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Values and Culture at YUHIRO

This document gives an overview of the values and culture at YUHIRO. Especially interesting for potential employees and current employees.

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Values and Culture at YUHIRO

  2. 2. Sascha Thattil (CEO) In 2011 Sascha Thattil lay the foundations of YUHIRO in Heidelberg Germany. It was started at as outsourcing services for companies in Germany. With the time the company evolved into specializing in providing software developers to software companies, web agencies and IT departments. For this we have cre- ated a company in India, the YUHIRO Technologies Pri- vate Limited. Its headquarters are in Thrissur and its main development office is in Cochin. Both cities are in the state of Kerala. Nowadays YUHIRO operates completely out of Kerala, India and works with compa- nies all over Europe, with a focus on Germany. In 2015 we also introduced “” to bring our service to a global audience. Offering all services in the English language. YUHIRO was started for the purpose of bringing high quality software development services to its customers. This has evolved, and now we are trying to establish our- selves as the premier provider of software developers from India, for companies all over the world. In our business model, the developer works in our premises in Cochin, India, for our clients abroad. We have understood that it is of utmost importance to find the right people to join us. They should possess a strong stack of values, which must include integrity, hon- esty and understanding. Our value set is described in the following pages. Hiring the right people is of utmost importance, because it will lead us either into the right way or the wrong way and will also affect how our culture and values are lived. Hiring people We understand that we need to measure results and manage people properly. People without guidance have a chance to be misled from the right path. Oftentimes management needs to remind about the values and about what is right for the indi- vidual, the organisation and the client. Managing people
  3. 3. We are always kind with our employees. But we also listen carefully on what they say. So as to understand any problems which could be arising. And we will act fast, if we see that we need to change something for the better. We know that Subject-Matter-Experts can assess a situation betterthan a manager who might not be an expert in that specific field. Managing culture What does integrity mean? There are many definitions, but this one might be the most fitting “Doing the right thing, even when no one is looking”. We should always act out of integrity, in whatever we do. Integrity We should respect each other. Only if we respect each other, we will be happy to come to work on Monday mornings. So give your respect to others whenever possible. Respect We all like to work with people who are honest. Always tell the truth, it will let you look better in the long term and people will start trusting you more. Honesty Mission Providing the best IT experts to our clients, who will help them to build qualitatively high software. We therefore support our clients to simplify their HR strategy and improve their projects. Vision We want to become the number 1 provider of IT staff, by continuously investing in our people, systems and in innova- tions.
  4. 4. We try to understand the position of the other person, and do not act in our self- interest alone. We understand what the needs and challenges of them are, and try to come up with good and suitable solutions for both sides. Understanding This is very important at YUHIRO. If you are saying that you will send an Email in the next 30 minutes, try to send it well before the 30 minutes. If you know that you are not able to do it, then just say it as it is. Other people should to rely on what you are promising them. Say what you do and do what you say Always underpromise and overdeliver. People will always have high expectations. Try to bring the expectations down and then overachieve on those promises made to your opposite. This will always make people happy. People will be unhappy, if you promise something big and then deliver something of normal quality. As they were expecting something better. The same quality had been probably been enough, if you had promised less. Underpromise – Overdeliver When having to choose between simple and complex solutions, we always choose the simple solution. Because this is usually the one, which will be more reliable and long lasting. Even if we have a complex challenge, usually it will be possible to break it down into simpler solutions. Simple instead of complex
  5. 5. We keep only the processes which are helpful to us. Unnecessary processes we will discard, usefull one’s we will enforce and improve upon. Processes We enjoy our work. Be it as designer, programmer, team lead, project manager, man- ager, HR, admin, network engineer, etc. we love what we do and enjoy our work. Joy We do things. This means we will do things. We will not wait till someone tells us to do something, we will come up with good ideas and suggestions or execute what has been given to us. Action We help each other at YUHIRO and also the community as well as our clients. Only by giving to others, we are able to receive. Help To understand better we need to ask questions. So always ask as many questions as possible to understand a given challenge. Ask Questions Try to be transparent in your thinking process. Be open towards others in the team. Share your information freely with others. We value it highly at YUHIRO. Transparency We treat the customer on eye level. That is the better approach. Always listen care- fully to what the customer says and try to understand what is being said. We treat the customer as a part of our organisation. Customer is not king, but part of us
  6. 6. Be it customers, employees or managers, these are the kind of people we are looking for: They should possess the values or try to acquire them, when they work with YUHIRO. People who we are looking for
  7. 7. Internet is to be used primarily for work purposes. We at YUHIRO understand, that internet bandwidth is a resource which is not avail- able in abundance and that over usage can lead to shortage of internet speed, which can in turn jeopardize projects. Internet When coming to work, we treat everyone with respect and in fairness. Fairness If you see any problems, be it with co-workers, the customer or the projects, kindly report immediately to management. Transparency Work starts at the latest at 10:00 am (Time in India). In one week the work time is 40 hours. If you come later than 10:00 am, then inform via Email or SMS to management and inform, mentioning the reason. Work Timings Employee Guide for Working at YUHIRO
  8. 8. When working with the client, keep in mind our values, which are described in this document. Especially important is the value “Say what you do and do what you say”. Clients Management at YUHIRO will always work in your best interest. But this can be ensured only if you inform about all possible issues, well in advance, preferably, when it occurs. Because we want to ensure, reliable work places and in-time solu- tions, if challenges occur. Also, always keep in mind, that there is a legal contract between you and the com- pany, which is the basic framework of your employment at YUHIRO. Read the docu- ment as well as this guidebook carefully. Management As YUHIRO grows into a larger organization, new processes will be implemented. Like stronger security policies, better facilities, improved processes for working with the client, etc. This is being done in your, the employees, best interest, to sustain the long term success of the company. Management processes Version 1.0 We will keep improving and adding on to this “Values and Culture at YUHIRO” guidelines book, which will help all in our organization to work better together.