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Z Infinity - Games catalog

  1. Backed by several years of experience in delivering AAA quality art / animation and design services. We have established Z Infinity as the sum of all our learning's and experience to make fun and refreshing gameplay experiences. • Located in Bangalore, the silicon valley of India • Privately held company (self funded) • Team of 7 developers with average experience of 5+ years. And a Team of 50+ artists and designers. • We have expertise in the following technologies: • Unity 3D • Cocos 2D / 2DX • AR (Augmented Reality) apps using ARKit / Vuforia and other AR engines • VR (Virtual Reality) apps using Daydream and other VR engines • Native iOS / Android Client - Server apps • HTML5 / JavaScript / JQuery – webapps Studio & Technology overview
  2. Words to Emojis - A unique take on Emojis based gameplay in which the phrase is provided and the player is required to match the words using Emojis that are synonymous to the given phrase. [Gameplay: single player & multiplayer] - Available for iOS, Android, Amazon Underground, Facebook and HTML5 - Genre: Casual, Trivia - Target Audience: Male & Female [13 to 44] - Android Build size: 53.4mb iOS: Android: Amazon: Facebook / WEB: Popular Apps
  3. Dead Count – Zombie Strike - Immerse yourself in a brilliant new variant of tower defence game, Protect your last barrel of Beer from the Zombie horde and score on! - Built on a unique circular control mechanic, with an extremely simple control system that can be played with a single hand. - Available for iOS, Android and Amazon Underground - Genre: Casual, Strategy, Action - Target Audience: Male [Teens & Adults] 80%, Female (20 to 30 age group) 20% - Build size: 45.8mb iOS: Android: Amazon: Popular Apps
  4. Space Punks - Based on chain reaction mechanics, Space Punks offers several hours of colorful explosive fun! - Genre: Puzzle, Strategy - Target Audience: Male [Teens & Adults] 80%, Female (20 to 30 age group) 20% - Build size: 61mb iOS: Android: Amazon: Popular Apps
  5. Popular Apps Reflexa - Reflexa is the world’s first Multi-Selfie cam! - Reflexa uses a unique 3 stage Face Detection system, to intelligently identify human faces, even during poor lighting conditions, and produces upto 10 high quality selfies in a single click! - Unlike other Camera apps, Reflexa stays offline and uses the mobile device processing power for all of its features. - Flash, Camera Toggle, Shutter Control and even Filters are all Automatic, the instant you pose! - The app also features GIFs, Reverse Videos, Automatic Collage and a Powerful Gallery which can render all the GIFs without lag. [None of the iOS based GIF recording apps offer GIF Album which displays animated thumbnails] - Available now in India, U.S, U.K, Canada, Australia and Germany
  6. Yonder UP! is about an alien named “gren” who is lost in space and gets stuck between explosive space projectiles. This simple score based gameplay is built on a “time and act” mechanic to dodge the projectiles and travel through the perilous space. It is also equipped with an online Multiplayer mode for challenging PvP sessions. The game being a fast paced vertical scroller, presented a major challenge in managing network latency and un- interrupted PvP sessions in both Online Public match and LAN based Private match. To manage this latency issues, we have developed a Random Number Generation (RNG) algorithm based on seed. To manage all the game obstacles and properties. And significantly reduced data packets size to < 1000bytes. The LAN based multiplayer, uses Enet SDK in tandem with in-house developed parsing algorithm for sending and receiving data strings and RNG to mitigate latency. Coming soon on: iOS, Android & Amazon appstore Build size: <50mb Coming Soon!
  7. The Lost Princess – Slots Game for Web With rich visuals and photo realistic character renders, the Lost Princess, is a fun and engaging Slots game being developed for the Web. Built using HTML 5, Javascript and Jquery Compatible on Web Browsers (Chrome, Safari, Edge, Opera & Firefox) and Mobile Browsers (Safari, Chrome & Opera). Coming Soon!
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