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Anti Aging Solutions That You Must Know

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How to anti aging naturally yet effectively? Here you can get some ideas on how can you slow down your nasty biological clock effectively.

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Anti Aging Solutions That You Must Know

  1. 1. Anti Aging Solutions... Top 4 Food To Prevent Aging! - Important foods in slowing your biological clock "We are what we eat." If you consume some anti-oxidant rich foods to prevent aging, your natural aging process can be effectively slowing down. But, what are these foods? Not really? Ok, below are just some examples... (1) Must Have Food to Prevent Aging - Tomato I love tomatoes! They are abundant in lycopene, which antioxidant property is 20 times powerful than vitamin C. Which type of tomatoes is the best in preventing aging? The Small tomato. It is more abundant in vitamin C. How to consume tomato to prevent aging? Consume cooked tomatoes. While most vitamin C of the processed or cooked version of tomatoes (tomato paste, canned tomatoes, tomato sauce) is destroyed, the anti-oxidant capacity is several times more powerful than raw tomatoes, due to the increases of lycopene! (2) Grape Another powerful anti-oxidant. Same as tomato, the anti-oxidant property of anthocyanins, which is rich in grape seed, is 20 times powerful than vitamin C, 50 times powerful than vitamin E! But, because of no fermentation, grape fruits and grape juice have very low anti oxidation power than red wine. So, drink a glass of red wine each day, as it is one of those good food to prevent aging! (3) Green Tea Contains high level of antioxidant, and helps in reducing fats. Weight losing and prevent aging in one shot, why not? (4) Salmon Salmon is abundant in omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which is powerful in anti oxidation. Other poultry however, due to their higher level of omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids, the anti-oxidation power of omega 3 is significantly inhibited. These two kinds of unsaturated fatty acids must be maintained at a specific level in human body. Increase omega 3 consumption not only helps in
  2. 2. balancing these fatty acids, the anti aging effect also becomes significant. Generally speaking, wild salmon is particularly a good food to prevent aging, as it is more abundant in omega-3. Anti Aging Solutions... Great Anti Aging skincare Test Those Cosmetics Big Boys Hope You Never Know! 4 simple tests to track bad quality skincare and cosmetics products Below are four easy anti aging skincare tests to catch those low quality anti aging skincare products! * Anti Aging Skincare Test for Creams: Place a small quantity of the cream in a spoon, warm either with alcohol lamp or candle. A good quality cream will boil just like a boiling milk and gives you pleasant smell. Otherwise if there is any splitting, smoke and irritating smell during heating, and eventually produces an greasy residue, your anti aging cream is either containing too much mineral oil or having boride fillers. * Emulsion? Let's Test With Water: Pour enough amount of emulsion into clean water and observe. If the emulsion is floating, it containing oil stone ester. Swirl it gently, if it resulted a milky white liquid, your emulsion is emulsifier containing, which means it fails the anti aging skincare test! Emulsifier is able to destroy your skin texture, making your skin sensitive and is carcinogenic. Otherwise, if your emulsion is sinking, it does not has oil stone ester, so is safe to use! * Silver Ring - Keep The Lead Away: Apply the lipstick on the back of your palm, then rub with a silver ring. Observe any changing of color; if it turns black, the lipstick is lead containing. The blacker it turns the higher level the lead the lipstick is containing.
  3. 3. * Anti Aging Skincare Test with Iodine - Test The Anti-Oxidizing Capacity: Mix iodine and clean water in a glass container with ratio 1:50. Add and mix your anti aging toner, cleansing milk, etc. In the diluted iodine solution (an adequate amount). If the tested product is completely dissolves and gives a clear and transparent solution, it has its anti-oxidizing property. Otherwise, it has no anti-oxidizing effect and in short doesn't produce any noticeable anti aging benefit to your skin! Anti Aging Solutions... Five Anti Aging Spices - Highly recommended anti aging spices for your diet Not only help to fight back wrinkles, anti aging spices can prevent many age related diseases for instance cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, etc.. Yes, with these powerful antioxidants containing humble food enhancers! Ok, here are top 5 most recommended anti aging spices: 1. Ginger. Researchers from University of Minnesota's Hormel Institute have discovered that the growth of human colorectal cancer cells can be inhibited by gingerol, which is an active chemical in ginger. 2. Turmeric. Other anti aging spice form ginger family.An active chemical in turmeric, the curcumin, is a cancer preventing agent just like other antioxidant giants do: Berries, pomegranates and tea. Besides, turmeric can prevent Alzheimer's disease effectively. 3. Lemon Grass. An anti aging spice frequently found in Thai food. Its citral level is the highest (a substance found in lemon peels), which relieve rheumatism, cramps, headaches and spasms, as well as the colon cancer fighter.
  4. 4. 4. Cinnamon. Without this anti aging spice, cinnamon rolls wouldn't have exist. As shown by recent studies, by increasing insulin's sensitivity, cinnamon can regulate blood sugar level effectively.To lower down the LDL cholesterol level, half a teaspoon of cinnamon can be consume daily. Cinnamon even play a role in preventing leukemia and lymphoma cancer cells proliferation! 5. Oregano. A distinctive flavor in Italian and Mediterranean cooking. Oregano contains the most abundant of antioxidants among all herbs: One teaspoon of oregano has as much antioxidant as 3 cups of broccoli (good news for broccoli haters)! Oregano is a highly versatile anti aging spice and can be used in salads, sauces or as seasonings on all kinds of meat and fish or pasta. The top 5 powerful anti aging spices: Ginger, turmeric, lemon grass, cinnamon and oregano. Since now you already know what they are, so, please remember to incorporate them into your daily diet to rip off their maximum anti aging properties! I used to spend a lot on anti aging skincare products until... until I discover how to produce my own effective Homemade Anti Aging Cream! Besides, there are lot more to do in anti aging besides just applying anti aging face cream. You can Visit learn how to anti aging effectively by visiting Best Anti Aging Face Cream. Read more articles on... Harmful Anti Aging Cream Homemade Anti Aging Products Best Anti Aging Treatment Best Anti Aging Skincare Products I don't buy anti aging cream. Thanks to, I make my own cheap and effective homemade anti aging cream! :) Sincerely, ~ YoungForever ~