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RAMP Presentation 2016-09-19

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RAMP Presentation 2016-09-19

  1. 1. Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center Resource Amplification & Management Program (RAMP) for Local Small Businesses SVP Fast Pitch September 19, 2016
  2. 2. Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center
  3. 3. Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center
  4. 4. Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center
  5. 5. Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center Resource Amplification & Management Program (RAMP) for Local Small Businesses
  6. 6. Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center Goal 2 Augment community resilience in partnership with community organizations Create a powerful network of small business support Build coalitions, partnerships, and capacity to support youth, families, and small businesses Expand and deepen campus engagement in the neighborhood Vision SeattleU RAMP help local small business sustain and grow in a changing environment Goal 1 Local small businesses stay, grow and thrive as pillars of their neighborhoods Goal 3 SU students, faculty, staff and alumni lead for a just and humane world
  7. 7. Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center RAMP Process Situation Analysis Connection to Resources Training Positive Business Outcomes
  8. 8. Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center RAMP’s Progress to Date Completed pilot planning in July 2016 –Hired 2 relationship managers (3 more planned) –Assisted 35+ small businesses Received three-year grant; Completed strategic plan and budget; Created programs for access to capital, train the trainer, and workshop delivery.
  9. 9. Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center 250 small businesses + 100s of SeattleU students in 2019 35 small businesses + 30 SeattleU students in 2016
  10. 10. Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center Asfaha LemLem: “RAMP has helped with market plans,new product survey and research, and website design. The business is ready to take off and will achieve profitability within the next two years.” Quang Nguyen: “RAMP connected us with an outstanding team of Seattle University marketing students enrolled in a social media marketing class. Supervised by a seasoned industry instructor, this student team assessed our social media needs and developed a social media marketing plan for our program.”
  11. 11. Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center
  12. 12. Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center Resources Connections Mentoring Training Services Funding $$$ Support RAMP To Grow a Powerful Network for Local Small Businesses SUCCESS + +
  13. 13. Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center THANK YOU Asante 谢谢 ‫شكرا‬ Cảm ơn bạn አመሰግናለሁ 고맙습니다 ‫תודה‬‫רבה‬‫לך‬ спасибо Gracias ありがとうございました