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General and Applied Economics

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General and Applied Economics

  1. 1. Research Work:Condition and Development trendsDepartment of General andApplied
  2. 2. The department was founded in 2011 as aresult of the Faculty reorganization.Currently, there are 12 regular lecturers atthe Department, among them 1 Doctor ofSciences and 6 PhD’s.History of the Department
  3. 3. 1. Methodology of food market management in theregion development .Supervisor: Doctor Loginov D.A.2. The modernization of the regional economy on thebasis of cluster development.Supervisor: PhD Suvorova L.A.3. Trends research in the socio-economic system of theregionSupervisor: PhD Grabar A.A.4. Modern problems of educationAreas of research work
  4. 4. Research work results- 2 monographs;- 5 articles in journals, 4 of them in peer-reviewed journals;- Опубликовано 66 theses in the collections of scientific andpractical conferences;- Application for the grant of RFFR- Application for the intramural grant;- Student Scientific Conference;- 2 Student Academic competitions.Email:
  5. 5. Faculty research work results- For the last 20 years were defended 24 PhD’s and 6 Doctoraldissertations;- Produced more than 40 books and published more than 100scientific articles in publishing peer-reviewed journals;- Faculty members were involved in the development of morethan 20 research projects commissioned by both publicauthorities and commercial structures;- Annual participation in all major national and internationalconferences.