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Patient Newsletters for Dentists Rise in Popularity

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The survey of more than 250 dentists and dental specialists found that use of patient newsletters as a dental marketing tool will increase significantly, from 22% of practices surveyed in 2012, to 38% in 2013.

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Patient Newsletters for Dentists Rise in Popularity

  1. 1. Patient Newsletters for Dentists Rise in PopularityDentists will continue to use patient newsletters to market their practices in 2013,according to WPI Communications’ recent Dental Marketing Barometer Survey.The survey of more than 250 dentists and dental specialists found that use of patientnewsletters as a dental marketing tool will increase significantly, from 22% of practicessurveyed in 2012, to 38% in 2013. This increase will make patient newsletters the dentalmarketing activity with the second largest jump in use from 2012 to 2013, second only tonewsletters to referring providers.The annual survey evaluated 17 different marketing activities by dental specialty,reaching out to endodontists, general dentists, oral surgeons, orthodontists, pediatricdentists, periodontists and prosthodontists. The marketing activities surveyed includeddirect mail, lunch-and-learns, newsletters to referring health care practices, patientnewsletters, practice brochures, print advertising, radio, Web site, yellow pageadvertising. It also looked at social media marketing tools such as Facebook, Google +,Twitter, YouTube and others.According to the survey, four categories of dentists will make the most use of patientnewsletters in 2013. Those categories include• pediatric dentists, who will lead, with 55% expecting to use patient newslettersthis year, compared with 34% in 2012• general dentists, who will follow closely, with 53% planning to communicatewith their patients using print or eNewsletters this year, compared with 30% in2012• orthodontists, of whom exactly half plan to use patient newsletters in 2013,compared with 29% in 2012• prosthodontists, 39% of whom plan to use newsletters to reach patients in 2013,compared with 26% in 2012What is prompting this increase? In my nearly 30 years of newsletter marketingexperience, I have found that newsletters have proven to be a popular marketing optionbecause they demonstrate concern and strengthen relationships, in this case the dentist-patient relationship. Dental patient newsletters are a convenient and impressive way tokeep in touch on a regular basis, much more frequently than office visits.
  2. 2. Patients can choose from a number of dentists. So it’s even more critical that dentistsmaintain communications with their patients and patients’ families.Finally, dental patients are savvier than ever before. And so are parents of young childrenwho need dental care. They will carefully research and comparison shop to be sure theyfind the absolute best pediatric dental care possible for their children. A high-quality,educational, reader-friendly digital or print newsletter, delivered consistently, can go along, long way toward reinforcing that your practice is their best choice.For more dental marketing trends download the free 2013 Dental Marketing BarometerSurvey results and analysis.About the Author:Steve Klinghoffer is president of the newsletter marketing firm WPI Communications,Inc. In the past 29 years, he has helped thousands of professionals market their practicesthrough client and patient newsletters, referral-generating newsletters and Web sitecontent. For more information, please call 800-323-4995 or visit