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Microsoft CRM vs Salesforce

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The business case for comparing Microsoft Dynamics CRM to

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Microsoft CRM vs Salesforce

  1. 1. Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs. SalesForce.comThe Value Proposition of Microsoft Dynamics CRM @WillSlade Blog:
  2. 2. Evaluate the Total Solution• Every business, organization or association relies on customer and member relationships to build and grow value over time.• It is important to evaluate the total solution including: – User Adoption – Service Level Agreements – Deployment Choices – All Costs
  3. 3. User Adoption• To receive any Return of Investment, the business has to actually use the solution.• CRM and other line of business solutions (ex: association management systems) have a high failure rate when the system is difficult to use – hence low user adoption.
  4. 4. User Adoption (cont)• How can you make sure there will be high user adoption? – Ask the question - Does the solution naturally integrate to the other business applications you are already using such as Microsoft Outlook, Excel and Word? – Many claim to have Outlook integration, but do they really? – Let’s take a look at the Outlook integration that comes with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  5. 5. Outlook Integration• Microsoft to Microsoft Integration. Built by the Microsoft Outlook Team for Microsoft CRM• Native Outlook experience (MAPI)• Blend features of Outlook with CRM (ex: use Outlook rule on CRM list)• Flexible email smart matching to automatically track incoming messages in CRM• Built-in duplicate detection• Attachments automatically preserved whether it is the Web client or Outlook client
  6. 6. Full featured CRM toolbar in Outlook Blending Outlookfeatures and LinkedIn with CRM Contact
  7. 7. New Built in Social features
  8. 8. User Adoption• CRM systems are only as good as the data that is collected.• If the data doesn’t get in CRM because people are not using CRM or not using CRM as much as they should, then data and hence reporting is not as accurate as it should be.• Increase user adoption by making it easy to use. – Less clicks. No cut and paste. Automate when possible. – Leveraging the business applications that users already use everyday such as Microsoft Outlook.• Lastly, align your CRM to your business rules and processes
  9. 9. Service Level Agreements• Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online comes with a 99.9% guaranteed uptime in their SLA (service level agreement) at no additional cost.• Other CRM solutions don’t (or won’t) make that guarantee.• does not offer a financially backed SLA.
  10. 10. Service Level Agreements• Instead of a financially backed SLA, SalesForce offers something called “Trust”?
  11. 11. Deployment Choice• The Power of Choice 1. CRM Online - Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is deployed in the cloud and is a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering from Microsoft. 2. CRM On-Premise - Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be deployed at your location leveraging your Windows servers. This is a traditional software license purchase. 3. CRM Partner Hosted - Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployed at a secure hosting facility.• only offers the cloud• Although 2 out of 3 new customers select CRM Online, it is still nice to have a choice.
  12. 12. The Cloud• Was SalesForce the first to the cloud? No.• What about Microsoft’s experience with the Cloud? – Windows Live Hotmail is 15 years old with over 50 million active users. – MSN is 13 years old with over 550 million users/month. – Windows Update is 12 years old and the largest non-ICP/IP cloud service at with well over 100 million users. – Bing is 11 years old; currently handles overs 28 billion queries per month. – X-Box Live is 8 years old with 4.5 million active users. – Microsoft Office Live Meeting is 7 years old with 5 billion conference minutes annually – Microsoft Online Services is 6 years old with volumes of over 2 billion emails per day
  13. 13. CRM and Office 365 Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and Office 365 can be offered together in one unified bundle for one billing account. One place to manage all your users.
  14. 14. Costs• Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is $44 per user per month• starts at $65 per user per month
  15. 15. Salesforce Costs (5+ users)
  16. 16. Salesforce Costs (5+ users) Microsoft Microsoft Microsoft CRM CRM CRM $44 $44 $44 /user/month /user/month /user/month
  17. 17. Price Comparison Tool•
  18. 18. What about Mobile?• Microsoft includes options for Mobile devices at no additional cost.• Mobile is an extra cost with SalesForce.
  19. 19. What about Mobile?• In addition to the free mobile option, Microsoft also provides low cost options for a richer mobile experience across devices.
  20. 20. Promotions
  21. 21. Promotions
  22. 22. Microsoft CRM and ROI
  23. 23. Easy Data Migration• Scribe already has a template for migrating data from Salesforce to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.•
  24. 24. Microsoft CRM Community •
  25. 25. Resources• YouTube Videos on CRM by Microsoft –• YouTube Videos on CRM by Customer Effective –• Microsoft Dynamics CRM (set up a free trial here) –• Microsoft CRM Community –• Microsoft Price Comparison Tool –• Forrester White Paper on CRM ROI of 243% –• Customer Effective Blog –
  26. 26. Thank