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San Francisco Small Business Week 2013 - Create a Quick and Easy Marketing Plan Using Email and Social Media

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As a busy small business, social media is probably just one more thing to add to your already exhaustive list of things to do and understand. We're here to say social media isn't really that hard – really! And if you're already sending email marketing campaigns to your customers, it's even easier.

Join VerticalResponse as we break down social media and email marketing into actionable strategies and tactics that nearly any small business, regardless of your level of marketing or tech knowledge, can implement immediately. You'll come away with four easy ways to leverage the power of your email marketing and social media efforts, and get the most out of your time.

Topics include how to:
• Use the content you already have
• Increase your reach with Twitter and Facebook
• Build email, Twitter and Facebook lists through cross-promotion
• Determine which metrics matter for your business
• Use free/low-cost tools to measure engagement/growth

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San Francisco Small Business Week 2013 - Create a Quick and Easy Marketing Plan Using Email and Social Media

  1. 1. Create a Quick and Easy Marketing PlanUsing Email and Social MediaJill Bastian, Training and Education
  2. 2. Agenda1. Content – What to publish toTwitter, Facebook, Blogs and emailcampaigns2. Increase your reach with Twitter &Facebook3. Email & Social – How they need to interactto get you more biz4. Analyze – Reports to check out
  3. 3. 1. Content
  4. 4. Content – Use What You Have• Employee Stories• Holidays• Photos and Videos• Guides, whitepapers or notes• Outside content• Questions• Great offers• Events
  5. 5. Make a Content List – Winery Example• Stories• Kristen spent 3 hours on the wine press,Johnny is working the tasting roomtoday, why the winemaker wanted toblend, document the process and whatyou’re doing today• Photos - Videos• Vineyards, wine dinners, winemaking,dogs, new labels, winery owner family,awards, food festival you’re at, bottleshots• Press or Award you won• Award, acceptance, press release, pressmentions• Events• Wine dinner invites, food festivalannouncements• Outside content• Neighboring wineries announcements,article on varietals, article on healthbenefits of wine, food pairing recipes,food pairing articles, food in season• Questions & Polls• What would you like to see at the nextdinner? Do you like our new label?What varietal is your favorite? Whattype of wine are you and why?• Great offers• Facebook, Twitter, email-onlydiscounts on wine & merchandise,wine club offers
  6. 6. Your Blog – The Center of Your ContentBlogs areever-changingyour websiteisn’tReceptacle ofall thingscontentReap SEOBenefitsCrosspromoteTwitterFacebookEmails
  7. 7. Retailerwebsitemight addnew productsNewproductsalwayspromotingReap SEOBenefitsCrosspromoteTwitterFacebookEmailsRetail Example
  8. 8. Create a CalendarEmailnewsletterFood Fest. Dinner invitePix of FoodFestivalDinnerreminderWine Wed.Disc. 20%Zin.Wine Wed.Disc. 15%ChardWine Wed.Disc. 10%Wine Club.Wine Wed.Disc. FreeShipping.Wine Wed.Disc. 20%Cab.Photo: GusMeet Gus,winery dog.FoodFestival Sat.newsletterEmailnewsletternewsletterEmailnewsletternewsletterTastingnotes fromwmakerDinnerreminderDinner PixWinemakerDinner pix &pre-releasesale.Porkshoulderrecipe – Zinpair – 20%How do youlike our newlabel?Like label?Parker ScoreParker ScoreParker ScoreJohnny attastingroom!Kara at TR& Dinner PixDoug attastingroom!Sarah attastingroom, tasteParker-ratedZinWine Clubready toshipRT: Food &Wine - zinroundupRT: Food &Wine healthbenefits ofwineFood Fest.WineDinnerRT: Food &Wine Naparated #1destinationRT: Food &Wine ParkerScores areout.PressingTime! Pix.DinnerinviteEmailsSocial NetworksBlog
  9. 9. 2. Increase Your Twitter & FacebookReach
  10. 10. Get More Reach• Reach = number of people that have the opportunity tobe exposed to your message• Got great content? Get it in front of qualified people• Build your list of Facebook Fans and Twitter followers• Increase “engagement”• Someone answers a question• RT’s your Tweet• Comments on your post• Likes your post or your Page
  11. 11. Infographic from
  12. 12. Facebook – A Story for the Naysayers• Sierra postedSwizzle• Janine clicked andwent to the SPCAsite• Saw Dwight, fell inlove• Dwight was home in48 hours
  13. 13. Still Not Convinced?
  14. 14. Encourage Engagement With Content• Ask questions• Update with blog posts, events, companynews, industry news, videos & photos• Post to your customers’ pages• Include calls to action whenever possible• Contests, discounts, eventsCool tools for monitoring Facebook engagement:VerticalResponse Social, Sprout Social, Radian6
  15. 15. Encourage Engagement With Content
  16. 16. Encourage Engagement With Content
  17. 17. Encourage Engagement – Not all about business!
  18. 18. • Do somethingnice for everyLike• Planting a treefor every Like• Cause relatedmarketing works!Encourage Engagement With a Cause
  19. 19. Chandon isgiving away freetreats toencourage Likesand word ofmouth!Encourage Engagement With a Giveaway
  20. 20. Facebook Likes Ad Campaign - Example
  21. 21. • Can be shown to anyone• Can bring people to aPage, post, tab, or externalurl• Gets shown on the righthand side with the otherads• Can be customized withcopy and imageFacebook Likes Ad Campaign - Example
  22. 22. • Target – Wineinterests• US – sincethey ship to theUS and wantqualified Likes• Chose the url for theFacebook Page sincewe went for Likes• Set lifetime budgetfor $100Facebook Likes Ad Campaign - Example
  23. 23. • It costs .32 cost per click on the ad• We spent 34.56 for 108 clicks and 152 likes• Campaign lasted just one week• It cost .23/like for this particular campaign!Facebook Likes Ad Campaign - Example
  24. 24. • Campaign startedMay 21st• Stopped campaignMay 27th• Organic reach kept ahigher average thanbefore the campaignFacebook Likes Ad Campaign - Example
  25. 25. Twitter Engagement• Email marketing campaigns via the Social Sharing feature• Blog posts, company news, contests & sales• Media that you consume as well• Industry trends and studies• Relevant blog posts and articles• Follow and RT brands you like (Food & Wine example)• Thank people for mentioning your brand & RT positive mentions!• Thank followers when they RT you• People love to be acknowledgedCool Tools to monitor Twitter engagement: VerticalResponseSocial, TweetDeck, Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Radian6.
  26. 26. • Solo emailencouraginga follow• Bonus offersand flashdiscounts!Twitter Engagement – Get the follow
  27. 27. Twitter Engagement – Posting Content
  28. 28. Twitter Engagement – Posting Content
  29. 29. Twitter Engagement – Posting Content
  30. 30. Universal Social Media Content & Engagement• Be consistent!• Users constantly consume so content gets stale quickly• Listen, respond, and converse• Don’t be afraid to take it offline• Moderate as little as possible• Customers value transparency and the ability to leave feedback• By publicly (and gracefully!) handling feedback, you gain more thanyou lose• Make sharing easy• Share Buttons for your website, blog & emails• Content can’t be all about you• Tap into your audience’s interests
  31. 31. 3. Email & Social
  32. 32. Email & Social Go together• Businesses that use email &social get a 28% higher openrate than those who don’t• You need to be everywhere yourprospects and customers are• Your customers are your bestsource of marketing• Your customers’ friends are probably a lot like them
  33. 33. Blogs• Blogs + email marketing =great way to exchangecontent• Add an opt-in formto your blog• Use blog posts fornewsletter content• Use email to help build astrong following for yourblog
  34. 34. Get That Email Address!• Ask Facebook followers fortheir email address.• Have a welcome app on yourFacebook page with a formasking for their email address.• Tweet “sign up to receive“email only” offers – thenlink to an opt-in form
  35. 35. Email & Social Go together• Post your email to your Facebook &Twitter feeds.• Include "like us on FB, and follow uson Twitter” buttons in your emailsMost ESPs provide you the ability todo this.• Send a solo email asking recipientsto follow you on social networks
  36. 36. 4. Analyze That!
  37. 37. Facebook Reach – Google Analytics• Businesses who collectively do all of this getbetter response rates.• Our study• Email open & click rates - share ratesTeen Tycoon contest
  38. 38. Blog visitors – Google Analytics• Measure whatpeople like toclick on• Measure howmany peopleleave and go toyour site.
  39. 39. Facebook Insights
  40. 40. Twitter Counter
  41. 41. Twitter - Tweetdeck
  42. 42. Wrap Up
  43. 43. • Use what you’ve got• In every communication think about increasing yourreach with all of your channels• Make sure you’re thinking about social when you’remanaging your email and vice versa• Peek at your reporting every now and then to learnfrom what you’re doing.Remember to engage!
  44. 44. Cool Tools To Use• VerticalResponse• Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, eventmarketing and online surveys.• Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, Klout, Sprout Social• Social Media Monitoring• Facebook Insights• Tracks Facebook Reach, Likes and people talkingabout you• Google Analytics• Wordpress, Tumblr, Blogger - Blogs
  45. 45. This Powerpoint is Available!View this Powerpoint using Slideshare!
  46. 46. VerticalResponse Tools & Resources• How to Do Everything•• Free Marketing Guides Social Media & Email ChecklistGet Social and Get Results• Recorded Webinars:•• Twitter For Your BusinessFacebook For Your BusinessLinkedIn For Your Business
  47. 47. Q & A