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File & Contract Repository Management by DeskCenter USA

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DeskCenter USA provides Award Winning IT Management & Infrastructure Software solutions. Experience a full Free Trial and join in a free on line webcast @

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File & Contract Repository Management by DeskCenter USA

  1. 1. File and Contract Repository File and Contract Repository with DeskCenter DeskCenter Management Suite makes it possible to store documents in the database, meeting the demands for archiving and accessing contracts with different storing options. DeskCenter Management Suite can manage unlimited number of documents in all file formats. The contracts can be linked to computer systems, appliances, users, licenses, warranty information, contingency plans, etc. File and Contract Repository The Challenge Tracking and storing electronic contracts and images puts a strain on managing important business activities. Invoices, compliance paperwork, warranty certificates, license agreements and maintenance contracts are just some examples. Often it is stored in its original paper or electronic form and most often hard to locate. DeskCenter Management Suite integrated contract management is designed to manage this problem. Inventorying Contracts In addition to managing known contracts DeskCenter Management Suite allows to inventory all or only specific types of contracts throughout the organization. Whether Word or Excel document; Acrobat PDF or CAD file, DeskCenter will find and inventory files and contracts and create a report when needed. USA
  2. 2. File and Contract Repository The Power of One. Files and Contracts at Your Fingertips Core Functions • Fully automated • Contracts stored in the database or presented as links to existing con- tracts • Read-only or fully-edited • Contract search functionality • Built-in or custom contract types • Contracts are linked to assets • On-demand archiving and accessing • Unlimited number of contracts Quick and Easy Configuration Files and contracts can be stored in the database immediately upon DeskCenter Management Suite installation. No special configuration is required. Automated or Manual Contract Search The DeskCenter File and Contract Repository will search for contracts and files based on the Inventory schedule, or manually ondemand. The types of files that can be discovered are based on either a wildcard search or can include every file in the system. Unlimited numbers of any file types can be scanned on every system throughout the organization, Contract Repository at its finest Every contract can be linked to users, computers, locations, licenses, printers, applications and other pieces of inventory. If required, an automated report will be created with a contract attached to it. The report can contain any information about a failed piece of hardware or software with a contract with a warranty service attached. Benefits • Archive and access important con tracts • Find and access any contract on any system • Contracts are stored as read-only or fully-edited • Contract categories • Link contracts to any asset in the organization Licensing DeskCenter File and Contract Repository, like other DeskCenter Management Suite apps is licensed based on per client usage. The Base Packages is required to obtain the File and Contract app. Contact us to request an individual demonstration or to test drive a free trial. DeskCenter USA Inc. 309 West Park Avenue Long Beach, NY 11561 USA Direct: (516) 442-1508 Sales: (516) 442-1509 Fax: (516) 442-0282 DeskCenter® software, DeskCenter® Software logos and all other DeskCenter® software products or service names are registered trademarks of DeskCenter® Solutions AG. © 2010 DeskCenter® Solutions AG. All rights reserved. DeskCenter® USA is the registered trademark of DeskCenter® USA. © 2010 DeskCenter® USA. All rights reserved.