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People marketing by good2work

  1. People Marketing by Good2Work Toilet  Duck Some guys  have no  potential to develop … unlike YOU
  2. If you need to: • Communicate new vision, strategy or plans to your people • Implement a large scale HR program or innonation • Get people involved in new initiative • Emphasize values of your organization • Adjust your corporate culture • Train your people in complex skills and competencies • Orientate the newcomers • Make your company more attractive employer You can do it in traditional ways or …
  3. We will help you to do it in much  more efficient way!
  4. People Marketing Direct communications In 300 Good2Work video interviews leaders say: you can only lead by personal communications. There is evidence that we obtain 84% of information from body language, mimics and intonation and only 6% from meaning of the words People marketing uses a special format of video interviewing an recording to create an atmosphere of personal direct and open peer-to-peer communication covering both hierarchical and geographical gaps + Personal example Employees trust only those leaders, which do what they say People marketing uses a special interview structure to dig out concrete examples of deeds which support messages communicated in words = Trust strengthens involvement and motivation of employees. It helps them to faster adopt new more productive skills and behaviors. It ensures long term success of your organization by enhancing performance of your people
  5. How we achieve it? • People Marketing is a complex approach comprising the following elements: – Clear understanding of the goal, definition of the target audience, determination of desired results and success criteria – Development of unique concept, scope, structure and scripts of the clips, interviews and recording – Scheduling, production and approval of the final video – Publication and promotion of the video. Monitoring of its efficiency and determination of success
  6. Our clients
  7. Our products • Consulting and turn key production of video communication programs, video clips, interview and other types of recorded media in line with People Marketing concept • Software tools (Flash, HTML, I-Pad Apps) for video content publication, feedback on video as well as training and communication online • Creation and production of DVD collections of video lessons available at и • Good2Work 2.0 corporate club that gives its members access to a joint proprietary source of best practices, trustworthy insights and important contacts shared by each member with the club on the basis of values shared by all club members
  8. Club (School) of Leaders • 300 video lessons = 100 hours of structured and tagged video • Mentors -100 CEOs and entrepreneurs from leading local and multinational companies in Russia • 3 000 subscribers, including 250 СЕОs and business owners, and 70 business school professors from all over the world • 20 000 unique visitors per month, 25% - English speakers • Promotes competent and ethical business leadership as the best way to maximize productivity of youth ensuring long term profitability and investor return for business
  9. Thank you for your time! Feel free to contact us: Ekaterina Cugunova tel.: +7 495 507 70 43 cell.: +7 964 569 42 12 Ekaterina Barzova tel.: +7 495 507 7043 cell.: +7 906 712 2966