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Intelen's Utility Consumer Engagement Framework

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How we approach utility engagement and how we engage utility consumers in regulated and de-regulated Utility markets

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Intelen's Utility Consumer Engagement Framework

  1. 1. SMI London – 17/4/2015 #utilitiescocialmedia Vassilis Nikolopoulos, PhDVassilis Nikolopoulos, PhD CEO & co-founderCEO & co-founder Consumer Engagement:Consumer Engagement: the holy grailthe holy grail Intelen, IncIntelen, Inc
  2. 2. SMI London – 17/4/2015 #utilitiescocialmedia
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  8. 8. SMI London – 17/4/2015 #utilitiescocialmedia Utility of the future:Utility of the future: build Digital Communitiesbuild Digital Communities
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  10. 10. SMI London – 17/4/2015 #utilitiescocialmedia ReducedReduced churn (loyalty)churn (loyalty) ?? EngagementEngagement for Utilitiesfor Utilities customerscustomers ContractContract renewals ?renewals ? Optimal supportOptimal support and complaintsand complaints service ?service ? Better priceBetter price adaptationadaptation strategy ?strategy ? New SalesNew Sales and newand new productproduct /revenues/revenues adoption ?adoption ? What is Engagement for Utilities ?What is Engagement for Utilities ? Marketing &Marketing & CSR ?CSR ? Low Cost toLow Cost to Acquire ?Acquire ?
  11. 11. SMI London – 17/4/2015 #utilitiescocialmedia What is actually engagement, is thereWhat is actually engagement, is there any standard procedure and how do Iany standard procedure and how do I measure it?measure it? Yes !Yes ! Intelen’s Engagement Framework - IEFIntelen’s Engagement Framework - IEF
  12. 12. SMI London – 17/4/2015 #utilitiescocialmedia Do you have a portal ?Do you have a portal ?
  13. 13. SMI London – 17/4/2015 #utilitiescocialmedia How to approach the Customer
  14. 14. SMI London – 17/4/2015 #utilitiescocialmedia December 2014 January 2015 February 2015 Behavioral DR Program launched Invite to join platform sent to 5000 customers High: 90% Profile completion Medium: 65% Profile completion Low: 35% Profile completion High Customers •Demographics: upper middle class, family of 3 •House/Building: 2 story large house •Rooms: 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, family room, living room, garage •Central heating, central air conditioning •3 televisions, all major appliances (state-of-the-art) •Profile: 90% complete Middle Customers •Demographics: middle class, family of 4 •House/Building: Townhouse with garage •Rooms: 2 bedrooms, 2 bath •Central heating, window- based individual room air conditioning (3 in total) •2 televisions, slightly older washing machine, dryer and microwave oven; new fridge and dishwasher •Profile: 65% complete Low Customers •Demographics: lower middle class, family of 5 •House/Building: 2 bedroom apartment •Rooms: 2 bedrooms, 1 bath •Central heating, window- based individual room air conditioning (2 in total) •1 television, all appliances at least 5 years old, if not more •Profile: 35% complete
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  16. 16. SMI London – 17/4/2015 #utilitiescocialmedia Let’s see how it works…
  17. 17. SMI London – 17/4/2015 #utilitiescocialmedia
  18. 18. SMI London – 17/4/2015 #utilitiescocialmedia Utility of the future:Utility of the future: build Digital Communitiesbuild Digital Communities Smart meters Social motivation Game mechanics Social actions/challengesMobile app
  19. 19. SMI London – 17/4/2015 #utilitiescocialmedia  Who to market  How to communicate  What product to promote  When to drop
  20. 20. SMI London – 17/4/2015 #utilitiescocialmedia  Collect individual customer behavior daily (opens, clicks, usage, time on DiG, features used / not used)  Identify value of engagement attributes  Model future communication based on successes / failures  What is the optimal timing, frequency, message, channel, or offer based on level of engagement?  What responses are critical to success? What are nice to haves?  Response or no response – Intelligence is collected, user is remodeled and will be communicated to again at the optimal touchpoint Push Communication Open & Click Analyze Learn & Calibrate App Usage Data Capture Touch-point Engagement Analytics !!!
  21. 21. SMI London – 17/4/2015 #utilitiescocialmedia
  22. 22. SMI London – 17/4/2015 #utilitiescocialmedia
  23. 23. SMI London – 17/4/2015 #utilitiescocialmedia  Develop triggers based on changes in expected bill (i.e. trending high/low mid-month, etc.)  Develop triggers based on personalized disaggregation recommendations to more efficient energy consumption (i.e. new appliances to invest in, tips to decrease specific appliance cost, etc.)  Develop triggers based on engagement with DiG and other marketing communications (i.e. need to complete survey, close to earning reward, re-engagement for lapsed customers, etc.) Marketing Strategy  Predict customer response to specific campaigns  Predict appropriate cross-sell/up-sell content  Predict when customers pass through critical milestones that can impact energy consumption (i.e. employment, marriage, children, likely to move, etc.)  Develop more robust segmentation that incorporates potential motivational drivers (i.e. environmental vs. economic) to customize content Marketing Analytics  Integrate with ESP (email service provider) to trigger emails based upon lifecycle and engagement behaviors  Integrate with web analytics platform to personalize user experience based on segment and profile information Marketing Technology Data Driven Marketing & ROI
  24. 24. SMI London – 17/4/2015 #utilitiescocialmedia
  25. 25. SMI London – 17/4/2015 #utilitiescocialmedia Intelen, Inc. 805 3rd Avenue Suite # 902 NY 10022 New York, USA Thank you !Thank you ! Vassilis Nikolopoulos, PhD @vnikolop Find me on LinkedIn/FB