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  1. 1. 1 CURRICULUM VITAE Yadi Suryadi, ST Personal Data Place and Date of Birth : Bandung, July 20th , 1981 Address : Perum. Taman Sentosa, Blok F3/17, Pasir Sari, Cikarang Selatan, Bekasi, 17530, Indonesia Telephone : (mobile) +6281 220 559 998 E-mail : Sex : Male Marital Status : Married Nationality : Indonesian Religion : Moslem About Me Hard worker, able to work under pressure, team player and independent as well, nice personality, interpersonal and communication skill and interest of challenge. Formal Education 1999 - 2004 Institut Teknologi, Bandung Bachelor Degree of Mechanical Engineering, majoring in Automation and Robotics. GPA 3.16 out of 4. 1996 – 1999 SMAN 1, Sumedang Major in Physics Science (A1)
  2. 2. 2 Working Experience Senior Engineering & Maintenance Supervisor PT. Tempo Scan Pacific, Tbk – Pharmaceutical Company  Built up & takes responsibility in maintenance strategy activity for all factory utility equipment.  Perform and aim the production planning and utility needs on efficient portion, for achieving Company’s Monthly KPI target.  Built up & takes responsibility in maintenance strategy activity for all production line machineries from weighing to secondary packaging.  Perform to make machineries monthly reports consist of breakdown summary (PARETO, PICA, MTBF, MTTR), preventive maintenance, people, overtime, OPEX, CAPEX and so on.  Perform Utilities Equipment Commissioning to ensure all appropriate with USR.  Perform Production Machineries Equipment Commissioning to ensure all appropriate with USR.  Responsibility in machineries spare parts warehouse stock keeping activity.  Responsibility for nonconformity products regarding to change parts used and machines used.  Take a role in production equipment procurement process.  Observing, finding ideas & planning to rise up all strategy in engineering and maintenance. At the end, support the company to reach the goals. Oct 2007 – Now Process Engineering Supervisor PT. AISIN Indonesia – Automotive Company  Responsibility in new project strategy activity for body parts section, e.g. PPAP,Part List,GDES, APQP,QCPC,Production Line Capacity Study, PFMEA,SPC, Time Study, WIS, HVPT,etc.  Responsibility in body part section monthly reports consist of quality, cost reduction, improvement, production line capacity, human resources development, new product preparation, environment and safety,documentation and so on.  Take the lead role in ECI (Engineering Change Instruction) realization, for all product line. In advance issuing the parts change into all customers by email also tagging on the first delivery packing.  Responsibility for nonconformity body part products.  Being an active supporting in all company development project.  Observing body parts line productivity, CT vs TT. Oct 2005 – Oct 2007
  3. 3. 3 Training 2014  PT. EBA,“Training Kalibrasi Thermometer & Pressure Gauge”. 2011  PT. Sapta Automation, “SIEMENS SIMATIC S7 Programming”. 2010  PQM,“Supervisory Management : Enhancing Managerial Skills & Leadership”. 2010  ISFI Millenium, “CPOB Training – Production Process Validation”. 2009  GREAT, “Leadership Training”. 2006  INNOVA,“Internal Auditor Trainning – ISO/TS16949:2002”. ProjectExperiences PT. Tempo Scan Pacific, Tbk – Pharmaceutical Company  Natural Gas piping to power house, employing for Boiler  Installation and Commisioning New Production Line Machineries (Neo Rheumacyl Production Line), Total 11 New Machines  Conduct FAT (Factory Acceptance Test), Installation and Commisioning of New Blister Machine UPS 1040 at Ulm Germany  Conduct FAT (Factory Acceptance Test), Installation and Commisioning of New Monoblock Filling & Capping Machine CVCF1204-L at Taichung Taiwan  Installation and Commisioning Mediseal CP-400e, Blister Machine  Conduct FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) of New Blister Machine IWKA BP20i at Karlsruhe Germany  Installation and Commissioning Thai Coater 55” (Special), Tablet Coating Machine  Installation and Commissioning Fabrima Vertopac VP-120, Cartoner Machine  Installation and Commisioning Mediseal CP400e, Blister Machine  Installation and Commissioning Diosna P400B, Mixer Machine  Installation and Commissioning Fabrima Hi Pro2, Blister Machine  Installation and Commissioning Fette P3200i Segmented, Tablet Press Machine  Istallation and Commissioning Beijing Gylongli PG26, Tablet Press Machine  Installation and Commisioning Yenchen YC-EP-150, Fluidized Bed Dryer Machine 2007-2015 PT. AISIN Indonesia - Automotive Company  CAMRY(043L) – Body Parts New Project Preparation  ECI (Engineering Change Intruction) Monitoring Board & ECI Procedure Built Up  Conduct ISO/TS 16949 Both Internal & External Audit Passed Surveillance – Body Part Component  Conduct an Enginering Department Project for ISO 14001 Activity – Reduce Grease Consumption  Conduct SPC Tools for Quality Level Up on Door Lock Production Line  Participate on SOC Free Activity for Grobal Part  New AVANZA/XENIA (D16D) – Body Part New Project Preparation 2005-2007
  4. 4. 4 PT. AISIN Indonesia - Automotive Company  New TARUNA/TERIOS (D99B) – Body Part New Project Preparation  NEW ZEBRA/GRAND MAX (D40D) – Body Part New Project Preparation  Participation on Astra International Kaizen Competition – “One Piece Flow - Speed Up CT for Door Lock Mechanic Sub Assembly Line”  Conduct PFMEA (Potential Failure Measure and Effect Analysis) Implementation on Door Lock Assy Production Line 2005-2007 Other Competencies 1. Computer  OS : Microsoft Window 9x/2000/XP/Win7  Application : MS Office (Outlook, Excel, Word, Power Point, Acces), AUTO CAD, Mechanical Desktop, Solidwork, Nastran/Cosmo, CV AVR, Keil uVision, Adobe Photoshop, Protel, Visio Technical  Programming : C, C++  Hardware : Standard PC 2. Microcontroller : ATMEL 89 series,ATMEL AVR series 3. PLC : SIEMENS S7 4. Language Indonesian Language as mother language and good in English 5. Others :  New Project Preparation  ISO/TS 16949 Internal Audit & Tools  OHSAS 18001  Advance Instrumentation Know How  PCB Designing (single or double layer)  Tools & Machinery Testing  Data Acquisition Program Making  System Analyze  PharmaceuticalProcess Machineries Knowledge  Ink Jet Printing Device Knowledge  Vacuum Conveying System Knowledge  PharmaceuticalMachineries Qualification Knowledge Interest Mecatronics, music, movie, automotive and travelling.
  5. 5. 5 Certification I, the undersigned, certify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, this bio data correctly describes my-self and my qualifications and my experiences. Signature : Yadi Suryadi