Connecting with Confidence

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Check out Visteon's presentation at CES in Las Vegas, NV January 2017.

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Connecting with Confidence

  1. 1. Visteon Confidential Connecting with Confidence – CES 2017 Timothy J. Yerdon
  2. 2. Why the e-Cockpit matters? Unlocking the value for different levels of vehicle automation • Demands for larger digital, curved and flexible displays • Integration trends using multi-domain controllers • Developer friendly, secure and upgradeable infotainment • The arrival of HUD – finally
  3. 3. Key trends impacting auto electronics 3  75% of new cars connected by 2020  Embedded 3G/4G connectivity  Wider acceptance of CarPlay and Android Auto solutions  Demand for connected infotainment solutions Near-Term Mid-Term Long-Term  100% of new cars connected  4G/5G embedded connectivity  Vehicle as mobile application platform  Increased number and quality of displays  Increased number of 3rd party apps  Seamless connectivity between car and Cloud  Integrated traffic and vehicle management solutions  Integration with autonomous driving technology 2015-2020 2020-2025 2025-2030  Sensor-specific solutions for ADAS  RADAR/camera technologies  Emerging low-cost LIDAR sensors  V2X technology maturation  Semi-autonomous driving on highways and clearly marked roads  Multi-sensor fusion and computing software platforms  5-10% of new cars capable of semi- autonomous driving  Full autonomous driving technology available  10-20% of new cars capable of autonomous driving  Emerging car sharing and ride sharing services  Car and ride sharing become prevalent  Sharing model starts to impact global vehicle sales  Shared vehicles start to replace owned vehicles  20% of vehicles use shared model Connected Car Autonomous Driving Shared Mobility Three key trends expected to drive significant changes in the automotive industry
  4. 4. Cockpit Electronics Overview 4 Instrument clusters Head-up displays Information displays Infotainment Audio Cockpit domain controllers Telematics 1 2 3 4
  5. 5. Cockpit Electronics Trends Cockpit electronics is key differentiator on road to autonomous driving All-digital cockpit Next mobile application platform Electronic control unit consolidation
  6. 6. SmartCore™ Consolidation Example SmartCoreTM Domain Controller Application processor Operating system Instrument cluster software stack Vehicle information processor Application processor Operating system SW Service SW Service SW Service HMI Multi-core processor Hypervisor Cluster OS Infotainment OS HMI Cluster SW SW SW All-Digital Instrument Cluster ECU #1 Central Information Display (CID) ECU #2 Vehicle information processor 2-D / 3-D graphics 2-D / 3-D graphics