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SMS For Email Service Providers Webinar

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The competitive landscape for Email Service Providers (ESPs) has undergone significant change. Sure – marketers more than ever understand the need to invest with an ESP, as tools to boost email communication, targeting and tracking have become essential. However, with 90%+ of the U.S. owning cell phones and 90%+ of cell phone owners keeping their mobile within arms' reach 24/7, the digital world has shifted off of people's desktops and into their pockets. Moreover, email's non-optimal open and time-to-open rates make it ineffective for two-way and time sensitive communication – both hallmark qualities of mobile communication.

That's what makes integrating SMS mobile messaging so powerful for ESPs. SMS complements email elegantly, providing a direct, interactive and immediate pipeline to consumers. Plus, SMS and email strategy are similar, given the importance of developing a subscriber list mapped to various segmentation data.

During this webinar, we analyzed SMS integration for ESPs, putting specific focus on the keys to be successful.

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SMS For Email Service Providers Webinar

  1. 1. Waterfall Industry* Insights* SMS For Email Service ProvidersKane Russell, VP of MarketingWaterfall Mobile
  2. 2. The Waterfall Platform Waterfall Mobile Corporate The Waterfall Platform ๏ Founded August 2005 ๏ New updates available @ ๏ Offices in SFO (HQ), NYC & Austin ๏ Mobile personalized engagement ๏ Backed by Vista Equity Partners ๏ Custom application development ๏ Cross-channel mobile & social CRM via SMS, ๏ Short code provisioning, certification MMS, QR Codes, IVR, Facebook & Twitter & audit management
  3. 3. Agenda For Today’s Webinar1. The mobile mindset2. Select the best implementation3. Create the ideal product features4. Case studies5. Takeaways
  4. 4. SMS & Email Integration Businesses that have integrated SMS and email Yes No 43% 57% Source: Strongmail, 2012
  5. 5. Digital Marketing Growth in the U.S.U.S. Mobile, Social & Email Market Value ($s in millions) CAGR Mobile marketing $13,232 32% Social media marketing Email marketing $11,274 $9,150 $8,237 38% $6,998 $7,057 $5,697 $4,896 $4,238 $3,242 $2,777 $4,995 26% $4,217 $1,652 $3,453 $2,760 $2,119 $1,590 $2,262 $2,468 10% $1,510 $1,694 $1,875 $2,066 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Source: Forrester, 2011
  6. 6. Digital Channel Reach SMS FB News Feed Emails Tweets Viewed Opened Viewed Opened 98% 16% 12% 29% Source: Mashable, 2012
  7. 7. Digital Channel Immediacy SMS messages Emails opened within opened within 3 minutes 6 hours 98% 50% Source: Mashable, Mass Mailer, 2012
  8. 8. Digital Channel Visibility Avg # of times FB users who People who people check log in minimum check email moretheir phone daily once per day than 4 times daily 150 58% 43% Source: Mashable, Hubspot, 2012
  9. 9. Approach To Email & Mobile Integration Use mobile optimized web pages 32% Capture mobile number during email sign up 25% Use mobile optimized templates 22% Cross-channel email and SMS 21% Source: Strongmail, 2012
  10. 10. From Multichannel To Cross-Channel Channels } Channel Channel CONSUMER } Brand CONSUMER Channel Brand Multichannel marketing CRM is the Cross-channel marketing CRM places use of different and disparate consumers at the center of the channels to simultaneously push the conversation, targeting messaging based same message to the consumer. on channel preference and permission.
  11. 11. Agenda For Today’s Webinar1. The mobile mindset2. Select the best implementation3. Create the ideal product features4. Case studies5. Takeaways
  12. 12. The Choice Buy ESP purchases SMS capabilities from a vendor and integrates into an Build email platform via API. ESP creates an SMS enhancement to an email platform platform using in-house resources.
  13. 13. Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO) All of the following are crucial for an effective integrated email/SMS solution: Software Compliance Support Innovation Analytics Speed to market Sales expertise
  14. 14. Risks Of Ignoring TCOTCO Factor Ignorance RiskSoftware Non-competitive short-term solution.Compliance Legal fines and fees.Support Unprofitable SMS and email integration.Innovation Non-competitive long-term solution.Analytics Unable to compute ROI.Speed to market Customers switch vendors.Sales expertise Insignificant revenue increase from integration.
  15. 15. Proper TCO Approach To Maximize ROITCO Factor ApproachSoftware Think business model / core competence first.Compliance Acknowledge as a full-time job.Support Develop portfolio of mobile-specific resources.Innovation Take a long-term view.Analytics Share insights from email and SMS.Speed to market Minimal hassle scalability is crucial.Sales expertise Be prepared to talk the talk.
  16. 16. Agenda For Today’s Webinar1. The mobile mindset2. Select the best implementation3. Create the ideal product features4. Case studies5. Takeaways
  17. 17. Short Codes 1. ESP should select and provisions its own dedicated short code. 2. During the 8-10 week provisioning process, ESP uses a vendor or aggregator shared short code for testing. 3. Once live, ESP packages and sells campaigns on the ESP’s dedicated short code to its clients. 4. ESP develops necessary infrastructure to offer and manage a dedicated short code for high volume clients.
  18. 18. Keyword Lookups An example keyword lookup interface. As the user adds a letter to the keyword, the system automatically updates to inform the availability.
  19. 19. Mobile Subscriptions ToggleSingle opt-in where end users Double opt-in where subscription doessubscribe simply by texting the not occur until after the end user haskeyword ATTSHOUT to the short taken an additional action, in this casecode 44144. replying “Y” to an SMS prompt.
  20. 20. Basic Text And Dynamic Content Static Content Dynamic Content (e.g. Basic Text Response) (e.g. Dealer Locator) Process: content creator sets content; user Process: content creator sets content; content requests content; content sent to user. connects to external data source; user requests content; application requests information from external data source; content delivered to user.
  21. 21. List Management 2 1 3 4 1 Keyword filtering 2 Metadata selection 3 Targeted blasts 4 Subscriber numbers
  22. 22. Analytics 1 3 2 5 4 1 MTs 2 Delivery 3 MOs 4 Clickthrough 5 Export
  23. 23. TacticsCustomer Acquisition List Management Product DevelopmentStart by providing current Offer solutions not Sync subscriber lists withcustomers with an upsell officially released within appropriate batch cycleinto their account the user interface
  24. 24. Agenda For Today’s Webinar1. The mobile mindset2. Select the best implementation3. Create the ideal product features4. Case studies5. Takeaways
  25. 25. Heineken: Online Opt-in
  26. 26. Heineken: Online Opt-in Takeaways Do • Integrate SMS/Email Sign Up • Include metadata collection fields • Respond immediately Don’t • Disregard the importance of sign up incentives
  27. 27. PETA: Text “Y” Action Alerts
  28. 28. PETA: Text “Y” Action Alerts Takeaways Do • Channel optimization • Metadata integration Don’t • Forget to communicate results or outcome
  29. 29. Example: Results Communication Text
  30. 30. Constant Contact: Crawl-Walk-Run Takeaways ... Do • Drive participation with non-monetary and monetary incentives Don’t • Fail to promote across channels
  31. 31. Constant Contact: Crawl-Walk-Run Takeaways ... Do • Integrate features over time Don’t • Risk losing momentum
  32. 32. Bronto: User Interface
  33. 33. Bronto: User Interface Takeaways ... Do • Focus on the intuitiveness of the user interface Don’t • Fail to provide mobile- specific content and resources for your customers
  34. 34. Art Of The Call To Action Comprehensive gallery of mobile calls to action with commentary in order to understand best practices and ROI.
  35. 35. Agenda For Today’s Webinar1. The mobile mindset2. Select the best implementation3. Create the ideal product features4. Case Studies5. Takeaways
  36. 36. Four Steps To Effective Email + SMS1. Implement2. Integrate3. Interact4. Iterate
  37. 37. DiscussionFor more information visit Further industry insight available on our blog @ More resources @