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Young Lions CZ 2023 | MEDIA 25 - 2nd PLACE

  1. TEAM 25
  2. 47% 180 Child psychiatrists in Czechia Of which are over 65 years old 8+ Months of average waiting time Data Gathered
  3. Being HAPPY is not always our choice Medical treatement is often inevitable.
  4. Charity Foundation Dům Ronalda McDonalda Ronald McDonald is a friend of all children. He supports families with children suffering by serious long-term diseases thanks to his connection in Dům Ronalda McDonalda. Charity Foundation Kapka Naděje Established by Vendula Pizingerová (Svobodová) after her loss of child. She decided to help ill children by raising money for better equipment to hospitals. Collaboration
  5. The Happy Meal is associated only with happy. But sometimes you can't choose to be happy. Getting an UnHappy Meal is not your choice.
  6. Key Points: Being Happy is not always our choice October is the world mental health awareness month Czech Republic has a shortage of child psychiatrists. The demand grows rapidly while the supply is falling significantly Scannable QR code to learn more
  7. This OCTOBER. UN World Mental Health Month
  8. 2,1 M Based on 2021 sales, assuimg 60% of revenue coming from menus at an average price of 160 czk, the total number of monthly UnHappy Meal boxes can reach: # Of Boxes Estimate:
  9. Insight/Message The Problem Summary Why UnHappy Meal? Learning more Better problem perception The Czech Republic is facing an upcoming crisis of child psychiatrist defficiency. The numbers speak loud and clear. Taking action is needed. Being happy is not always our choice. In some instances, medical help is inevitable. A fun medium which can be achieved only by swapping packages. Large PR potential and social media potential for reach - even for people that don´t eat fastfood regularly By raising awareness about the issue, we will spike curiosity, get people to learn more about the problem. Understanding the problem will make it easier to solve. Not only med students will become more aware of the situation. Employers, government, pharmaceutical companies, etc. will be more likely to help. TEAM 25