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Assignment C

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  1. 1. How to make Art Robots S1230077 Yuto Nagai
  2. 2. •  What is the Art Robots? It is a robot writing a picture. It make using an imminent thing
  3. 3. •  Terms and Concepts Robot Motor  → Battery Circuit Vibrate
  4. 4. •  This is finished product
  5. 5. • Materials and Equipment •  Bristlebot kit (1). You will need these items from the kit: •  9 volt (V) battery (1) •  9 V battery holder (1) •  9 V DC motor (1) •  Note
  6. 6. Materials(1) Plastic cup, 16 oz. (1) Cork (1) Popsicle stick (1) Thin-size washable markers (3) •  You will also need the following items, available at a local supermarket or arts and crafts store:
  7. 7. Large googly eyes (2) White posterboards (3) Double-sided foam tape Electrical tape Hobby knife •  Materials(2)
  8. 8. Scissors Small Phillips head screwdriver Stopwatch Lab notebook Optional: Other arts and crafts materials to decorate your robot (pipe cleaners, etc.) •  Materials(3)
  9. 9. Remember to ask an adult if you need help with any of these steps. Adult supervision is required when using a hobby knife; they are very sharp! Be Careful !!
  10. 10. Is there it ? •  Photograph of the necessary things
  11. 11. Press the cork onto the motor's shaft, as shown •  How to make(1)
  12. 12. Important: Adult supervision is required for this step. Cut holes in the cup for mounting the motor, as shown •  How to make(2)
  13. 13. Use double-sided foam tape to mount the motor to the top of the cup, as shown in Figure •  How to make(3) Use double-sided foam tape to mount the battery holder inside the cup, as shown in Figure
  14. 14. Twist the motor and battery holder's wires together, as shown in Figure •  How to make(4) Wrap electrical tape around the twisted wires, as shown in Figure
  15. 15. Attach markers to your robot as "legs," as shown in Figure •  How to make (5) Decorate your Art Bot! Attach the popsicle stick to the cork, as shown in Figure Finished!!
  16. 16. Please make you !! •  I have made it at the age of a child