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Internet Hall of Fame: Things to Know about the World of Internet Companies

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World Startup Report research on the biggest Internet companies across 50 countries. The insights that will make you look outside Silicon Valley and the US.

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Internet Hall of Fame: Things to Know about the World of Internet Companies

  2. • 50 countries were selected to represent 6 continents, different levels of development, population size, and, obviously, Internet penetration • Each country is represented by the 3 largest Internet companies by valuation at its peak • Country’s value is used as a synonym to that country’s largest Internet company’s value • Internet companies are defined as businesses which do majority of its operations online in a scalable manner. ISPs, Software development houses without products do not qualify • IMPORTANT: A number of companies have majority of their employees outside the country they were founded in (Home country). In these situations, we match the company to the country its employees are in, rather than where it was founded • Data gathering involved online sources, stock market data, companies themselves and information from the community. For the list of our incredible ambassadors, see the final slide ABOUT THE RESEARCH In each of the 50Countries From 6Continents Biggest 3Internet Companies Full report:
  3. LET’S BEGIN… Full report:
  4. Fact #1 29 countries have at least one $1B Internet company Full report:
  5. 10 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE WORLD OF INTERNET COMPANIES List of 29 “Billion $ Club” countries and the largest Internet companies in each Country #1 Company Valuation New Zealand Xero $4.7B USA Google $410B Ireland Paddypower $4.6B China Alibaba $200B France Criteo $3.5B South Africa Naspers $52B Estonia Skype $2.5B Japan Line $28B India Flipkart $2.5B S. Korea Naver $28B Italy Yoox $2.5B Russia Yandex $15.8B Spain Gowex $2.3B Israel Checkpoint $13.6B Brazil B2W $2.1B UK ASOS $10B Czech Republic AVG $1.4B Australia REA $6.6B Denmark Unity $1.2B Argentina Mercadolibre $6.4B Hungary LogMeIn $1.1B Canada Open Text $6.3B Poland Allegro $1B Sweden KING $6B Singapore Garena $1B Germany Zalando $5.3B Slovenia Outfit7 $1B Finland Rovio $5B Vietnam VNG $1B Full report:
  6. #2 Google has a higher valuation than the remaining 49 countries combined Full report:
  7. If we added together the value of the top 49 Internet companies from each of the remaining 49 countries, the combined total would still be less than the highest market valuation of Google. In other words, if you had access to Google’s worth in your bank account, you would have enough money to purchase the top 49 Internet companies and still have a cool left over to enjoy life. 10 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE WORLD OF INTERNET COMPANIES Full report:
  8. #3 Alibaba, China’s e-commerce giant, has a valuation equal to the remaining 48 countries combined Full report:
  9. Outside the US, Alibaba (China / E- commerce) by far has the largest value of an Internet company. Its value is equivalent to the remaining 48 companies combined. 10 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE WORLD OF INTERNET COMPANIES Full report:
  10. #4 On average, Communication is the most valuable Internet industry Full report:
  11. The average value of companies in the communication industry is close to $20B. In comparison, media companies are worth around $5B. Data comes from Top 3 Internet companies in each of the 50 countries. 10 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE WORLD OF INTERNET COMPANIES Full report:
  12. #5 E-Commerce and Search are the most popular industries Full report:
  13. Out of 150 companies, the most popular industry is E-Commerce. Search takes the second position. These are the fundamental building blocks of Internet industry in every country. 10 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE WORLD OF INTERNET COMPANIES Full report:
  14. #6 Public companies are 6x bigger than Private companies, which are 10x bigger than Acquired Full report:
  15. Out of 150 companies, Public companies are on average worth 6x more than Private companies. Private companies are 10x more valuable than an average value of acquisitions. 10 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE WORLD OF INTERNET COMPANIES Full report:
  16. #7 Search and Gaming are the “most mature” industries Full report:
  17. On average, Search companies were started just before year 2000. Gaming is the second “most mature” industry, whereas B2B industry claims to have the highest number of companies started around 2006 and deserves to be called the “quickest way to get rich”. 10 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE WORLD OF INTERNET COMPANIES Full report: Search Gaming Payments E-Commerce Media Communication SaaS B2B 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006
  18. #8 Oceania has the “oldest” companies, followed by North America Full report:
  19. Companies founded in Oceania are the “oldest” companies based on the average founding date. North America claims the second spot. Interestingly, Asia took the third spot with almost two year older companies than Europe. 10 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE WORLD OF INTERNET COMPANIES Oceania North America Asia Europe Africa South America 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 Full report:
  20. #9 7 Countries with the highest valued companies come from 3 continents – 5 are from Asia Full report:
  21. 10 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE WORLD OF INTERNET COMPANIES While Asia has the most number of countries with mega internet companies (5 out of top 7 countries), it is worth noting that Europe dominates the rest of the Billion $ Club (14 out of the remainder 22 countries). Full report: North America Asia Africa TOP 7 Countries with highest valuations come from: • Asia (5) • North America (1) • Africa (1)
  22. #10 Of the TOP 10 Countries by company valuation, 8 companies are Public, 1 filed for IPO, 1 is Private. Full report:
  23. Companies from the TOP 10 Countries with highest valuations are: • Public (8) • About to go IPO (1) • Private (1) 10 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE WORLD OF INTERNET COMPANIES 8 out of 10 companies are public which proves that going IPO creates the highest value for the company. So, what is Your Exit Strategy? Public Filed for IPO Private Full report:
  24. TAKEAWAYS BE REALISTIC Only in very few cases will you be able to outperform the ecosystem’s biggest companies by more than a 100%. If you want to build a $100-Billion company, you have to go to the US or China. SOLVE “OLD” PROBLEMS Depending on your country, opportunities could be closer than you think. Search and E-commerce might not be the most innovative industries, but these are essential ingredients in every country’s Internet ecosystem. BE PATIENT News headlines are full of over-night successes – Instagram, Snapchat, etc. However, building successful companies takes time. On average, you will take 7 to 10 years to build over $1B company. These things take time. Don’t rush it. Full report:
  25. Algeria: Imadeddine Aziez (National Polytechnic school) Argentina: Leandro Pisaroni (Incutex) - Drew Beaurline (Construct) - Martin Vivas (FoundersLatam) Belgium: Omar Mohout (Sirris) Canada: Jake Hirsch-Allen Chile: Carlos Leiva (AndesBeat) Colombia: Conrad Egusa (Espacio) & Leonardo Suarez (Torrenegralabs) Costa Rica: Ignacio Castro (Startup Costa Rica) Czech Republic: Lukas Maixner (Socialbakers), Michal Andera ( Denmark: Rune Theill (Rockstart) & Lasse Chor (Happiestmanalive) Estonia: Anca Albu (CEE Changers) & Lauri Antalainen (GameFounders) Ethiopia: Tewodros Sisay (Deloitte) Finland: Will Cardwell (Aalto University) Germany: Daan Loening ( Hungary: Anca Albu (CEE Changers) India: Dilip Sridhar (Unvired) Indonesia: Tyovan Ari (Vemobo) & Dmitry Levit (Digital Media Partners) Iran: Mohsen Malayeri (IEA) Ireland: John Whelan Israel: Jared Fleitman (TAMID) Kenya: Roger Gichuhi ( Korea: Bernard Moon (SparkLabs Global Ventures) Kosovo: Alejtin Berisha (Universum College) Kuwait: Abdullah Alshalabi (Fishfishme) Latvia: Artis Kehris (, Michel Berkov (ConFide) Malaysia: Daniel Cerventus (TEDx) Netherlands: Rogier Senn van Basel ( New Zealand: Ben Reid (Memia) Peru: Demis Estabridis (Lima Valley) Philippines: Dmitry Levit (Digital Media Partners) Poland: Ai Kordek (CEE Startup Awards) & Wiktor Schmidt (Netguru) Singapore: Dmitry Levit (Digital Media Partners) Slovenia: Bostjan Spetic (Silicon Gardens) South Africa: Fredell Jacobs (The Innovation Hub) Spain: Igor Llorente (Sivarit) Sweden: Jaan Orvet (Orvet Stockholm) & Johan Crona (Almi Invest) Taiwan: Chaochi Chang (Startup Digest) Thailand: Dmitry Levit (Digital Media Partners) Turkey: Rauf Ates Vietnam: Dmitry Levit (Digital Media Partners) Global: Nick Vilelle (History Spoken) THIS WOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE WITHOUT…
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