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Paris Container Day 2016 : Deep dive dc-os ci-cd (Mesosphere & Container Solutions)

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In this session Philip Norman and Frank Scholten will show you how to CI/CD with minimesos and DC/OS. After a quick introduction you can follow along on your laptop with an example of running, testing and deploying an application from minimesos to DC/OS.

Par Philip Norman (@Mesosphere) & Frank Scholten (Senior Software Engineer, R&D in the Docker, Mesos and Programmable Infrastructure ecosystem at Container-Solutions. @Container Solutions)

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Paris Container Day 2016 : Deep dive dc-os ci-cd (Mesosphere & Container Solutions)

  1. 1. @ContainerDay16 A deep dive into one of the applications of DC/OS: CI/CD Philip Norman Software Engineer Mesosphere Frank Scholten Senior Software Engineer Container Solutions Paris Container Day 29th June Paris
  2. 2. @ContainerDay16 Philip Norman Software engineer at Mesosphere Works on Marathon, Chronos, and the DC/OS Continuous integration fan Frank Scholten Senior Software Engineer at Container Solutions R&D in the Docker, Mesos & container ecosystem Creator of minimesos Bios
  3. 3. @ContainerDay16 Agenda ● Introduction to minimesos ● Demo - run Mesos Elasticsearch on minimesos ● Introduction to DC/OS ● CI/CD DC/OS workshop ○ Please work in pairs or groups
  4. 4. @ContainerDay16 minimesos
  5. 5. @ContainerDay16 What is minimesos? ● Experimentation and testing tool for Apache Mesos ● Instant Mesos cluster on your laptop ● CLI and Java API ● Runs in Docker ● Sponsored by
  6. 6. @ContainerDay16 The story behind minimesos ● CS contributed to by ● The Mesos ELK stack on Mesos is a core piece ● Developing & testing distributed systems is hard...
  7. 7. @ContainerDay16 Mesos framework development Build Deploy Test
  8. 8. @ContainerDay16 Mesos framework development Build Deploy Test Long development feedback loop!
  9. 9. @ContainerDay16 Mesos framework development Build, run and test using minimesos locally Deploy
  10. 10. @ContainerDay16 minimesos demo
  11. 11. @ContainerDay16 More information ● ● Twitter @minimesos @Frank_Scholten @adamsandor2 ● Mailinglist ● minimesos in a browser
  12. 12. @ContainerDay16 DC/OS
  13. 13. @ContainerDay16 DC/OS ● DC/OS is the Datacenter Operating System ● Is a FOSS product based on Apache Mesos ● Comes with an ‘App Store’ ○ One-click Jenkins install ○ Do everything on one cluster
  14. 14. @ContainerDay16 Jenkins & DC/OS ● Jenkins is a DC/OS User Space Service ● Each Jenkins job is a DC/OS Process
  15. 15. @ContainerDay16 Github, Jenkins & DC/OS ● We poll / hook from Github ● Test and build on SCM change ● Deploy new config to Marathon on DC/OS
  16. 16. @ContainerDay16 DC/OS CI/CD Workshop
  17. 17. @ContainerDay16 Workshop - Check out DC/OS ● If you have Vagrant installed, you can use the USB stick to try out CI/CD on DC/OS. ● We’re going to: ○ add a post to a blog with git ○ build a Docker image with Jenkins ○ deploy it to Marathon with Jenkins
  18. 18. @ContainerDay16 Workshop - Check out DC/OS ● Import the vagrant box from the USB stick: ● $ vagrant box add --name dcos-ci-cd ● $ vagrant init dcos-ci-cd ● $ vagrant up
  19. 19. @ContainerDay16 Workshop - Check out DC/OS ● $ vagrant ssh ● $ cd cd-demo ● $ vi site/_posts/ 2016-06-29-title.markdown ● $ git commit -am “My Article” ● $ git push origin master
  20. 20. @ContainerDay16 Workshop - Check out DC/OS ● We’ll merge all our changes, and watch the Jenkins build working... ● $ dcos marathon app show /jenkins-deployed-app ● Et voilà!
  21. 21. @ContainerDay16 DC/OS - Resources ● @dcos @ApacheMesos @philipnrmn ● ● ● DC/OS Community Slack
  22. 22. @ContainerDay16 Questions?
  23. 23. @ContainerDay16 Thank you!