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PDMA-India International Conference 2017 - Welcome Address

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The speech was delivered by Mr. Venkadesh Narayanan, President, PDMA-India | Principal Consultant, Fhyzics Business Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Chennai.

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PDMA-India International Conference 2017 - Welcome Address

  1. 1. Knowledge Partner Fhyzics Business Consultants Pvt.Ltd. Mr. Venkadesh Narayanan President, PDMA-India Principal Consultant, Fhyzics Business Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Welcome Address
  2. 2. Book Now
  3. 3. PDMA-INDIA International Conference 2017 Knowledge Partner: FHYZICS BUSINESS CONSULTANTS PVT. LTD
  4. 4. The best way to predict the future is to create it. ” “ - Peter Drucker
  5. 5. God created the world and NPD professionals decorated it with products & services ” “
  6. 6. There is no product without a problem There is no organization without a product There is no product without a problem There is no organization without a product
  7. 7. About PDMA The Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) is the premier global advocate for product development and management professionals. Since 1976, PDMA is the only organization that focuses on the unique set of integrated activities involved in the full lifecycle of product development and management, including innovation. NPDP Certification | NPDP Body of Knowledge | Journal of Product Innovation Management | Outstanding Corporate Innovator Award
  8. 8. PDMA-India’s mission is to provide a platform for the product development community to learn and share product development best practices through events such as seminars, webinars, special programs and conferences. It will also conduct preparation courses for the product development professionals to attain the New Product Development Professional (NPDP) credential. PDMA-India is an Indian affiliate of PDMA, USA
  9. 9. About Fhyzics Our Partners APICS, USA The world’s leading community for end-to-end supply chain excellence for education and certification. IREB®, Germany IREB® has become a worldwide renowned body of experts who come from science, research, industry and consulting for the individual certification of professionals in Requirements Engineering PDMA, USA PDMA is the only organization that focuses on the unique set of integrated activities involved in the full lifecycle of product development and management, including innovation. IIBA®, Canada IIBA® is the professional association dedicated to the field of business analysis and works to maintain the global standard for the practices and certification. Registered Education Provider (REP) of PDMA
  10. 10. Fhyzics’ Services
  11. 11. Building New Product Development (NPD) Excellence Theme
  12. 12. AGENDA Today’s Break 04 06 01 Lunch • Inaugural Keynote Address: • Collaborative Product Development • Teaching Product Design - Experience @ IITM • India’s Quest for Aligning Business and Strategic Goals • Building Product Safety using ISO 31000 • Product & Brand Management • What Success Looks Like in NPD • My Journey with Products • Building Your Organization’s NPD Excellence through NPDP Certification • Creation of Fastrack Reflex Band • Developing a First-Time-Right Culture in Product Development • Behavioural Economics and Product Development - A Surgeons' Perspective • NPD for National Growth • NPD in Reel & Real Life01:00PM- 01:45PM Break 11.30AM- 11.45AM • NPD Methods & Metrics • India Awaits NPD Revolution • Essence of Market Research for Effective Product Development • 10 Cutting Edge Techniques in NPD – Part-I • Protecting Product with IP • NPD Techniques Part-II 02 03 05 07 03:45PM-04:00PM
  13. 13. Maximize Learning Speakers Allotted time Two Questions on each topics Unlimited questions on PDMA-INDIA LinkedIn Group
  14. 14. Conference Handbook About PDMA Agenda Speakers Profile About Fhyzics About SMBCART PDMA BOK NPD Certification Sample Questions Business Analysis Schema Notes
  15. 15. Critical Factors 15 1. The Number one success factor is a unique superior product: a differentiated product that delivers unique benefits and superior value to the customer. 2. A Strong market orientation – a market-driven and customer-focused new product process - is critical to success. 3. Look to the world product: An international orientation in product design, development, and target marketing provides the edge in product innovation. 4. More predevelopment work – the up-front homework – must be done before product development gets under way. 5. Sharp and new early product and project definition is one of the key differences between winning and losing at new products. 6. A well-conceived, properly executed launch is central to new product success, and a solid marketing plan is at the heart of the launch. 7. The right organizational structure, design, and climate are key factors in success.
  16. 16. Critical Factors 15 8. Top Management support doesn’t guarantee success, but it sure helps. But many senior managers get it wrong. 9. Leveraging core competencies is vital to success “step-out” projects tend to fail. 10. Projects aimed at attractive markets do better: market attractiveness is a key project- selection criterion. 11. Successful businesses build tough go/kill decision points into their new product process, where projects really do get killed: Better focus is the result. 12. New product success is controllable: more emphasis is needed on completeness, consistency and quality of execution of the key tasks from beginning to end of project. 13. The resources must be in place – there is no free lunch in product innovation. 14. Speed is everything! But not at the expense of quality of execution. 15. Companies that follow a multistage, disciplined new product process – a Stage-Gate TM process–fare much better.
  17. 17. Dr. Aruna Shekar