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How to Install Magento 2 on XAMPP Server localhost.

Install Magento 2 on Window's environment (XAMPP) by just following the using some simple steps which has been created by our Magent Expert. Do check it and let us know if there are any issue you faced.

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How to Install Magento 2 on XAMPP Server localhost.

  1. 1. How to Install Magento 2 By VidhiWeb Solutions
  2. 2. These are some of the Important Requirement for Installation.  Operating System : Linux  Apache 2.2 or later  PHP 5.4.11 or later or PHP 5.5.x. Note: Magento 2 does not support PHP 5.6. Required PHP extensions:  PDO/MySQL  Mbstring  Mcrypt  Mhash  Simplexml  Curl  gd2, ImageMagick 6.3.7 (or later) or both  Soap  MySQL 5.6.x  Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) or an SMTP server Optional but recommended:  php_xdebug2.2.0 or later (development environments only; can have an adverse effect on performance)  PHPUnit (as a command-line tool) 4.1 or later
  3. 3. Click Next
  4. 4. Choose the file Path
  5. 5. Now Install Magento 2 in WWW folder.
  6. 6. Create Database.
  7. 7. Now add the Database Information. Click Web Configuration and Put your Base URL. Set Time ZONE Create your account. Then Click on Install.
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