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WPS Office Case Study

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Launching a new global business division

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WPS Office Case Study

  2. 2. PRIMARY ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Launch: New global business division focused on the United States, Latin America, and EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) countries Focus: Significantly grow Android users during 2014 Secure Windows PC partnerships to grow revenue and users in 2015 Secure: Distribution partnerships with major global brands Build sales channels to expand installs of all products
  3. 3. World’s Most Popular FREE Multi-OS Office Suite Android 332M Users iOS 16M Users Windows 411M Users
  4. 4. 2014 Highlights (Global Division launched in March, 2014) March 2014 EOY 2014 Increase % Growth Android 170m 332.2m 162.2m 95% iOS 8m 16m 8m 100% Windows PC 300m 411.4m 111.4m 37% Total 478m 759.6m 281.6m 59% WPS Office Overall Growth March 2014 EOY 2014 Increase % Growth Android 34m 134m 100m 294% iOS 500k 1.5m 1m 200% Windows PC 15m 19.8m 4.8m 32% Total 49.5m 155.3m 105.8m 214% Global Division Growth
  5. 5. Most Popular Office Suite on Google Play WPS Office Google Docs, Sheets, Slides Office Suite MSFT Office Mobile Docs to Go Polaris Office Avg. User Reviews (out of 5 Stars) 4.4 4.2 4.2 4.0 4.0 4.2 Total User Reviews 645K 280k 278K 317K 150K 68K % 5 Star Reviews 66% 53% 58% 52% 53% 58% • 300M total users - 40% outside China • Over 600K global Android activations every day • Top FREE business app in 40 countries • Top 100 FREE app in 45 countries • 645K reviews – more than twice that of Microsoft Office Mobile 425,000+ “5 Star” Reviews
  6. 6. Rest of World 40% Asia 60% United States 21.60% India 18.80% Russia 14.40% Brazil 9.80% Mexico 9.30% Other 26.10% Android Users by Country
  7. 7. WPS Office Strategic Partnerships Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) Handsets Tablets PC’s Software & Internet Services Cloud Storage Value Added Resellers App Partnerships eCommerce Resellers & VAR’s Wireless Network Operators Wholesalers & MVNO’s Sales Channels Products & Services Marketing Business Segments Sole Proprietor Vertical Segments Enterprise Small to Medium PartnershipswithGlobally RecognizableBrands