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XMLdation myXML webinar

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XMLdation myXML(r) Webinar presentation slides June 11 2016

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XMLdation myXML webinar

  1. 1. XML Management 11 June 2015
  2. 2. Challenges of XML Management Jaakko Kantonen
  3. 3. Starting point Three main challenges of XML management Communication with stakeholders Managing (defragmented) XML knowledge Increasing complexity of XML
  4. 4. Why communication is essential? Discontinuity point. Risk: - Misunderstanding - Bad customer experience - More errors - Maintenance challenges BANK CORPORATE CUSTOMER
  5. 5. Validator demo Juha Hakomäki Link to video
  6. 6. Increasing complexity - looking beyond schema Each different transaction type has lots of business rules: Additional restrictions • Codes, character sets, field lengths . . . Check sums • Number of transactions, IBAN, reference, control sum . . . Dependences • IBAN<> BIC, Country code<>IBAN, if then else, . . . And so on
  7. 7. Increasing complexity Example credit transfer ISO20022 includes around 40 business rules CGI-MP includes around 80 business rule Bank’s general business rules around 30-50 Transaction specific rules 5-20 80 % of problems and workload are business rules related
  8. 8. Communication challenges with stakeholders Long value chain Stakeholders requirements varies Different versions and even standards • Product Development • IT department • Onboarding teams • Customer Support • Bank’s customers and their IT teams • Software vendors • Implementation consultants
  9. 9. XML Management is framework for managing specifications of XML transactions and definitions of processes based on XML messages
  10. 10. XMLdation’s solution
  11. 11. myXML DEMO Juha Hakomäki Link to video
  12. 12. Easy to use Reusable public rule libraries • ISO20022, CGI-MP, EPC, Country Level etc. • Reusable user specific libraries Automatic documentation Integration with validator Efficiency of OCL is proofed myXML creates real additional value on top of schema All in XML management
  13. 13. Test file generation With myXML Test File generator user can creates hundreds of erroneous or correct test file Join to our next webinar June 23 to learn more this unique solution • Registration via XMLdation webpages
  14. 14. XMLdation
  15. 15. XMLdation - Services Portfolio Full end-to-end integration testing service, simulating the bank’s or clearing’s responses to corporates or banks. Helps in setting up Straight Through Processing and Reconciliation. Leading XML Validator® for payments, e-Invoices and other financial messages via web browser or API. Validation is based on bank specific business rules and gives immediate response to the user. XML Management platform for centralized maintenance, version management and distribution of business rules. Automated test file generation, documentation and life cycle management. Consulting for XML development and management projects in financial domain. Project focus on ISO and CGI-MP compliance. Enabling services for customers’ needs by utilizing XMLdation tools.
  16. 16. Company Factsheet Finnish company Established in 2009 Offices in Espoo and Tampere, Finland Representation in Brussels, Belgium, and in Hamburg, Germany Bank customers in more than 10 European countries Users of XMLdation services in more than 50 countries
  17. 17. Customers and Partners
  18. 18. Increasing complexity -it is not only payments
  19. 19. Thank You Q&A