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Time, money and payroll — Integrating timekeeping and payroll

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When you have a small business, every minute counts. This is especially true when it comes to labor costs, which can account for 60 to 70% of business expenses depending on the industry.

This webinar covers the basics on why timekeeping tools, like timesheets and time clocks, are essential.

It also explains how technology is making this kind of technology easier than ever by letting workers clock in and out using their mobile devices.

What's even better is when these timekeeping tools integrate with cloud-based payroll software to make it easy to import approved hours with the click of a button.

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Time, money and payroll — Integrating timekeeping and payroll

  1. 1. Time, Money and Payroll How integrating timekeeping and payroll saves time and money.
  2. 2. What is time tracking and why does it matter?
  3. 3. Pop Quiz
  4. 4. What % of employee timesheets need to be corrected every pay period?
  5. 5. 80% of employee timesheets need to be corrected every pay period.
  6. 6. Labor is a significant business cost: ● It can be up to 60-70% of business costs, depending on the industry. ● 49% of US employees and 62% of Canadian employees admit to time theft. ● 83% of all of the money recovered by the US Dept. of Labor comes from overtime violations. Sources: The Chronicle, TSheets,
  7. 7. Is there a better way?
  8. 8. Pop Quiz
  9. 9. How many time tracking systems are outdated?
  10. 10. 1 in 3 time tracking systems are outdated.
  11. 11. Time tracking + payroll = ● Fewer mistakes. ● Better control of labor costs. ● Less time theft.
  12. 12. Control labor costs ● Schedule and track hours in one place ● Track overtime expenses ● Save time (and money) by eliminating manual entry
  13. 13. Eliminate timekeeping mistakes ● Ensure shifts are scheduled and at the right levels ● Communicate with employees ● Easily fix timesheet/time card errors
  14. 14. Prevent time and wage theft ● Control clocking location and timing ● Prevent unnecessary overtime scheduling ● Collect accurate records on time worked and wages owed
  15. 15. How time tracking and payroll work together.
  16. 16. Time tracking + payroll = ● Automatically import approved hours. ● Save up to 10% on payroll costs. ● Get better financial data. Screen grab Sources: TSheets,
  17. 17. Pop Quiz
  18. 18. How much time do businesses spend on payroll each month?
  19. 19. Up to 10 hours of time is spent on payroll each month.
  20. 20. How Wagepoint solves payroll pain Direct deposit World-class support Automated tax compliance Online employee portal Pay employees in Canada and the United States Pay employees and contractors Helpful integrations Year-end reporting, including T4s/W2s
  21. 21. Choosing a time tracking tool ● Professional services, trades, restaurants — each have specific needs. ● Everyone needs mobile-friendly solutions. ● Big picture — tools that are Integrated with payroll and accounting software for invoicing, reporting, planning and other key functions.
  22. 22. Next Webinars
  23. 23. Knowing that timekeeping and payroll go together like peanut butter and jelly, Wagepoint created simple time and attendance designed just for small businesses. June 12
  24. 24. Need a more robust, multi-function time-tracking tool? Schedule employees, assign hours to different jobs, and import the hours directly into Wagepoint payroll from any device. June 26 — Sign up!
  25. 25. Schedule your restaurant employees, note their time-off requests, and track regular and overtime hours in one place. Plus, integrating with Wagepoint payroll only takes one click. July 10 — Sign up!
  26. 26. Questions?
  27. 27. Thank you! For questions or more information, contact