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Lesson 21 Multimedia and ICT.pdf

  1. Multimedia and ICT EMPOWERMENT TECHNOLOGIES Learning Competency: Explore the principles of interactivity and rich content in the context of Web 2.0 and the participation of the user in the online experience. (CS_ICT11/12-ICTPT-IIk-14)
  2. EMPOWERMENT TECHNOLOGIES Multimedia - refers to a set of computerized elements such as moving graphics, digital text, and audio It's particularly useful for creating visual effects in films and video games and in interactive games.
  3. EMPOWERMENT TECHNOLOGIES • Videos – Various web portals may take a video and view or expose it to the rest of the world. Ex: Youtube, Vimeo Types of Rich and Multimedia Contents:
  4. EMPOWERMENT TECHNOLOGIES 2. Sound, Music, or Audio – This is one of the video components that will help to improve a video output. Some apps allow you to capture and write sound, as well as share it with others. Ex: Soundcloud Types of Rich and Multimedia Contents:
  5. EMPOWERMENT TECHNOLOGIES 3. Online games- This is the most effective way to increase digital quality. It can now be accessed through browsers, allowing users to play even though the software is not available on their computers. Ex: Adventure Quest, Farmville, and Candy Crush Types of Rich and Multimedia Contents:
  6. EMPOWERMENT TECHNOLOGIES 4. Online Tests – This multimedia performance is widely found in online-type surveys and tests that automatically deliver a report to the customer until completed. Ex: Personality and IQ Tests Types of Rich and Multimedia Contents:
  7. EMPOWERMENT TECHNOLOGIES 5. Courseware – This is an online course that mimics a simulated classroom. Ex: E-learning and Learning Management Systems Types of Rich and Multimedia Contents:
  8. EMPOWERMENT TECHNOLOGIES 6. Podcasts - An episodic sequence of audio or text files streamed digitally Ex: Stuff You Should Know, TED Talks, The Starters, Ear Biscuits Types of Rich and Multimedia Contents:
  9. EMPOWERMENT TECHNOLOGIES 7. Vodcasts - An episodic compilation of digitally streamed content. Ex: YouTube series/shows like Video Game High School, Good Mythical Morning Types of Rich and Multimedia Contents:
  10. EMPOWERMENT TECHNOLOGIES Interactive Multimedia is a communication mechanism in which the user's answer is required. The outcome can be determined by the user's interaction and inputs. It enables people to interact with other people or groups. The key goal of this is to communicate and connect with the customer in the process.
  11. EMPOWERMENT TECHNOLOGIES Key points of Interactive Multimedia: • The Internet boom of the 1990s, as well as improved technologies such as smartphones, ushered in the age of interactive media • Interactive media engages and communicate with users • Social media, augmented reality, and smartphones are examples of digital media • The applications of digital technology are numerous, ranging from education and networking to video gaming.
  12. EMPOWERMENT TECHNOLOGIES Elements of Interactive Media: • Moving images and graphics • Animation • Digital Text • Video • Audio
  13. EMPOWERMENT TECHNOLOGIES Examples of Interactive Multimedia 1. Online social networking. This includes websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These websites use graphics and text to allow users to exchange images and personal information, talk, and play games.
  14. EMPOWERMENT TECHNOLOGIES Examples of Interactive Multimedia 2. Computer games. These are an additional form of interactive media. Controllers are used by players to respond to visual and audio cues on the screen created by a computer program.
  15. EMPOWERMENT TECHNOLOGIES Examples of Interactive Multimedia 3. Virtual reality (VR). It provides consumers with a fully interactive environment, enabling them to immerse themselves in an environment that is almost identical to reality. It utilized a specific headset. (e.g. 3D and 4D movies).
  16. EMPOWERMENT TECHNOLOGIES Examples of Interactive Multimedia 4. Augmented Reality – our own universe becomes a context through which artifacts, pictures, or other related objects are put. All we see in real life, and wearing a headset might not be purely appropriate (e.g. Pokemon Go)
  17. EMPOWERMENT TECHNOLOGIES Examples of Interactive Multimedia 5. Apps are short for 'applications,' programs that can be downloaded for your handheld smartphone, whether it is an iPhone or an Android phone – these can be free or cost a little. Apps exist for nearly all, from monitoring your sleeping habits to assisting you in discovering new cities.
  18. EMPOWERMENT TECHNOLOGIES Examples of Interactive Multimedia 6. Training videos - videos used by businesses to offer situational presentations in an immersive environment in order to educate employees in the company's activities. These training videos are often accessible on the company’s e-learning platform.
  19. EMPOWERMENT TECHNOLOGIES Multimedia for events. Touchscreen monitors, virtual reality, motion sensor lights, and iPads are examples of event technology that can be incorporated into space. Instead of delivering a heavy sales pitch, interactive screens are a great way to encourage visitors to engage at an exhibition or event by effectively presenting the company's product.