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101+ Actionable Business Growth Strategies by World Renowned Business Experts

Enjoy business growth in leaps and bounds with these 100+ Actionable Business Growth Strategies by World Renowned Business Experts.

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101+ Actionable Business Growth Strategies by World Renowned Business Experts

  1. 1. 101 +ACT| ONABLE Growth Tips by World Renowned Business Experts
  2. 2. AMALYZE YOUR COMPETITION it "’I4'/ "i-~. -'Mi7’v v. '~-. M»"“r 'A'~""»’~~'~«. * i‘~""' 'w’A~. ')’1'A'I~. LEARN FROM OTHER BUSINESSES 'v--~, ~ia. v:! r». - is / M-~I—i~»£‘~ W-4'1-’--~A"-4‘ -5". ..» v, /.w. v.. .2 a~'. ‘/tg_ BREAK novimvoun GOALS Imam’; .x. ..rrw: ,;_~, .u : p»<r. v4' a-/ L», /Jr; ;--‘ z, v4Il’»4.. ’2-v-'. .'-~¢ ~"". LHn'n-.
  3. 3. (“W ‘j / www. singlegraincom 9:/ egg (gm/ z/M’/ zy Seek out others that are smarter than you. If you 're not getting punched in the face every day, you probably aren't doing anything worthwhile
  4. 4. _—j’ I IAN CLEARY 0 -E7’ ,5 Building relationships - As Porter Gale says ‘Your network is your net worth’. If you build relationships strategically with the right people this will significantly benefit your business. Get your first customer as soon as possible - I know I have been guilty in the past of working too long on building the product. When you have real customers you get real feedback! Set Goals every day — I have my quarterly goals, annual goals but also my daily goals. If you become goal oriented you'll achieve more in less time!
  5. 5. Take content strategy very seriously. Don't write for "content's sake, " but write to appeal to your audience's needs. Work the SEO in there sensibly, and you will grow healthily Don't be afraid to take risks you believe in. Doing the same thing everyone else does will put you behind everyone else (since they have a head start). Instead, find a way to differentiate yourself. Build relationships every step of the way. Have faith in serendipity!
  6. 6. Market to influencers Never stop development of your product/ service ! ~‘! ll/ -X l'li@Fl: ll/ il= ‘!l! Build, nurture, and leverage business RELATIONSHIPS Diversify your content
  7. 7. FOCUS on a few things WORK HARDER than the people you hire BE QUICK TO PIVOT when things aren't working as planned
  8. 8. Always do amazing work for a client and they will want more and or refer you always find ways to make process more efficient Always find ways to make process more efficient - If I can save 4 hours of effort with a $500 tool or small application it is a no brainer and that time becomes incremental billable. Cash flow management - it is amazing how many people do not invoice immediately when time and monitor pay- ments. With many companies now on Net60 of Net90 it is critical to manage cash effectively
  9. 9. hourly goal, a daily goal, or yearly goal Start with a clear quant-based marketing plan Robbie Richards Learn from the best and monitor your competitors, especially those that have been in game a long time. Make sure you pick "direct" competitors. Find out WHERE they are investing their marketing, the types of messaging they use, and WHO is engaging.
  10. 10. Growth can only come when you know whom you are trying to reach, so make sure you have your target market very clear. Yaro Starak Focus on marketing techniques that reach your target market and also tap into a strength you possess. You won't keep doing something long enough to really grow if you hate it. Identify your 80/20 tasks - the activities that deliver the big outcomes - and ignore the rest.
  11. 11. lltl/ ~‘~“. RI( SCl'IAEFER Be bold but do not make mistakes you can't recover from. Surround yourself with the right people to take you to the top JEFF SHEEHAN t-. _|vl-. : fl-. r=, |'lv ilurlllui nI'I:1o1'i: n :1'_': l'i‘-lIIl‘—. lII' Have 1 year, 3 year and 5 year plans
  12. 12. . “ ' x’ l, m_ l l . 3: rl , . , . _. ,7” , <. -‘ ) l. .lnl-’ZV ll_. nl lull | ,:-L’ ‘ll '; Begin - and always work with - an Ideal Customer in mind. Be 100% clear on the Desired Outcome v‘ uh. 1' Talk to your customers every single day '10!‘ q‘lo11“'{ _: (:. lf mtlnil‘ mu ogl-11". ’ = +~t. ’~ hi; Make time to learn new things
  13. 13. 1 Know your business Prioritize email list building & niche at the very start of Build a plan & the campaign stick to it
  14. 14. Kristi Hines l'r‘eelam: e ‘v. ,Ir.3ter in rny aurl-mr bios ‘and groups with nce i’lrii1f? t‘i!1i‘z’l'y’SC>El«3l Your network is your Net worth
  15. 15. 1', l}: :Il‘. i’l-. . / ; ,1./ nu iimuulna tr“ m: mm. ~ , Im' l’/ Inw/ m. . wgw it in u. /um utsvk‘ A «~«, *'' . rnumliBlog commenting 4 Nick Eubanks Start with fact-based competitive analysis by doing keyword research Design timelines to attack the revenue verticals that emerge from your analysis Focus on execution. So many entrepreneurs and business owners focus on what they "can do" and learning instead of testing and executing what they know Find an experienced mentor. Not only do mentors provide guidance and great advice they help you focus and reduce mistakes
  16. 16. Don't be afraid to reinvest profits back into the business Hire Early / . . Marcus Miller People It's all about the people Understand your market and try to identify a niche Be incredibly clear about your goals and measure as much as you can
  17. 17. ~"l': uil-ill; ‘lifilfil Av: <:: .|; n‘ vlFll__l <jl: lr»"" l: rrnv = w=ii ‘v-fl’ Ilr; g_ Constantly monitor your competition, take what they do to get success and do it BETTER {(: Nl| i ‘-, 'lI. '0l.5Ioln: Keep a clear focus on what you want to achieve and why Learn to be productive - the biggest issue is always managing time effectively 9'' -2 ', 4 / . ,., . I 2» -‘l'nr= .I| .lnr= . i'il= ,i 2{(: lIii”ufl‘— : "¢r: l.”. c yi Lt’ V. " t'r= I»: :L‘. ¢:"t'_‘. .; ii A ‘M . . H’. ,. Vic: rill: Do what you say. Always Your reputation depends on this
  18. 18. /it . Know your customers & share expertise that they will find relevant and valuable. Always deliver your best work — give them more than you promise LAURIE S HURLEY in-. m*. ”l“' ‘Ii--‘= '.I' ~‘l, -Iznli aw-.1 "*2'¢i1~i; . ta ; 'l‘—l ‘Hum-. Use outsourced & contract labor if it makes sense for your business l. ‘-l'; —(‘-I‘ rIr= .l“I'&: a‘ 1 llil‘-lll -'loIr"' 2" re ' 4
  19. 19. Become the Authority in Your Niche First, create balance in your business processes Third automate. You need time to engage with followers and support your tribe
  20. 20. 1| Educate yourself every day (by reading, watching, listening . ..) Focus on one project at a time. r= .icm'n 5=. lIl~‘. , H-n"* in-— = .Iio= .I1o1l in IIW‘-I-‘ll ls» ‘-, l0:l'l= l‘TI~‘III}; -‘ ‘Ii ur: .ii'l(-. nil-15 avian 1" '10!! ! ii‘nI‘IiIl~ :1-I~lT= .ll niztoill: 1: HI’ umi nuzi-‘l Hire people who can do the things you c an't do well. Trust them. Find closely related verticals that have your ideal audience and find a way to partner with them (integrations, etc) Take big swings, but don't forget that base hits win ball games.
  21. 21. Thanks For Watching VIRTUAL STAFFING www. virtua| staffing. co. uk VIRTUALKSTAFFING