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  1. BBC Pitch Presentation
  2. My Ideas • The theme of the Brief is "Culture in the Digital Age", and the requirements of the brief is that I show how digital technology has effected young people and I would present this information in a 10-15 minute documentary. • When I heard the brief, I had a few initial ideas in my head on what I could do. These ideas were: • -Showing howTechnology has impacted young people during COVID • -How technology has brought Sports fans together • -How videogame technology has evolved over the years and how that effected young peoples lives.
  3. My chosen Idea • For my product, I wanted to explore howVideogame technology has evolved over the years and how it has effected young people. In order to present this information, I will include: • -Interviews to show peoples opinions on videogames or ask them questions • -Statistics to show factual information on the subject which will educate the audience • -Reenactments which will show people playing videogames • -I will use selective focus during the gameplay footage • -Voice of God to explain what is going on - -I will try to find some archive footage and include it if I find some
  4. Research I have Conducted • To help Develop ideas on how I would make my documentary I looked at a few existing videogame Documentaries to see what they did to make it a success. After watching these I had a better idea on how I would layout my documentary. I saw that they included lots of interviews, archive footage, statistics andVoice of God. • This gave me lots of inspiration on how to make my documentary such as how to set it out, and things to include
  5. What my audience think • I then Asked a focused group of people from my target audience about what they want to see in a videogame documentary.They said: • -A variety of different videogames • -How it started to where it is now • -Gameplay • -Interviews/ opinions
  6. What Im doing • In my documentary I will be talking about how the videogame technology has evolved overtime and how it effected young people as it advanced. I will include gameplay, interviews to ask questions on peoples experiences and opinions. • I will ad voice of god to explain what is going on and give background information. And if I can I will try to find archive footage and give credit to the source. • This will help to educate young people on how gaming has evolved and how that impacted young people many years ago to present day
  7. What are yourThoughts?
  8. Any Questions?