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XebiCon'17 : Les piliers technologiques de Renault Digital - Guillaume Pinot et Abdelaziz Khajour

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Retour d’expérience de Renault Digital sur les 7 facteurs technologiques au coeur de l’accélération de la transformation digitale du groupe Renault.
Avec zoom sur les micro-services et le data backbone, coeur de l’entreprise réactive.

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XebiCon'17 : Les piliers technologiques de Renault Digital - Guillaume Pinot et Abdelaziz Khajour

  1. 1. Renault Digital Technology Pillars
  2. 2. Renault Digital o Digital projects accelerator o Best place for learning by experimentation o Incubator of new ways of working o Digital excellence center Renault group subsidary (100% share) created in January 2017 – 250 employees by the end of 2018 Boulogne- Billancourt
  3. 3. The 7 Technology Factors of Digital Transformation
  4. 4. Moving To Reactive Company The Technical Side Abdelaziz KHAJOUR Digital Technical Leader @khajour
  5. 5. Reactive vs Proactive? We Need Both Proactive Helps protect you from drowning Reactive Thrown to you after you’re already drowning Reactive business strategies are those that respond to some unanticipated event only after it occurs. Proactive strategies are designed to anticipate possible challenges. Because no one can anticipate every possibility, no organization can be proactive in every situation.
  6. 6. Three Concepts For Moving To Reactive Company Multi Cloud/Multi Data center - Provide global services - Use the best of bread solution of each cloud provider - Vendor locking prevention - Leverage vendors competition Digital Backbone - Event driven architecture - Real time data access - Pub/Sub pattern - High performance events delivery - Global Microservices - Reusable systems - Incremental development - Resilient system - Fix monolith slow and complexity - Scale organization
  7. 7. Digital Backbone Use Case UMCD Pitesti Meca UVD Pitesti (Dacia) Bursa Nissan Sunderland NMUK Maubeuge (MCA) Cross dock (Hungaria) Nissan Barcelone NMISA Douai
  8. 8. Digital Backbone Architecture On Premise Google PUBSUB (Backbone) Subscribe Microservices Subscribe Stream Batch Buck et Google Dataflow(Apache Beam) Functions (Serverless) … …Playback 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 7
  9. 9. Visit Our Booth For More Insight