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Role of Information

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This is the presentation prepared for MyLISA OPENS
This presentation discusses the Unit-1 of UGC prescribed text for NET examination: Role of Information

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Role of Information

  1. 1. Unit-1: Role of Information By, Vasantha Raju N. Librarian Government First Grade College Periyapatna MyLISA OPENS (Orientation Program for Enthusiasts of NET/SLET Exam) in Library & Information Science November 10, 2013 SBRR Mahajana First Grade College, Jayalakshmipuram, Mysore
  2. 2. Presentation Layout • Role of Information in – – – – – – education research & development (R & D) decision making business and industry Government socio-economic development and in day to day life • Some Important terms associated with these concepts
  3. 3. Role of Information Information society, information age, global village, information economy, digital natives, knowledge society, technotronic society, telematic society information worker, networked society, leisure society knowledge economy, infosphere
  4. 4. Role of Information in Education • The important feature of information society is its emphasis on education – Universal Education is the norm of information society – The Right to Education Act (RTE) introduced by the Indian Government in Parliament in 2010 is best example to achieve the universal education. – The focus is not merely to improve literacy rate but creating a learning society which help for rapid acquisition of a changing set of skills In order to achieve this- information is vital (content and curriculum development, and in the creation of material and methods of technology and learning)
  5. 5. Role of Information in R & D • Information is a life blood for research • The innovations and inventions depend information largely – Example : Drug discovery for a diseases • New ideas generated through previous work (research) Standing on the shoulders of giants- Isaac Newton • Many R & D institutions in India and across the globe have established information centers to gather, organize and provide access to information – NISCAIR ( National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources)-CSIR – FOSTIS (Food Science And Technology Information Service) –CFTRI – ICSSR (Indian Council of Social Science Research) – INIS (International Nuclear Information System) of IAEA – AGRIS (International Information System for the Agricultural Sciences and Technology) –FAO, Etc.,
  6. 6. Role of Information in Decision Making Information is central in decision making For example : • In government in order to reduce the gender gap what they need is information-Census data – Help for identifying problems and offer better solutions • In management information is crucial for taking or arriving at a right decisions - To overcome the problem of job attrition in companies • If a person have enough information will be in a better position to arrive at right decision (job, education, etc.,)
  7. 7. Role of Information in Business and Industry • In business sector, information helps in telemarketing, better financial management, customer service, training, sales, product development, market intelligence, looking for customers, etc. (Marketing Research) • Business Reports (Goldman Sachs, McKinsey) informing the business managers about the recent trends in Business and economy and growing markets for a particular products, etc.
  8. 8. Role of Information in Government Governments of almost all the countries of the world are the largest consumers of information and knowledge Government at all level needs information to run a country in a better way (education, health, industry, etc.,) Many welfare schemes are introduced because of information gathered at the government level (PDS, Food Security Act, MGNREGA, Yeshasvini Health Insurance Scheme, etc.,) -Wikileaks exposure put America in a difficult situation
  9. 9. Role of Information in Socio-Economic Development • Introduction of ADHAR card (UIDAI) is best example for the role of information in socio-economic development . • Socio-economic indicators such as : Gross Domestic Productivity (GDP), life expectancy, literacy and level of employment all are identified based on the information we gather. • To improve the socio-economic conditions of the people information is crucial. • Socio-economic Survey conducted by Planning Commission or other organization provide required data for welfare schemes. • At International level – Human Development Index (HDI)UNDP
  10. 10. Key terms and people associated with information (society) Global village (media is the message)- Marshal McLuhan Post industrial society- Denial Bell The Future shock, The third wave – Alvin Toffler Marc Porat- Information worker Knowledge society- Peter F. Drucker Technotronic society- Brzezinski Zbigniew Telematic society- Simon Nora & Minc Alain The coming of information age –WilsonP. Dizard Networked society-Manuel Castells Fritz Machlup- Information society Derek de Solla Price- Little Science Big Science, Science since Babylon Manfred Kochen –Information and Society The information society- William J. Martin
  11. 11. Conclusion Information rich countries are ruling the world today