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Samantha Noble en The Inbounder

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Samantha Noble en The Inbounder

  1. 1. @SamJaneNoble Dominating the Paid Media Universe SAMANTHA NOBLE #theinbounder Ponencia en inglés - Ponte los
  2. 2. @SamJaneNoble The Inbounder – May 2016 DOMINATING THE PAID MEDIA UNIVERSE
  3. 3. @Koozai @DigitalFemales @StateofDigital Tweet Me - @SamJaneNoble Email Me –
  4. 4. 2000
  5. 5. 2016
  6. 6. 4 x Paid Ads 2 x Organic Listings 4 x Image Search 7 x Organic Listings 3 x Paid Ads 1 x Knowledge Graph
  7. 7. 20002016
  8. 8. €€€€
  9. 9. Google’s revenue from advertising continues to increase exponentially. Source: Statista
  10. 10. 89%of Google’s revenue Came from advertising platforms such as AdWords in 2015! Source: Investor Google
  11. 11. They must innovate in order to maintain growth.
  15. 15. Gone are the days when all we had were keywords.
  16. 16. Advertisers now have more to get excited by.
  17. 17. We can now target our own audiences via PPC.
  18. 18. This is where things get really powerful.
  19. 19. Competitors are unable to copy or replicate your audience.
  20. 20. “Audience is your Unique Marketing Point (UMP)” @SamJaneNoble
  21. 21. TOP TIP: Facebook Pixel Everything
  22. 22. Create custom audiences to segment visitors based on the pages they view.
  23. 23. Wait for the data to accumulate.
  24. 24. You then have a huge amount of insight into the audiences demographic makeup.
  25. 25. Use this in your cross- channel marketing.
  27. 27. This is too complicated.
  28. 28. This is too simple.
  29. 29. This is just about right.
  30. 30. What does this actually mean for you?
  32. 32. The Awareness Galaxy
  33. 33. Awareness Display Ads Gmail Ads YouTube In- Display YouTube In- Stream Dynamic Search AdsLinkedIn Ads Facebook Ads Bing Native Twitter Ads Instagram Ads
  34. 34. YouTube In-Stream Ads are amazing for brand awareness and come in at a low cost.
  35. 35. Display ads on a CPC model can drive thousands of impressions without a huge cost.
  36. 36. Bing Native ads appear in context within content on the MSN network.
  37. 37. Instagram ads are disruptive by nature but with the right messaging can entice.
  38. 38. The Consider Galaxy
  39. 39. Consideration Brand Bidding Competitor Bidding Vouchers & Reviews Seller Ratings Remarketing RLSALanding Pages Affinity Audiences YouTube Remarketing Dynamic Remarketing Local Inventory Ads Bing Native
  40. 40. Have a presence when potential customers are looking for reviews, vouchers & discounts.
  41. 41. Likewise, you want to appear when the potential audience searches for your brand.
  42. 42. Remarket to your YouTube channel audience as they watch follow-up video content.
  43. 43. Seller Ratings make your ads stand out in the crowded search results and boost CTR.
  44. 44. The Preference Galaxy
  45. 45. Preference Gmail Ads: Competitor Gmail Ads: Your Brand RLSA Remarketing PLAs Amazon Ads Facebook Product Ads Google Search Bing Search Dynamic Remarketing YouTube In- Display
  46. 46. Bid on competitors names using Gmail ads to entice customers away if they receive mail.
  47. 47. Use Gmail ads to reinforce your brand message from your email campaigns.
  48. 48. Google and Bing search is imperative if you are looking to keep audiences at this stage.
  49. 49. The Purchase Galaxy
  50. 50. Purchase Google & Bing Search Amazon Ads Google Shopping Facebook Shopping Ads Bing Shopping RLSARemarketing YouTube Shopping Ads Similar Audience Local Inventory Ads In-Market Audiences
  51. 51. Google Shopping is the go to place for audiences who are researching where to buy.
  52. 52. If you have a physical store with stock, Local Inventory Ads can drive footfall from online.
  53. 53. Dynamic Remarketing can be used for any sector to show highly relevant display ads.
  54. 54. Use Similar Audiences to target potential customers with a similar demographic to yours.
  55. 55. 60%more impressions Source: Google 58%more clicks 41%more conversions
  56. 56. Countdown Ads create a sense of urgency and can often increase your conversion rate.
  57. 57. Amazon makes it very easy for customers to buy. Use Amazon Sponsored Ads to drive sales.
  58. 58. The Loyalty Galaxy
  59. 59. Loyalty Gmail Ads Customer Match RLSA RemarketingGoogle Search Bing Search Facebook Ads
  60. 60. Use Customer Match with Gmail Ads to offer loyalty discounts for existing customers.
  61. 61. Gmail ads can also be used to encourage existing customers to buy a different product.
  62. 62. If you have a rewards scheme, Facebook Customer Match promotion can work well.
  63. 63. Use time-based Remarketing to target buyers around the anniversary of their purchase. Valentines Day
  64. 64. RLSA competitor bidding means you can capture audiences before they go elsewhere.
  65. 65. The Advocacy Galaxy
  66. 66. Advocacy Customer Match Gmail Ads – Forward to Friend Recommend a Friend Facebook Ads
  67. 67. Customer Match for Gmail and YouTube can work well to promote a RAF scheme.
  68. 68. Encourage existing customers to ‘Forward to a Friend’ using Gmail Ads.
  69. 69. Personalised ads for customers and friends can drive a lot of engagement and sales.
  71. 71. Use the Assisted Conversions report to understand the ‘actual’ value of non-converters.
  72. 72. The Top Paths report will show you which campaigns drive the touchpoints before a sale.
  74. 74. Things to takeaway • Have a paid media strategy for the entire purchase funnel – don’t let your competitors steal your space • Segment your website audience in Facebook to understand cross product demographic • Use attribution to make informed decisions on what works and what doesn’t
  75. 75. “Audience is your Unique Marketing Point (UMP)” @SamJaneNoble
  76. 76. Thanks for listening. @Koozai Tel: 0330 353 0300
  77. 77. GRACIAS THANK YOU #theinbounder @SamJaneNoble SAMANTHA NOBLE