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CX NPD consulting

About CX NPD
The CX New Product Development methodology places Customer Experience at the heart of your product development. It embeds CX focus deep into each development phase ensuring that your processes and organisation deliver a great customer experience at every customer touch point.

The method integrates the latest product development techniques such as concept canvas, product market fit, lean development and other agile techniques in a pragmatic product development process for existing companies.

Designed for businesses transitioning into the digital space, adopting CX will ensure your business is digital-ready. The methodology provides:
• A process based on deep customer insight and continuous learning;
• Clear guidance at every stage of product development;
• An agile and responsive approach with extensive cross-functional problem-solving;
• A clear translation of your business plan into a winning product portfolio.

The CX NPD methodology will enable your business to gain competitive advantage through placing Customer Experience at the heart of your product development.

For more information please contact

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CX NPD consulting

  1. 1. CX Consul)ng: Services and Resources
  2. 2. Copyright CX NPD WWW.CXNPD.COM CX NPD Consul)ng: What we do. Product Audit NPD Process development Product and proposi)on development Typical Assignment Scope •  The product management audit focuses on delivering prac<cal and ac<onable recommenda<ons for new product development and in-life product management. The assessment reviews the complete product management lifecycle and its enablers. ▪  Development of a new product development process, tailor-made to the specific business. This is done by taking into account the company’s objec<ves, organisa<on, culture and skills, then recommending best approach. ▪  A tailored process for the business is created that matches their product types and business requirements. This includes tasks, documenta<on, toolkits, governance and recommenda<ons. ▪  Process pilot and implementa<on: Once the process has been developed, a pilot can be undertaken prior to full implementa<on of customer experience led product development. ▪  Close involvement with the product team through the development of a new product or proposi<on in order to provide guidance and ensure that CX best prac<ce is followed. Training and workshops •  Introduc<on of specific product development or management techniques through training and workshops. Examples: Innova<on, Concept Canvas, Customer Experience Defini<on and Tes<ng.
  3. 3. Copyright CX NPD WWW.CXNPD.COM Consul)ng Resource: Comprehensive Documenta)on CX NPD can tailor documenta<on from tried and tested templates, together with a comprehensive guide to every sec<on of the document, whatever the type of organisa<on or product set under development. •  Clear purpose for each document type with a logical structure •  Mutually exclusive with minimal overlap between the documents •  Designed as best prac<ce •  Designed to be adaptable with Agile and Waterfall methodology, to suit the product type under development •  Suitable for both ini<al product development and subsequent replica<on if required •  Can be used as the basis for online systems
  4. 4. Copyright CX NPD WWW.CXNPD.COM Consul)ng Resource: Extensive Toolkit Library These toolkits support the documenta<on and are referenced throughout. They are designed to be easy to understand and use, and to raise the skill set through providing easy ways to break into and answer key ques<ons. CX-TK-000 Innova<on Research Input Templates 0216 CX-TK-001 Opportunity Analysis Framework 0216 CX-TK-002 Opportunity Map 0216 CX-TK-003 Customer Empathy Map 0216 CX-TK-004 Idea Filter 0216 CX-TK-100 Customer Profile and Value Map 0216 CX-TK-101 Concept Capture Canvas 0216 CX-TK-101 Concept Capture Canvas Template 0216 CX-TK-102 Leveraging Company Strengths 0216 CX-TK-103 Concept Hypothesis Test Card 0216 CX-TK-104 Opportunity and Solu<on 0216 CX-TK-105 NPD Hypothesis Valida<on Toolkit 0216 CX-TK-200 CX Wheel Customer Journey 0216 CX-TK-201 User Stories 0216 CX-TK-202 Compe<tor Comparison Value and Differen<a<on 0216 CX-TK-203 Feature Priori<sa<on 0216 CX-TK-204 Business Model Score Sheet 0216 CX-TK-205 Financial Analysis Template 0216 CX-TK-206 CE Document Content Guide 0216 CX-TK-207 Product Evalua<on Group Model 0216 CX-TK-208 MNO Digital Pricing Strategy 0216 CX-TK-209 Minimum Viable Product 0216 CX-TK-210 Customer Experience Priori<sa<on and Roadmap 0216 CX-TK-212 Project Plan Lite 0216 CX-TK-213 Value Proposi<on 0216 CX-TK-215 Promo<on Financial Analysis Template 0216 CX-TK-300 User Story Compliance Scorecard 0216 CX-TK-301 Func<onal Input Checklist 0216 CX-TK-303 Kick off Mee<ng Guide 0216 CX-TK-307 Key Stakeholders 0216 CX-TK-308 Project Communica<on Plan 0216 CX-TK-309 High Level Tes<ng Strategy 0216 CX-TK-400 Training Needs Analysis 0216 CX-TK-500 Ready For Service Checklist 0216 CX-TK-600 Marke<ng Launch Plan Checklist 0216 CX-TK-700 CX Post Launch Feedback 0216 CX-TK-701 CX Post Launch Feedback Ques<ons 0216
  5. 5. Copyright CX NPD WWW.CXNPD.COM Consul)ng Resource: Detailed Gate Templates There is a template for each of the Gate submission presenta<ons. These comprise 4 to 12 slides and cover the key points to be reviewed at each gate, resul<ng in a clear decision
  6. 6. Copyright CX NPD WWW.CXNPD.COM Consul)ng Resource: Essen)al Project Workbook The Project Workbook is the core tool for the project team. It comprises a set of useful worksheets that underpin the smooth running of a product development project. CX Workbook: Table of Content Status report One page overview of the project. RID Log Risk, Issues, and Dependencies log. Decision Log Overview of the decisions. Ac)on Log Overview of the ac<ons. Assump)on Log Overview of the assump<ons made for the product development. Key Contacts Overview of the key contacts in the project. Project Plan Lite Tool to create a high level project plan. Communica)on plan Overview of what will be communicated to who, and when. Project Scope List of the project deliverables and what is out of scope. Resource Requirements Defini<on of the resources required per phase. Impact Assessment Lite Overview how big the development project and what resources are required to develop the product. Chronological list of Comments Chronological lis<ng of the "The major developments in the project since last mee<ng" comments. This will give the history of the project. Distribu)on List To whom will this work book be issued. The first tab "status report" can issued to addi<onal people without sending the complete workbook.
  7. 7. Copyright CX NPD WWW.CXNPD.COM Online Resources Visit to keep up to date with our range of: Short guide eBooks Infographics Toolkits Also, keep up to date with our blog or contribute to the discussion at
  8. 8. Copyright CX NPD WWW.CXNPD.COM If you have any ques<ons or would like addi<onal informa<on please contact: Copyright: Customer Experience New Product Development Ltd. 2016 Customer Experience New Product Development Ltd. Contact Us
  9. 9. Copyright CX NPD WWW.CXNPD.COM Build Launch Improve Customer Think