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Ventilation and extraction

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Kitchens can be very difficult environments for the Ventilation Systems to control, when cooking with oil is carried out such as when deep fat fryers, frying pans, char grilles etc.

When the Kitchen is used for simple uses such as make drinks or warming up food then a simple Ventilation System would be essential to remove odours and steam. Large Industrial Kitchens require more complex Ventilation System with Extract Hoods, Grease Filters and interface with the gas supply, Electrostatic Smoke Fume Control, UV (Ultra Violet Light) germ and odour control, Carbon Filters, Fan Motor etc. Extract Hood includes both fresh air provision and extract with washable grease filters.

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Ventilation and extraction

  1. 1. Ventilation and Extraction 1st Floor, Al Riqqa Building, Near Clock Tower, Deira, Dubai, U.A.E. Location Map Phone: +971 4 2669986