security services security attacks attack threat osi security architecture security challenges usability availability lru algorithm fifo page replacement vaib multi media multimedia database temporal database multi version starvation deadlock two phase locking heuristics set operations project select and join query block query optimisation recoverable serializable recovery data distribution transparency ddbms tasks architecture ddbms components parallel ddbms types of ddbms data fragmentation distributed dbms indexing computing on demand service life cycle object oriented service systems deployment models service models cloud adoption characteristics dynamic infrastructure service object definition language ecosystem oodbs data models dml ddl three schema three layered architecture of dbms database schema database technology types of dbms complex objects grid computing principle technologies encapsulation object identity complex object data management cloud services soa shopper divergence from randomness extended boolean model repetition cpp web service packaging neural network model selection statements if statement in c++ relational operators set based models input stream convert feet to centimetres example of program design probabilistic model vector model preprocessor directive inverse document frequency term frequency cout cin assignment operator type casting tf-idf weights jaxb basics of c++ programming term weighting java / xml mapping basic program representational state transfer ir models search enterprise integration saas oop search engine optimization enterprise architecture software reliability parallel technologies soa steps integration testing data partitioning software testing strategies soa trends soa reference architecture architectural design so concept hierarchies data cube systems concept snowflake schema service integration jax ws for .net logical data modeling software quality metrics software product metrics jax-ws java api for web services process metrics fact table dimension table software matrix project scheduling project management data analysis cocomo logical model data modeling soa technologies function point analysis loc data reconciliation tools software planning prototype model soa components spiral model software documentation royace process model oltp olap soa layers service architecture soa evolution principles of soa softwareengineering software applications software virtualisation cloud basics open source os cloud os memory virtualisation os virtualisation roles of os functions of os os operating system concepts i/o and storage basics interrupt handling interrupts
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