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A briefing encounter — Mark Owen — Affinity Water

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That special someone is out there, the one person who hasn’t received your communications, here’s how we found ours…

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A briefing encounter — Mark Owen — Affinity Water

  1. 1. How do you know? A Briefing Counter That special someone is out there, the one person who hasn't received our communications, here's how we found them…
  2. 2. Affinity Water – What's our world like?
  3. 3. 16,600 km of pipes 3.7 Million Customers 900 million liters per day
  4. 4. Not just different locations, obviously we have different people
  5. 5. Sam, a customer hero About Sam: Works shifts covering 7am to 8pm during the week and 8am to 8pm at the weekend, answering queries from our customers across. 6 Challenges, Goals and Ways of Working • I use the Wave for the Bistro menu, Rivo, Standby Database and Language Line • I only read the news on the front page • I can never find the document I am looking forward • I would like all the information that help me do my role in one easy to access place • I like to have a mixture of local and corporate news • I look up people sometimes but I use Puzzel a lot of the time Ways of working In Office Out of Office Ability to work anywhere In Meetings On Phone Email Documents Works with Customers Works with Colleagues Job Role: Operational Contact Advisor Technology Software Puzzle UAD
  6. 6. But there was a problem Well, a few, but we’re just looking at one today.
  7. 7. What was the problem? 8 Number 1 - No Consistency… During the Month Meeting OccursDrip fed comms
  8. 8. What was the problem? Number 2 - Faith it was forwarded Comms Message Top 70 Leaders List managed by CEO EA A ‘barrier’… ? ?
  9. 9. What was the solution? 10 We Created Consistency During the Month Meeting can be more flexible One Combined Kit / Pack
  10. 10. What was the solution? Direct Access Team Brief Full list of leaders (160+) Manually collated And updated Process, Priorities, Key Messages
  11. 11. But there was another problem
  12. 12. The next problem Filling in the gaps ? ? Open ended, old SharePoint form ’classic’ untouched by Designer Who’s receiving it? Who’s briefing it?
  13. 13. The next problem So from this…
  14. 14. The next solution To a Briefing Counter PowerApp + SharePoint Simple ‘tick box’ Exercise +
  15. 15. Results.
  16. 16. ? 70 ish Top managers Receiving the email 108 managers Briefing their teams 863 employees (of 1417) briefed.
  17. 17. 108 managers Changes due to churn, but we can keep on top of it with Pivot! tables 863 / 1417 employees We use the long list from HR and track down who hasn’t received it and their managers
  18. 18. Our Next Problem to solve… Climate Change? World Peace?