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Notas del editor

  1. Let me take you back to the year 2011… Charlie Sheen went crazy!
  2. The Arab Spring showed us the true power of social media for freedom of speech.
  3. And planks across the globe planked.
  4. If you were using social media for marketing, things were a bit friendlier. RTs, faves, replies and likes roamed the streets and parks looking for great updates to attach themselves to.
  5. But then the Reach Monster came along and started eating them up.
  6. Since then, reach has massively dropped, making our jobs much harder.
  7. Facebook page reach.
  8. Facebook are strangling it.
  9. It’s so hard to cut through the noise…
  10. We need to face up to the fact that the social media free ride is over.
  11. And stop whinging about it!
  12. Great example of Organic Excellence from Alfa Romeo…
  13. Coke have been achieving more with $500 Facebook ad spend than through their 80 million fans on Facebook.
  14. What can social media advertising do? I never advocate buying fans, followers etc.
  15. Same goes – what’s the value of that?
  16. Yes! This is a great use of paid social as long as you think about the whole route and why you’re doing it.
  17. LinkedIn in general makes me feel like this. It’s ad model is highly targeted but expensive. Twitter can be great but also much more expensive than Facebook.
  18. Instagram ads are opening up to all Autumn 2015. Here’s a horrible example from Tesco. Boak = puke.
  19. Before we buy any ads we need to think why are we going to do this, what are we trying to achieve, what can we spend, what are we comfortable spending in order get that product sign-up etc, CPAs Vs LTVs etc.
  20. Then you need to test!
  21. Here’s the first lesson of successful social ads…
  22. Typical responses to ads I have seen…
  23. Nice example of entertain from Samsung
  24. Simple image, intrigues the user.
  25. Excited if I was Basics…
  26. You need to take the time to learn all about the targeting etc…
  27. If you don’t it’s a travesty in line with a grown man wearing Crocs.
  28. I was targeted with this ad – they should have selected female only. Also the copy is terrible and it starts with a hashtag.
  29. When I click through, the site is only in Italian. A waste of a click!
  30. The top response made me laugh – guy thought he was tweeting the model.
  31. Very topical example from Google.
  32. Great landing page.
  33. The landing page for that ad asks for far too much data.
  34. Summary!