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Assignment #1

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Assignment #1

  1. 1. 66th Emmy Awards Governors Ball After-Party PRELIMINARY SUMMARY Wendy Pastrana | Advanced Events | September 30, 2014
  2. 2. Information of Company: a. Name: HBO, N.Y. is an Association b. Company Logo: HBO, Black and White Crowd Demographics: a. Age: 40-70 b. Education Level: stars, network, cable and digital VIPs c. Region of Country from which they are coming: United States d. Income level: Aprox. $$45,176 - $73,918 i. This estimate is based on previous events e. Political Learning: The majority of the actors, directors and Republican People f. Common Lifestyle: Wealthy Stars g. Religious belief: Catholics or Atheism Program Concept: − The Governors Ball of nearly 3,000 – 4,000 guests of nominees, presenters, invited attendees and Emmy Award winners will attend an After-Party Gala. This estimation was made according the HBO TV shows plus Nominees guest, producers and past events. − Event will take place in the West Hall of Los Angeles Convention Center on August 24th , 2015 at 8:00pm. − Guest will experience a “Kaleidoscope of colors” combining with color driven lights and lasers with versa tubes and thousands of LED lights bathing the halls in different shapes, fine dining and electrifying entertainment. The laser show − The reason for the theme and colors is because it’s the 60th Anniversary of the first national broadcast television in color so a “Kaleidoscope of color” would be more appropriate for the event. − West Hall in Los Angeles Convention Center will be converted into a color wheel of categories with a circular rotating stage sitting in the center of the space and six color theme. The guest will find themselves sitting in selection dominated by vibrant red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple PAGE 1
  3. 3. seating sections. Each table will be featuring everything from napkins to floral arrangement. L.A Convention Center was selected for this event because of its specious space. I found it to be very convenient for the high amount of guest. − Table Centerpiece will include flowers of roses, orchids, Iris and a variety of other flowers from around the world. − Entertainment will include special guest vocalist and recording artist Judith Hill, backed by the Red Hot Band and a high energy Top 40 band. Extreme Beam will attract guests with their dynamic dance routine set to animated lasers. On the South end of the ballroom, the Debbie Allen Dance Academy dancers will liven up the atmospheres performing to the beats turned by DJ CoryLive against a background covering the “Kaleidoscope of colors” motif. − There will be a table with goodies with to go bag that will be given to the guest so they can fill it out with pounds of Cellar Door Chocolate and other Sweets. Program Goal: − Goal of Emmy’s Governors Ball After-Party is to celebrate 66th years of primetime Emmy Award for excellence in television. LA Convention Center Space: a. Event Area: 210,000 square feet b. Storage: 14w x 25h, 23w x 13h, 50w x 25h, 14w x 25h c. Registration: 9,230 sq. ft. d. Office: 1,465 sq. ft. PAGE 2
  4. 4. Event Palette: Colors: 1. Red 2. Orange 3. Yellow 4. Purple 5. Green 6. Blue
  5. 5. Matrix Diagrams: PAGE 1