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Let’s make wudu (ablution) together

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Learn how to make Wudu (ablution). Easy and illustrated guide.

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Let’s make wudu (ablution) together

  1. 1. “O you who have believed, when you rise to(perform) prayer, wash your faces and yourforearms to the elbows and wipe over your headsand wash your feet to the ankles.” (Quran, 5:6)
  2. 2. Make the intention to perform Wudu. Rrecite:Bismillahir rahmanir rahim.In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful.
  3. 3. Wash your hands up to the wrists. At first useyour left hand to wash your right hand 3times. Then use your right hand to wash yourleft hand 3 times.
  4. 4. Rinsing the inner mouth. Do this thoroughlyto get all the remaining food in your mouthout 3 times.
  5. 5. Sniffing water and blowing it out 3 times.
  6. 6. Wash your face completely from your rightear to the left, and from the edge of the hairto the chin 3 times.
  7. 7. Make following steps of wudu and recite:
  8. 8. Wash your lower arms from wrists toelbows, leave no part dry. At first wash yourright arm with your left hand 3 times. Thenwash your left arm with your right hand 3times.
  9. 9. Using wet hands, just gently wipe your headfrom front to back and back to front.
  10. 10. Wipe your ears inside and out.
  11. 11. Using backside of hands, wipe your neck fromback to front.
  12. 12. Wash each of your feet from the toes up toand including the ankles. At first use your lefthand to wash your right feet 3 times. Thenuse your right hand to wash your left feet 3times.
  13. 13. Recite the following:Ašhadu ʾanlā ilāha illa L-Lāh(u) wa ʾašhaduʾannaМuḥammadan rasūlu L-Lāh
  14. 14.