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IPM 70 YEAR CELEBRATION in the HR Industry

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IPM 70 YEAR CELEBRATION in the HR Industry

  1. 1. Breakfast Presentation by IPM CEO Rre Elijah Litheko 29th April 2015 “ARE WE AWARE OF EMERGING TRENDS IN THE HR FIELD?”
  2. 2. • Who are these people? • What is remarkable about them? • What do they have in common? ★
  3. 3. Image source: Image: Who am I? Image source:
  4. 4. Who am I?
  5. 5. Sporting Stars They aim high They know the value of working as a team - collectively The are on target – they excel in what they do
  6. 6. • Attract positive attention and energy • Attract sponsorship • People want to associate with them Sporting Stars also …
  7. 7. • Do you aim high? • Do you know the value of working as a team – collectively – and leverage that? • Are you on target – do you excel in what you do? • Do you attract positive attention and energy, and sponsorship? • Do people want to associate with you? • Do we need to up our game? Are you a sporting star, HR?
  8. 8. OUR WORLD IS CHANGING! Fewer boundaries Free flow of information Rapid Tech Advancements, Enablers and Distractors Smarter Mobiles Virtual Reality is Reality LESS CERTAINTY – LESS ABLE TO PREDICT THE FUTURE More connected
  9. 9. 9 We are living in ‘The New Normal’ ‘The world after midnight’ Change and complexity Innovate to compete Collaborate to stay ahead
  10. 10. 10 …. the world economy is undergoing significant shifts. The global financial crisis and ensuing developments have heightened the role of emerging economies in the global context. This has accelerated the major economic transformations already underway, which have fueled rapid growth and lifted millions of people out of poverty. Yet … growth has begun slowly across many emerging economies, and advanced economies in Europe and elsewhere continue to struggle. Global Competitiveness Report 2013–2014
  11. 11. 11 In the current context, policymakers must avoid complacency and press ahead with the structural reforms and critical investments required to ensure that their countries can provide a prosperous environment and employment for their citizens. Particularly important will be the ability of economies to create new value- added products, processes, and business models through innovation. They must identify and strengthen the transformative forces that will drive future economic growth.
  12. 12. 12 Going forward, this means that the traditional distinction between countries being “developed” or “developing” will become less relevant and we will instead differentiate among countries based on whether they are “innovation rich” or “innovation poor.” It is therefore vital that leaders from business, government, and civil society work collaboratively to create enabling environments to foster innovation and, in particular, to create appropriate educational systems.
  13. 13. INNOVATING HR AND YOUR IMPACT – upping your game
  14. 14. ‘The human resources profession sits at the center of some of the most important decisions in any business and is rapidly expanding its influence in the workplace. In the United States alone, economists predict double-digit growth for human resources managers this decade, as business operations increase in volume, complexity, and variety. Organizations across the globe recognize the contributions of HR as a means to elevate acceptable business practices to exceptional business performance.’ Prof Dave Ulrich Are you upping your game?
  15. 15. ‘We strongly believe—and, importantly, can quantify— that working in HR today delivers outcomes that matter to many stakeholders.’ When HR professionals do their work well, good things happen to: • Employees who have both higher work productivity and personal well-being • Organizations that deliver on business goals and create cultures that endure • Customers who receive products or services that matter to them • Investors (debt or equity) who have greater confidence in future earnings • Communities (cities, regulators, society) where citizens needs are better met ‘In a world of increased volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA), HR issues matter more than ever.’ The Rise of HR Wisdom from 73 Thought Leaders Dave Ulrich, Bill Schiemann and Libby Sartain
  16. 16. • We need a culture of collaboration to thrive in a VUCA world and future • The same culture is needed in organisations • HR can champion this • This culture can influence our communities too • Multi-level stakeholder approach is essential HR setting the right tone
  17. 17. 18 Structure of Professional Affiliations Full Members AHRC African Human Resource Confederation APFHRM Asia Pacific Federation of Human Resource Management EAPM European Association for Personnel Management FIDAGH Inter-American Federation of HR Management Associations NAHRMA North American Human Resource Management Association IPM is an affiliate of the World Federation of Personnel Management Associates (WFPMA) through the African Human Resource Confederation (AHRC) WFPMA
  18. 18. The Institute of People Management 19 VISION THE Portal to thought leadership in people management MISSION To be the Leading and Trusted HR Professional Body of Choice OVERARCHING STRATEGIC RESULT Providing members with easy access to the latest information, knowledge, expertise, training and development, systems, processes and networks in people management to enhance the capabilities of HR Professionals in the work environment regionally, nationally and internationally.
  19. 19. Profession Recognition 20  There is a strong global trend towards Professional Recognition  The IPM is recognised as a Professional Body by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA)  This places certain requirements on the Institute …
  20. 20. 21 SAQA Recognised Professional Bodies • Protect interests and professional status of members. • Adhere to good corporate governance practices. • Represent and regulate a recognised community of expert practitioners. • Develop, award, monitor and revoke professional designations • Set criteria for, promote and monitor continuing professional development (CPD) to meet the relevant professional designation requirements. • Monitor compliance with an agreed code of conduct and/or ethics. • Co-operate with the relevant Quality Councils in respect of qualifications and quality assurance in its occupational field. • Involved in the development of a body of specialised knowledge taking due cognisance of national and international benchmarks.
  21. 21. What are the benefits of recognition for bodies? 22  Quality mark – recognition as a ‘go to’ body  Ensure they develop and maintain high standard of professional competence in South Africa  Assist with establishing appropriate qualifications, define codes of conduct, promote research, disseminate knowledge  Stronger links to public policy  Stronger advocacy role for business and workers at all levels in society  In a better position to tackle real strategic human capital challenges including skills development and labour relations challenges
  22. 22. Why Professional Recognition? Worldwide trend Professional Recognition BUT… Do you know what the Benefits of getting professionally recognised are?
  23. 23. 24 Value of Designations CHRP is the Professional Designation of the Canadian HR Council chrp.pdf
  24. 24. What does Profession Recognition mean for me as an individual? 25  Showcase your credentials and raise your profile with a “Badge of competence”  Enhance your career through the support provided by your Professional Body and its networks  Demonstrate your commitment to the profession and your own continuing professional development
  25. 25. Professional Designations 26 IPM'S HUMAN RESOURCES PROFESSIONAL CAREER LEVELS Level Non-designated Entry Mid Senior and Executive Executive Designations Affiliate Member Student Member Associate Member (IPMAss) Senior Associate Member (IPMSAss) Professional Member (IPMP) Senior Professional Member (IPMSP) Executive Professional Member (IPMEP) A Fellow (IPMF) Qualification Any Qual HR Qual 3 Year SAQA Diploma Diploma / Degree Degree / Honours Honours / Masters Masters Masters / Phd Years of Experience Affiliation only 0 2 years 3-5 years 5 - 8 years 8 - 12 years 12+ years Need Executive Professional Accreditation for at least 3 years before applying for Fellow or Requisite Experience for RPL as proven by certified Portfolio of Evidence
  26. 26. Professional Membership • IPM members must adhere to the Professional Code of Conduct and follow the guidelines of the IPM Continuing Professional Development Policy. • Membership is a recognition of professionalism in HR. • Join us on this journey now to leverage full benefits!
  27. 27. Competency Framework • Our Competency Framework is based on the global leading framework developing by Prof Dave Ulrich • We have contextualised it for application within our local context. 28
  28. 28. Why? What role does HR play in creating value currently? What? How do I currently deliver? How? Learning and Development options to build capability Delivered? How do others perceive my delivery?
  29. 29. Strategic Partners Taking into account the business environment in which we operate, IPM has partnered with Strategic Providers to offer solutions to: – Lead HR with confidence – Deliver on HR and the Business Mandate – Empower Employees through the right mix of training, development opportunities, mentoring etc… – Develop organisational capacity to manage change – Enhance our HR operating models and capabilities.
  30. 30. IPM Offerings Convention, courses, programmes Membership Services and Branches People Dynamics, Website and Journals IPM Excellence and Branch Awards Mentoring Programme Research with global partners International Certification Programmes
  31. 31. Philanthropy • There are many ways to build a spirit of collaboration that brings value and results • IPM operates numerous voluntary Committees • IPM offers an opportunity to be a mentor in our IPM Mentoring programme
  32. 32. IPM Mentoring Programme The IPM mentoring programme will facilitate and support effective mentoring relationships between experienced HR leaders and aspiring practitioners. The IPM mentoring programme will also help to practically address critical skills gaps and talent shortages in the South African business community through building the talent pipeline for HR and HR Leadership. Give back - Join us!
  33. 33. Email: @IPM4People Thank you

Notas del editor

  • SA's most-capped hockey player, the Investec SA women's hockey captain Marsha Marescia was
  • Lets look at the structure of global networks.
  • Certified HR Professional is a designation awarded by the Canadian HR Professional Body. Please note and read the stats on this slide at the bottom to the audience. ADD LINK