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Ubuntu phone - future of smart phones

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Ubuntu Phone, a future of smart phones.

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Ubuntu phone - future of smart phones

  1. 1. Ubuntu Phone it gives you the edge
  2. 2. Personal Desktop PC = Cloud Computing=Mobile Computing Confused???? One device one OS for all your needs
  3. 3. With Ubuntu Phone you get the privilege of having your entire desktop computer with all your data right in your hand all time. You just need to connect your phone to a monitor and a keyboard and you have the complete Ubuntu Desktop Computer up and running . With the help of Ubuntu One Cloud you get access to all your data right on your Ubuntu Phone.
  4. 4. Edge Based Control Yes, its all on the edge With current smart phones, they are either making you rely on the hard keys or they are taking off a part of your screen for providing the basic navigation or menu control soft keys. But things are much better at Ubuntu
  5. 5. Left Edge Control: All your favourite apps are available at just left swipe of your finger at left edge It is too much similar to the Unity Interface of Ubuntu Desktop OS interface Like in Ubuntu Desktop you can use the same Ubuntu icon down your unity to go to the Home Screen
  6. 6. Right Edge Control Multi tasking is just one a swipe of finger Right to Left and you are done
  7. 7. Top Edge Control Status bar no longer just for notification, now you have a great convenience of having toggle actions right at the status bar for various actions
  8. 8. Tremendous Search Bar All your searches right at one place Just on scroll of search down the top edge of device
  9. 9. Features: • Open Source Operating System • LINUX based kernel • Huge pool of apps • Support of HTML5 for great light weight apps. • Great support for native apps. • No Synchronizing overhead when working on PC out of Ubuntu Phone
  10. 10. Buy a new phone??? Again??? NO
  11. 11. Cost effective Cost Effective All the android running devices with multi-core processor will be completely supported for Ubuntu Phone OS