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Exploring European Travel Trends: WEX Infographic

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How to residents of the European Union travel differently than the rest of the world? What do you need to know about the latest travel trends in Europe?

Travel suppliers take note: European consumers are increasing their number of trips and driving demand for luxury and tailor made packages. They’re in pursuit of more varied experiences, visiting new and multi-centre destinations and even planning activity-based retreats.

Holidaymakers are seeking authenticity—whether they’re enjoying non-conventional accommodations or tasting regional food—and they’re willing to move outside of the mainstream to get immersed into local culture.

Thanks to technology, peer influence and the burgeoning sharing economy, it’s getting easier for consumers to customize their travel adventures. Consider these marketplace statistics to get a closer look at how Europeans are enjoying their holidays today.

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Exploring European Travel Trends: WEX Infographic

  1. 1. 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 77 9 10 WEXTRAVELINFOGRAPHIC EXPLORINGEUROPEAN TRAVELTRENDS EUROPEANSTRAVELLINGTHEIRCONTINENT 8 in 10 Europeans plan to have a holiday in 20151 904 Euros average spend on a trip1 €904 RESIDENTSOFTHEEUROPEANUNION... Took 1,177 million trips (personal or professional)2 Spent 6,207 million nights during those trips2 75.3% were domestic trips (in the tourist's own country of residence)2 24.7% of trips were made in a foreign country2 UK and France: independent travel4 2/3 used the Internet to organize holidays3 OVERSEASTRAVEL 66% of UK adults take at least one overseas domestic holiday a year5 6.2m UK adults "likely" to spend more on overseas holidays in 20165 TECHNOTRAVEL REVIEWS&RECOMMENDATIONS TOP10FOREIGNDESTINATIONSFOREURESIDENTSIN20132 Z ZZ Tourist expenditure was EUR 415,748 million2 72MILLIONOUTBOUNDTRIPSAREBEYOND THEEUROPEANUNION4 A. Spain B. France C. Italy D. Germany E. Austria F. UnitedKingdom G. Greece H. Croatia I. Netherlands J. Portugal VARIOUSPREFERENCES Germany: holiday packages4 73% European travellers prefer short trips of up to 1-3 days1 3 in 10 holidays in the UK or France is rented home or villa4 Demand high for city breaks (3 nights or less) or longer breaks (7-13 nights) across UK, Germany, and France4 45% of online bookers use metasearch to compare prices1 ½ of bookings come from online3 90% of leisure travellers own a smartphone1 A B C D 20% of online bookings come from mobile1 43% of travellers read travel reviews before booking arrangements1 55% consider recommendations by friends, colleagues or relatives the most important source of information when making travel plans3 Low cost carriers (LCCs) 36% of European aviation market —Ryanair and easyJet dominate the space4 1 eRevMax Infographic: Online Travel Trends in Europe 2 Eurostat Statistics Explained 3 Tourism and the European Union from European Parliamentary Research Service, cited source: 2015 Eurobarometer survey on Preferences of Europeans toward tourism 4 European Consumer Travel Report Fifth Edition 5 Travel Weekly Insight Annual Report 2015 Tel: 0845 200 3933 (UK only) +44 (0) 203 553 5835 (International) | Email: | Web: | © 2016 WEX Europe