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Transmedia Living Lab, Madrid

Keynote presentation to the Transmedia Living Lab, Madrid sponsored by Telefonica.

The presentation introduces a methodology for participatory storytelling and illustrates with examples from my work a

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Transmedia Living Lab, Madrid

  1. 1. Keynote to Transmedia Living Lab Madrid, Spain May 28th 2012 Robert Pratten CEO & Founder, Transmedia Storyteller Ltd @robpratten
  2. 2. Robert PrattenCEO & Founder, Transmedia Storyteller Ltd
  3. 3. Transmedia Storyteller Ltd“We power remarkable experiences”
  4. 4. Transmedia Storyteller Ltd“We power remarkable experiences”
  5. 5. “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away”
  6. 6. What I believe…• Experience is king• Emotion => immersion (not more content!)• The Internet kills mediocrity• Need to generate word-of-mouth• Need to empower advocates• Leverage “new media” depth to gain “old media” reach• Marketing is integral to the experience
  7. 7. Content released over 15 day period
  8. 8. Game accessed via blogs – used realand custom websites to set challenges
  9. 9. Metrics• Marketing budget = $0• Production budget = $500• Total Net Kindle Revenue (2011) = $1748• Total shipments on Kindle Jan 1st to Dec 31st 2011 = 972 (retail price at $2.94)• Number of people connecting to Lauren Ortega on email = 83 = 9% of total sales• Video views of Episode 1 (Jan 1st to Dec 31st 2011) = 4727
  10. 10. Sales vs Social Media (Lowlifes) Nb: “video views” used as simple proxy for trend of social media activity. Wasn’t the sole activity also included email, Twitter, Facebook etc.
  11. 11. Sales vs Social Media (Lowlifes) Tipping point
  12. 12. Empower advocates
  13. 13. “Big on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn”
  14. 14. Learning objectives• Teach ethics and economics• Simulation of real-life scenario• Self-guided problem solving• Collaborative working• New media comprehension
  15. 15. EngagementINTERACTION• Personalized replies to incoming emails & Tweets from fictional charactersETHICAL DECISIONS• “The Whistleblower” • Employee who contacts the students claiming that the payload was over weight• “The Extortionist” • Dept. Environment agent that proposes a pay-off for him to write a more favorable report.GAME-STYLE REWARDS• Rewards based on involvement: – “I like what you’re doing, I’ve recommend a bonus increase at the next pay review board” – “You’re asking great questions, you can have use of the company seats behind the catcher…”
  16. 16. Lowlifes 2.0
  17. 17. Lowlifes 2.0… whodunit• Characters: – reveal intrigue, clues, histories – have moods: sympathetic towards you or not – real-world time availability (coffee break, sleeping) – surprises – reversals & follow-ups• Personalized experience – via character behavior and… – help mode on or off – feedback on progress (e.g. “60% complete) – personalized calls-to-action/reminders based on position in story• Out-of-world communication from author integrated with in-world communications from characters• Measurable – how deep people play – time to respond – A/B testing to improve results• No cookies, plug-ins, apps or registration forms: played on email, Twitter and SMS• Entirely scripted, no AI and no coding
  18. 18. 101 Ways to Die• CLARION SECURITY is looking for people like YOU. Text JOIN to (310) 853-5617• Q1: You can only save one person: do you save the young woman or the old man? Reply YOUNG WOMAN or OLD MAN• Q2: Youre hiding in gang territory. You get one opportunity to shoot the gang leader - you have 50:50 chance of success. Reply TAKE SHOT or WAIT
  19. 19. “Psychometric profile” Q2 SHOOT WAITQ1 OLD Guardian Perfectionist YOUNG Status Seeker Elitist
  20. 20. Storytelling with Conducttr Narrative Gaming Rewards Levels Collaboration CompetitionCharactersPlotEventsThings Social Networking Participation, Conversation
  21. 21. Conducttr – Under the HoodConducttr: Pervasive Entertainment Platform Broadcast & reply emails, Tweets, SMS Content Layer Publish blog posts, videos, images, Facebook updates Events – when “stuff” should happen Control Layer Actions – personalization of experience Real World Audience
  22. 22. Under The Hood - AudienceAudience Audience is viewed as: • individual (just you) • community (everyone)Individual Community • group (segments of everyone) Individual Everyone Groups
  23. 23. EngagementGoal: delight each individual with personalized, surprising, evolving contentConducttr Audience call to action Content Layer call to action Individual Community action Control Layer Real World community action personalization community-driven story evolution
  24. 24. What’s holding us back?• Knowledge & Communication – How to write cross-platform participatory stories – Processes – Common language – Documentation• Presentation & Discovery – Labeling: What is it?• Tools – Replay-ability – Progress tracking – Signposting: Story-so-far, help system – Rewards
  25. 25. Welcome to our Worlds
  26. 26. Invite the world into your World Trailer or Website Description Date & time information The platforms the World lives on
  27. 27. In the cloud In your palm
  28. 28. Connected experience Your Story/ExperienceNative cross-platform experience writtenwithout code to run from the cloud on socialnetworks (and on other sites such as tabletapps, social games, consoles, forums etc. viaConducttr API with coding) Audience
  29. 29. XP Progress & Achievements ,
  30. 30. Our transmedia storytellingmobile app is your portalBenefits & Features• A faster, cheaper way to launch transmedia projects – no cost of custom-app development – immediately available when scripted with Conducttr – allows audience to manage their own data• Discovery – available to a growing community that wants transmedia stories• Retention & Engagement – show audience its progress through the story – reward audience with points and badges – leaderboards – forum
  31. 31. Approach
  32. 32. Transmedia development
  33. 33. story experience start Is the business model to generate yes revenue from sit-back/mono- no media? (e.g. book, movie, console game, music etc.) yes Is this a franchise of Develop the experience multiple mono-media? (includes participation & social media) Start to develop the story for piece you’re most Develop the sit-back familiar with mediano Is the first yes piece 30-70% complete? Is this 30-90% complete? Experience complete? yes yes Develop the other pieces of the franchise Complete mono-media All pieces 30-70% yes elements complete? end
  34. 34. Author Methodology Participatory Transmedia Storytelling1. Business 2. Definition 3. Design 4. ImplementationPlanning (Goal Setting)• Audience • Synopsis • User phases • Production pipeline• Story • Engagement • User journey • Preparation• Experience • Interaction • Quests • Conducttr• Platforms • Play test• Business model • Go live• Execution
  35. 35. Story development
  36. 36. Definition2.1Synopsis 2.2. Engagement 2.3. Interaction 2.4. Operations2.1.1 Story 2.2.1 Purpose 2.3.1 Platforms 2.4.1 Management2.2.1 Experience 2.2.2 Participation 2.3.2 Media (Assets) 2.4.2 Metrics 2.2.3 Personalization 2.2.4 Pacing 2.2.5 Characters
  37. 37. Audience participation opportunities FEEL Companion Actor Moral dilemmas, Role-play, meaningful choices provide building blocks Outsider Observer Reflection, consideration Exploring, discovering THINK DO What will the audience do? How will they be engaged?
  38. 38. “Social TV” activity Massive unrealized potential for audience to act in the storyworldFEEL Companion Actor Outsider Observer Second-screen content usually provides b-roll or extra content, comics, gamesTHINK DO Twitter & Facebook activity discusses the show, tweets with the cast etc
  39. 39. Example
  40. 40. Work inProgress…
  41. 41. Project Structure Producer (Jonathan Sothcott) Transmedia Producer (Robert Pratten) Graphic Design & Branding Feature Script (Simon Cluett) (BTL Brands) Psychophol Wastelander Tarot Cards Web Series (Cassi) (Berta) (Tara) (Robert)
  42. 42. Story Real-world(strength, depth & authorial (pervasive, built around fact) control) Participation Gaming(contribute, change, co-create) (goals, puzzles, challenges, trophies) Story = importance of narrative, depth of world & degree of authorial control Real-world = extent to which story-experience pervades real locations & times, real people & events Participation = ability of audience to change or contribute to the story-experience Gaming = audience has goal, use of puzzles, game mechanics (trophies, levels, leader boards etc.)
  43. 43. Mask of the Red Death Online Story Real-world Feature Film Web series Participation Gaming Psychophol experienceWastelander experience Real World Tarot CardsEvent: Festival Screening Mobile app DVD release
  44. 44. WORKFLOW: Mask of the Red DeathShort story Synopsis Transmedia Funding Write Feature Psychophol Write Strategy Approved Script Experience Psychophol Defined Story Director’s Wastelander Create Create Vision Experience Card Card Defined Mechanics Story Information flow Storyworld Write Wiki (Bible) Webseries Key Documents Story writing Experience
  45. 45. Participation for MskRD FEEL Companion Actor Psychophol Wastelander Tarot experience experience Cards Outsider Observer Web Series THINK DO
  47. 47. Mask of the Red
  48. 48. The End Robert Pratten @robpratten Europe: +44 207 193 4567 USA: +1 415 287 4150