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Power of Local April 2020 Webinar: Senegal Flying Labs

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From the April 2020 'Power of Local Webinar,' Senegal Flying Labs shares updates from their work.

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Power of Local April 2020 Webinar: Senegal Flying Labs

  1. 1. The Power of Local Building aid, health, development and environmental solutions by sustainably localizing robotics technologies
  2. 2. The Power of Local Tiamiyou RADJI (Tiam) Founder and CEO of KRANTH SARL Director - Senegal Flying Labs 20+ years experience in international Dev : USAID, DIFID (UKAid), Columbia University. UNOPS (United Nations Office for Project Services) Degree in Computer Science and a Diploma in Business Strategy / Information Systems Management from the International Institute of Management (IIM) in Las Vegas, USA Certified UK CAA - Drone Pilot & Drone Instructor Bilingual (French , English). About me Email: Twitter @SNGLflyinglabs
  3. 3. The Power of Local SENEGAL FLYING LABS is a Senegalese expert centre that focuses on solving social challenges and local and regional needs through the use of appropriate robotics & Artificial Intelligence technologies in a sustainable, meaningful and responsible manner. We bring the knowledge, advice and opportunities that UAV technology offers to development actors who are increasingly dependent on data to contribute positively to socio-economic and environmental policies to reduce extreme poverty and encourage entrepreneurship. In collaboration with our partners we develop Training, Research and Development, Sharing and Use Concepts to Facilitate the ecosystem and stimulate good decision making. About Us
  4. 4. Business Incubation Programs "Drone as a Service" and facilitation of project opportunities / Rental of hardware and software / Repair capabilities Developing Local Skills We organize and provide practical training on UAV hardware and software for various UAV platforms and use cases of the Social Good Increasing Impact We organize, coordinate and manage pilot projects in the humanitarian, agricultural, conservation, development and health fields. Facilitate and strengthen the local and regional robotics market / FL Worldwide Network Advocacy 4 Global Goals The Power of Local
  5. 5. The Power of Local We provide many modules of training in Senegal ranging from introductory training to professional certifed trainings like the UK CAA Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Certification Course In December 2019 we hosted the first international UK Certification session which received candidates from West and Central Africa. We have now position ourselves to be the leading drone training center on the continent. The 5 candidates for December course came from Benin, Cameroon and Nigeria. It is important to note that after a partnership initiated between WeR and Global Drone Training a UK base NQE it is the first time that this training is delivered in Africa by an African instructor and examiner for African beneficiaries. Capacity Building
  6. 6. The Power of Local 05 Projects Initiated 1. Use of UAVs to improve the collection and analysis of ecological monitoring data of natural areas (Sustainability of integrated management of protected areas) 2. UAV mapping project of the saline lands of the commune of Loul Sessène 3. Case study: geological research by drones with IST. 4. 3D mapping project of the urban pole of Diamniadio with ESP's Robotics Club 5. Case study urban planning and agriculture: Commune of Toubacouta Projects Initiated
  7. 7. The Power of Local Use Case Project: Conservation and ecology: Palmarin Protected Areas DPN of MEDD (Monitoring of birds and habitats) The Drone Eco project we initiated was under the leadership of the National Parks Department of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of Senegal through the Integrated Management of Biodiversity of the Saloum Delta (GBIOD) main project. The objective was to demonstrate/evaluate the use of drones for the monitoring/counting of bird’s species and their habitats (especially mangroves). The project took place in Palmarin. The other objective was to evaluate effect of drones on these birds in terms of the appropriate types/models to use for such exercise and the distances to keep for different animal species. The first phase focus on on approaches (Mission/Manual Flights) and the distances (Flight Altitudes) to keep from the birds and observe their reaction. We also focus on how to use AI to analyse/count (birds) the data to compare to regular human counting but in the future, we plan to test approach distances with other species (mammals for example). The first tests are already giving interesting results (80 to 50 meters with the Phantom 4 Pro model) and 30-20m using Parrot ANAFI Use Case Projects
  8. 8. Local robotics and data expertise • Minimum of 60 professionals trained and supported for business incubation / job-advancement Localized solutions • Minimum of 20 local projects driven by local actors in Senegal and supported in Western Africa Entrepreneurship • Minimum of 4 local businesses incubated • Minimum of 10 organizations including usage of drone & derived data for their work • Senegal Flying Labs 70% self-sustaining Goals for Senegal 2019-2021 The Power of Local
  9. 9. THANK YOU Let us know if you have any planned business in West Africa