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Self Publishing in Createspace, Smashwords, KDP, ACX, and a Little Marketing

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Learn how to do it all! Step by step instructions and insider advice from someone who's published over 60 books, with publishers and on her own.

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Self Publishing in Createspace, Smashwords, KDP, ACX, and a Little Marketing

  2. 2. Step One: Concept  What are you expert on?  Do you have something new to say?  Is this hot now – will it sell?
  3. 3. Step Two  Write an entire book.  Edit, revise, etc.  Decide it’s ready to publish.
  4. 4. Speed writing?  Remember…  Nonfiction has lots of block quotes.  Maybe even bullet points  Simple web and database searches can give you source lists  30,000 words can be a book  Publishing takes a day…or an hour  Write SOMETHING every day
  5. 5. Upload Interior  Blank page, half title page, other books by the author, title page, copyright, dedication, acknowledgements, table of contents, table of figures, preface  Word makes a great automatic table of contents.  Also a great index if this is nonfiction.  Afterward, Glossary, Bibliography, Index, About the Author  Black and white pictures are fine – must be 300 dpi high quality.  Consider a little icon at chapter starts or scene separations.  PDFs are more stable than Word.
  6. 6. Cover  Use Amazon’s templates OR  Get a decent graphics program and a high quality background you like. One or two pieces of high quality royalty free clipart and some text and you’re done.
  7. 7. Cover Check  https://www.creates ok/ has a template for your book size and number of pages.  Make this semi- transparent and paste it over your book cover to make sure you’re in the lines.
  8. 8. Finishing Up  Amazon reviews it for errors.  Amazon asks which sales channels you want (probably all of them)  And what price you’d like (they set a minimum)  Cover finish  Back cover summary, category, and keywords  Done!
  9. 9. Ebooks  Now that Amazon has all your book details, they’ll adapt it into a Kindle ebook and sell that too.  will walk you through auditioning actors for your audiobook.  Now that your book is done, why not distribute the ebook to iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo, Scribd and everywhere else? Go to, give them your manuscript (as a Word doc) and front cover and set your price. They convert it into EVERY ebook format and send it out EVERYWHERE…except Amazon.  They prefer a copyright page where you say “Smashwords Edition,” and no giant fonts or piles of line breaks in a row. It’s an ebook, after all. Charts are messy. Pictures jump around but still work. Replace bullet points with a *  These will all provide a free ISBN.
  10. 10. Now we Publicize…
  11. 11. First Get Reviews  Amazon Top 100  Friends and family  Appropriate themed magazines  Book blogs  Blog tour
  12. 12. Tie Yourself to events!  Book’s Release  KDP Free Days or Sales (ask your publisher)  Goodreads Giveaway  Holidays: Mother’s Day, Talk like a Pirate Day, historical event, December, Cyber Monday, Superhero Saturday, Free Comic Book Day, (#mothersday, #FCBD)  Television season, movie release (built in hashtags)
  13. 13. Twitter  What’s trending?  Loads of keywords  Ask fan groups to retweet  Vary your content
  14. 14. Facebook  Request reposts  Join groups  Add pictures, flyers, samples, and so on  Targeted ads
  15. 15. Goodreads  Post your sale or KDP day in targeted groups  Have a friend add it to lists.  Have a friend review it  Post samples, art, details  Goodreads Giveaway now includes ebooks but they charge. Packages start at $119.
  16. 16. In Person  Holiday fairs  Conventions  Speaking engagements  Schools  Throw a party
  17. 17. For these tips and more, try my free ebooks, Free Guide to Self-Publishing and Book Promotion: Inside Secrets from an Author Whose Self-Published Books Sold in Thousands and Self-Promo Stories by Valerie Estelle Frankel at or