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Canada tv

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By Connecting thru ACN the following Services are much more affordable with "Above-Par" Customer Service. Additionally, for each Service you connect, a hungry child gets fed (a meal to eat & drink); also for each time your Bill is paid. This is automatic transacted in co-ordination with Canada's Food Banks.

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Canada tv

  1. 1. 1/22/15
  2. 2. Market Opportunity • 2.7+ million Canadian Satellite TV subscribers • Serving greater than 25% of Canadian households • Customers watch 35+ hours of TV content per week, wherever they are
  3. 3. Why Bell TV? • 15+ years in TV distribution • 1st TV Provider in Canada to offer 100 HD channels • Ultra stunning HD, up to 1080p • Canada’s best Satellite HD PVR • The largest HD recording capacity • Satellite PVR app • Watch movies and shows on demand • Bell TV app
  4. 4. Availability • Offered in all Canadian Provinces • Must be a residential customer only • Must be a NEW Bell TV customer • Customer must live in a single family home • Bell TV service must be for use at customer residence • Renters must have authorization from the landlord
  5. 5. Satellite TV Overview •Ultra-stunning HD •Canada’s best Satellite HD PVR oRecord and watch your favourites shows when you want with the largest HD recording capacity oEasily set recordings from your TV or anywhere, with the Satellite PVR app •Bring your Bell TV service to your tablet and smartphone and watch up to 120 live and on demand TV channels – only with the Bell TV app •Watch movies and shows on demand •Large selection of international channels
  6. 6. Programming Packages
  7. 7. Programming Packages
  8. 8. Additional Programming Something For Everyone
  9. 9. Programming is Better with Bell HD Content at no extra charge…unlike cable We have them all!
  10. 10. Programming Is Better With Bell All The Movies All The Sports A Huge Selection Of On Demand Content
  11. 11. International Programming • International Add-On Combos • International Pick & Pay Channels
  12. 12. Equipment HD PVR • Set, play back and manage recordings • Pause and rewind live TV • Record /watch up to 2 shows at the same time • Connect up to 6 receivers on one dish • Record up to 150 hours of HD content (with the 500 GB hard drive) • On-screen Caller ID with history for up to 50 calls • Optional External Hard Drive (EHD) connectivity adding additional PVR storage capacity HD Receiver • PVR Ready (just add an external hard drive) • 2 USB ports to connect an EHD. Only one EHD can be connected at a time • HDMI cable included Wireless adapter • Connect your 9241 or 9400 HD PVR to the Internet using your wireless home network, so you can watch movies and events on demand • Plus you can set and manage recordings on your HD PVR from your computer or smart phone using our Remote PVR app • One free connectivity device per account Internet Connect kit • Connect your 9241 or 9400 HD PVR to the Internet using your home’s electrical wiring, so you can watch movies and events on demand • Plus you can set and manage recordings on your HD PVR from your computer or smart phone using our Remote PVR app • One free connectivity device per account
  13. 13. Target Market • Customers with a cable provider • Customers looking for flexibility in choosing content • Customers seeking High Definition content • Customers seeking the latest technology
  14. 14. Present the Advantage • Do you travel often for work? With an HD PVR, you will never miss your favourite television shows! • Your children will love the interactive games and the channels • You can order movies from the comfort of your home and for less expensive than your local video rental store. • With Bell TV, we have a variety of sport packages for the ultimate sports fan, in HD and the possibility to record them on the PVR. • Bell TV is the ideal solution for your family, every member will find something to watch with our extensive programming line up and you will have movies at the tip of your fingers. • With Bell TV, you will get the best image quality and lots of continuous uninterrupted music channels.
  15. 15. Overcoming Objections • I've heard that weather frequently interrupts Satellite TV reception, how is the reception with Bell? Bell TV delivers digital signal reliability 99.99% of the time.   • Is installing Satellite TV difficult? I don’t want a satellite dish installed on my house. Top-of-the-line professionals with a variety of solutions to fit your cosmetic needs including roof, pole, and tripod options for installation.  
  16. 16. Online Product Information
  17. 17. How to Order Phone Orders Only •Personalized Assistance with Package Choices •Ease of Setting Installation Date Customers Must •Provide ACN IBO Business ID •Provide Credit Card for Payment •Purchase Equipment •Pick Install Date 1-866-350-8021 Mon – Fri 8:30 AM - 9 PM EST Sat. 9 AM – 9 PM, Sun. 10 AM – 6 PM
  18. 18. Setting Expectations Orders placed by phone to ACN/Bell TV Sales Line 1-866-350- 8021 •Customer credit card will be charged for equipment at time of phone order •Bell TV Installer will visit home on set date for completion of install, including customizing their programming choices
  19. 19. Key Ordering Reminders • Placing orders directly with BELL TV will not count toward an ACN IBO’s qualification. • Please note that Satellite TV is the only ACN-accredited service offered through Bell. • Signing up for other services through Bell will NOT count toward ACN qualifications. • Customers will need to cancel their existing service, after Bell TV service has been installed. • Programming differs in Quebec • Customer must live in Single family home • New Bell TV Customers only • Packages will be selected with Installer on date of install
  20. 20. Frequently Asked Questions Visit My ACN Canada for additional FAQs • How am I billed for my Bell TV programming? Bell TV bills for programming services in advance, on a monthly basis. You are billed based on your programming package, plus any Pay-per-Vu! programming you purchase during the month. • Is a deposit required? Bell TV may require a deposit for the following reasons: • You owe money on a previous Bell account; • Insufficient customer information on order • You credit score is designated as high-risk • Any indication of fraud on your account information  
  21. 21. Frequently Asked Questions Visit My ACN Canada for additional FAQs • I live in an apartment or condo. Can I get a Bell TV System? • Rental/Lease properties must have written permission from your landlord provided to the installer prior to the start of your installation. • If you live in a condo, your Home Owners Association may restrict where your dish may be installed. Please make sure to communicate your planned installation to your HOA in case a restrictive covenant exists.   • When will customers count toward my qualifications? Customers will count for qualifications within 48 hours of completed order. • Please note that the customer must be present for the order process to be completed.