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How Real Estate Businesses use Twitter

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Realtors and Real Estate professionals in general have always wondered how to use twitter for their real estate businesses. This presentation shows how to set up your twitter account, what to do and what not to do on twitter, and tools you can use for prospecting, networking and customer service for your clients in your real estate business.

  • Real Estate business is one of the biggest businesses in all over the world. A lot of people working on it and making a profit over the month or year by using some helpful communities. Twitter is one of them where you can show your business. You can connect with your related business persons and can enhance the business.
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How Real Estate Businesses use Twitter

  1. 1. How Businesses Use Twitter Webinar by Atim Ukoh Director of Social Media Webtech Dezine
  2. 2. Introduction •Atim Ukoh •Director of Social Media •Real Estate experience •Email: •Phone : 905-281-9500 ext 233House Cleaning Tips•Grab a pen and paper•Mute to avoid feedback•Type questions in the chat box•Will respond to questions after the webinar or via email•Slides would be available after the webinar (would provide linkafter webinar)•Make sure to follow us on Twitter after this webinar to getmore tips and let us know if you enjoyed the webinar.Tweet at us: or @GabrielleJeans_
  3. 3. Twitter-A-genda• What is Twitter?• How to set up Your Twitter Account?• What to do on Twitter?• What not to do on Twitter?• Tools to use for Twitter
  4. 4. What is Twitter? • Twitter is an online social networking and Micro- blogging tool. • It allows users compose text- based posts in 140 characters or less • These posts are known as tweets • Tweets include texts, links to blogs, links to images, links to videos • Twitter helps with your SEO.
  5. 5. Set-up• In your Browser, Type
  6. 6. Fill out your information and hit the Yellow sign-up Button
  7. 7. It takes you to this sign-up page that asks you to fill out your information and Selecta Username. Then Click the Create My Account Button
  8. 8. Twitter Suggest accounts to Follow. You can follow them or skip it and click NextStep below the page
  9. 9. You can search your interests and follow people you are interested in
  10. 10. Add Friends from your different contact lists
  11. 11. Sample Twitter Page
  12. 12. MoneyMaker Client’s Twitter Page
  13. 13. Another MoneyMaker Client’s page
  14. 14. The Twitter Cycle: Realtors  Existing Customers  New Customers Realtors: Networking Existing Customers: Customer Service New Customers: Prospecting
  15. 15. Twitter Vocabulary• Twitter Handle : a person’s username• Follow: to subscribe to someone’s updates• Follow back: Subscribe to updates of someone who recently started following you.• Follower: Someone who subscribed to receive your updates• Tweet: An update that contains 140 characters or less• DM: Private message sent to you or you send out. Only people you follow can DM you.• Mention (@) : A reply using a person’s username. Example : “@kellie thanks for coming.”• Tweet-up : An event organized for twitter users to meet-up and network.• Hash-tag (#) : A tool used to create conversation around a keyword.• RT (Retweet): Sharing someone’s tweet on your timeline.
  16. 16. What to Do on Twitter? • Search for people talking about your farm area, real estate, points of interest and follow them. For example; Search “buy condos Toronto” “sell townhouse Oakville” • Make sure to perform these searches weekly so you can find people to target directly. Below is a sample potential client not happy with their current representation.Use Twitter to build relationships, customer service and possible prospecting as seen above
  17. 17. • Share Links, images and Videos about your farm area. Always write Keyword-Richposts. Example Below:•Fill out your description with Keywords specific to your business, your numberand your website.•Ask Questions and Answer Questions on your timeline. Twitter is a B2H(Business-to-Human) tool•Use URL shortening tools like TinyURL•Tweet Information from your website (Sparingly- at least 5 links a day.)•Tweet Information about an Open House•When posting, keep the user in mind. Would they be interested in what youhave to say? Use catchy headlines also with Keywords specific to your business.
  18. 18. •Best times to post on Twitter are; 11am, 3pm and 8pm•Use hash-tags (#) to specify keywords and locations in your posts.•Design your background picture with Information about your company.
  19. 19. What Not to Do on Twitter?•Do not spam your followers withlistings•Do not automate Dm’s to newfollowers•Do not over-tweet•Refrain from foul language andabusive tweets•Never responding to people thatreply you (it is a two-waycommunication tool)
  20. 20. Tools to use for The highlighted tweet is a potential client
  21. 21. Use this tool to get followers
  22. 22. Use this tool to un-follow people that are not following back. Do this clean up every 3 weeks
  23. 23. Use to Schedule tweets
  24. 24. Users: Ubersocial, Twitter forBlackberryiPhone Users: Echofon, Twitterific
  25. 25. Questions Type your questions in the chat window OR Email them to www.moneymaker4agents.comif you enjoyed the webinar, Tweet at