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Company profile 2017 zetmi (rev 2)

Zetmi Company Profile

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Company profile 2017 zetmi (rev 2)

  1. 1. P R O F I L E PT ZETTA MEDIA INSPIRA i- Technogrator (intelligent Technology Integrator) COMPANY
  2. 2. ABOUT US PT Zetta Media Inspira is a company that reaching the opportunities of tomorrow by taking advantage of the information, communication & digital technology, turning out into amazing thing which generate valuable living. We are working for long-lasting customer partnership and working with them to identify their needs to provide solution that support common successes. The concept of our solution is driven to address specific costumer challenges. Our confidence, the utmost solution can be achieved by blending the in-country expertise/competence alongside the world-class supreme technology. PT Zetta Media Inspira adalah sebuah perusahaan yang menggapai peluang hari esok dengan memanfaatkan teknologi digital, informatika & komunikasi untuk mewujudkan karya gemilang yang bermanfaat bagi kehidupan. Kami bekerja dengan menbangun kemitraan jangka panjang bersama kostumer agar dapat mewujudkan solusi yang terbaik guna mendukung keberhasilan bersama. Konsep kami bertitik tolak dari tantangan-tantangan kostumer. Keyakinan kami, solusi yang tepat akan dihasilan dari perpaduan antara keahlian/kemampuan sumber daya dalam negeri dan kemitraan pemilik teknologi berkelas dunia yang unggul.
  3. 3. THE OBJECTIVES Make use of technologies to create easier, enjoyable and more productive life. Utilize technology that able to deliver intelligence and connectivity to the “world”, at anytime, from anywhere, through any-media to bring out new life experiences. Assist customers to solve most important business challenges by delivering technology solutions built on integrated hardware, software applications and services. Memberdayakan teknologi utk menjadikan kehidupan yg lebih mudah, nyaman dan produktif. Memanfaatkan teknologi untuk dapat menghasilkan solusi intelijen beserta konektivitas yg dapat digunakan kapanpun, dari manapun, melalui apapun untuk memberikan kehidupan yg lebih baik. Mendukung menyelesaikan tantangan bisnis terpenting kastemer dg memberi solusi2 teknologi yg dibangun atas perangkat-keras, perangkat- lunak dan layanan yg terintegrasi.
  4. 4. ESTABLISHMENTS PT Zetta Media Inspira is a company founded in 2015, engaged in the field of services, general trading, design, engineering, integration and implementation of mainly the Information & Communications Technology, also Digital Technology & Mobility Solutions development. Established under Notary Document Suroyo Mulyo, SH. Akta Nomor 02 Dated 5 Juni 2015. Certificate Minister of Justice and Human Rights Number AHU-3514763.AH.01.11 Tahun 2015 Dated June 9th, 2015. PT Zetta Media Inspira adlh sebuah perusahaan yg didirikan pd thn 2015, melakukan pekerjaan bidang2 jasa, perdagangan umum, perancangan, reka-yasa, integrasi dan implementasi terutama dlm Teknologi Informatika & Komunikasi, dan juga pengembangan solusi Teknologi Digital & Mobilitas. Didirikan berdasarkan Akta Notaris Suroyo Mulyo, SH. No. 02 tgl 5 Juni 2015. Pengesahan Pendirian Badan Hukum PT oleh Menkumham RI, AHU- 3514763.AH.01.11 Tahun 2015 Tgl 9 Juni 2015.
  5. 5. Emerging tech-savvy generation that relies on their mobile devices for every part of work as well as personal communication. Transpiring that people wish for connection to everything all the time no matter where they are, to achieve more productive, more enjoyable and more valuable living. THE ZESTS
  6. 6. THE COMPETENCES Technologies & Systems integration, Internet of Things (IoT) implementer, Provide design, engineering, integration and implementation. Build network infrastructures and Smart Systems. Software and Mobile Apps Development, Web design and Content Creation, etc. Build Digital Media and Mobility Solutions. Offer total solutions in which coupling culture and technology, driving into a smart connected world to bring up new experiences.
  7. 7. I-TECHNOGRATOR o We develop tailor-made intelligent software solutions. Integrate those with Information & Communications Networks and/or Automation Systems, Smart Systems (whenever applicable). o Realizing Internet of Things (IoT) implementation, solutions that creating new business models, driving efficiencies, and enabling better quality of life.ZETMI - INFRA Network (LAN, WAN, Wifi, IP Core, Security, Optimization) Data Center (Servers, Storages, Virtualization, VDI, Big Data) Collaboration (Converged System, IP-PBX, VidCon) ZETMI – APPS Mobille Apps, Cloud- based Apps, Analytics, Monetizing, Digital Media, Application Hosting and Web Development ZETMI – INTELLIGENT Smart System Solutions (Smart Transportation, Smart Building, Smart City), Internet of Things ZETMI REACH provide managed services, professional services
  8. 8. THE ORGANIZATION CEO CFO & HR COO CTO CMO & SALES Technology Lead Solution Architect Lead Engagement Practice & PreSales Application R&D and Design Lead Zetmi Apps Project Delivery Zetmi Reach Lead SOFTWARE HOUSES SUB CONTRACTORS TECH. PARTNERS
  9. 9. THE TEAM & the experiences WIHANANTO SAROSA Chief Executive Officer More than 30 years working experience. Having extensive experience to lead and work in large multi-cultural team-working environment within multi-national corporation at international locations. WIED NORMAN Chief Operation Officer More than 25 years working experience. Having extensive experience on project management and work in large multi-national corporation at international locations. ARIEF RIZKI HIDAYAT Chief Technology Officer More than 22 years working experience. Having experience to lead projects from different industries, such as Information Technology, Consulting and Telecom. Lead the project from proposal stage (include define implementation strategy, budget and time) , mobilization (vendor selection, resource mobilization) and project delivery.
  10. 10. THE TEAM & the young innovators A. Pardomuan Head of Engagement Practice & Presales Over 6 years working experiences. Experience as a network engineer with expertise area in network architecture and integration. Certifications : 1. Cisco CCNA 2. Juniper JNCIA - Junos 3. Juniper JNCIS - SP 4. Juniper JNCIP - SP 5. AMP Certified Installer M. Adhytia Akbar Digital Solution Architect Lead Over 5 years working experiences Certification 1. ETCP-102 - Ericsson Certified Engineer in IP Technology 2. CCNA Certified Intl. (CSCO11738210). 3. CCNA Security Reg. Academy Muhammad F. Technology Strategist Over 6 years working experiences Experience on Data Center Facilities, Physical Server, Virtual Machines, Storage and Backup System. Experience on Data Center migration. Nursajidin Network Design Manager Over 5 years working experiences. He is strong technical background with great detail-oriented, self- motivated individuals bringing a strong ability to troubleshoot problems, understand the details involved in effectively deploying critical software and hardware and playing a key role in challenging environments.
  11. 11. THE TEAM & the ingenious engines Nana Head of Project Delivery Over 20 years of experience. Expertise on delivering every project on time within budget and scope, ensure that a project is completed on time and within budget, that the project's objectives are met, responsible for the planning, management, coordination and financial control of a project. Syarif Maulana Head of Finance Over 15 years working experience. Experience as a accountant and finance manager at numerous national and multinational companies. Reviewing financial reports, monitoring accounts, and preparing activity reports and financial forecasts. Also investigate strategic ways to improve profitability and analyze markets for new business opportunities, such as expansion, etc. Noer B. Ary Systems & Solution Engineer Ensures alignment of the solution approach and estimates with each stakeholder. Work with various business stakeholders in problem solving, creating business capabilities, and defining effective and efficient technology solutions for solving business problems and enabling business capabilities. Adrian Application R&D & Design Lead ICT Engineer with almost 14 years of experience. Expertise on Intelligent Network and Prepaid Billing System also Information Technology based development including UNIX/Linux System Administration and scripting. Fajar Ridwan Network Engineer Implementing, maintaining, supporting, developing and, in some cases, designing networks. Ensure the integrity of high availability network infrastructure to provide maximum performance for the users.
  12. 12. THE PARTNERS
  14. 14. CONNECTED BUSINESS COMMUNITY INITIATIVE CIBIS BUSINESS PARK THE CONCEPT • Build integrated information & communications network. • Build sustainable, scalable and future-proof systems. • Expandable and append-able building blocks • Build mobility communications • Simplicity on the operation, administration and a maintenance. • Centralized control system. • Continuous and swift supports on technical, operational, maintenance, etc THE INITIATIVES • Provide triple-play services delivery • Provide simplicity on network integration • Provide excellent service to end-users • Generate operational efficiency • Employ eco-friendly systems
  15. 15. CONNECTED BELITUNG INITIATIVE BELITUNG DISTRICT THE CONCEPT • Help improve the quality of human resources in the Belitung. • Support the realization of good governance through utilization of information technology in implementing the communication of data between institutions and a quick delivery of information, for rapid and precise decision-making process. • Support the process of urban planning • Increase the attractiveness of the area as a tourist destination with ease traveled. Thus, promoting the local tourism industry, • Thus, increasing state revenue and preparing for Belitung Smart-Island. THE INITIATIVE • Optimizing the use of already existing eGov system. • Provide email hosting Belitung regency • Improve Digital Communication Backbone Network • Providing a solution for collaboration among institutions • Improving access to information and network infrastructure communication (with the wifi based location based services, managed cloud or on-premises managed) • Provide specific mobile applications that are designed in accordance needs with services that know the location (location-based services) and that appropriate context (context-aware services), which can be accessed from Android devices (smartphones, Tablet), etc. • Participation and training of local resources for maintenance and operation of all devices and system.
  16. 16. AIRPORT INTELLIGENT INFORMATION NETWORK SEPINGGAN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, BALIKPAPAN The INITIATIVE • Mobile Services & Applications - Airport Intelligent Information Applications • Context-Aware Engine - Mobility Service Engine, Real-time context and location analytics, & Business Intelligent for marketing promotions. • Wi-Fi Network Infrastructure
  18. 18. ADDRESS Pondok Indah Office Tower 3, 17th Floor Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda Kav. V-TA Pondok Indah, Jakarta 12310, Indonesia. CONTACTS Email: Phone: +62 878 8024 0616