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How to buy ppgi from china

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To make clear how to buy the PPGI and PPGL from China.

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How to buy ppgi from china

  1. 1. ; A/5 , ./5 'GOB| E www. gobic. org How to Buy PPGI from China? In the Flat Steel category, PPGI is one of the most complex products for buying. This paper will show you how to buy the PPGI from China. Why do you buy PPGI? 0 End users for building material such as: steel structure such as Steel wall and Roof. End users for decoration building materials such as: Print coating sheets C 0 End users for Solar Energy Sheets 0 End users for colorful door/ windows 6 End users for household appliances: such as Refrigerators sideboards, Refrigerator Door Panel, DVD set—top sheets, sheets for Microwave Ovens, sheets for washing machine, etc. From above different end usage, you need to source different steel mills as suppliers. There are two big categories from above end usage: First one: Building Material Second one: Household Appliances A . Building Material: The usage volume is large thus the price is key sector for buying. 1) 2) Common end usage such as steel corrugated material for steel wall/ roofing: You could try private mill as the first choice. There are a lot of private steel mills in north of China such as in Tianjin, Shandong and Shanghai. When you are sourcing with private mills, the zinc coating and primer thickness is most of important things. The second things is for the quantity of weight. When you inquiry or before signing the contract, you should confirm clearly with supplier for the invoicing weight is on the basis of gross weight or net weight. The different weight basis, about usd 5-10/mt different. Furthermore, you should be more careful about the weight franchise. After the cargo arriving at your port, you should weight all the cargo in time. If the weight franchise is out of contract, you should send the report to the supplier at once. Please BE NOT SLOW for this action. Meanwhile, before placing order, to ask color sample is also very important. It is the best way for confirming the color. For Print coating decoration/ window/ door: At the beginning, the print coating PPGI was produced by strength state own mills. With the time flies, most of private steel mills begin produce it. The coating pattern/ color/ primer thickness/ primer type is most of important. For the window/ door usage, the tensile strength/ yield strength data should be careful. Copyright@Gobic Industry 2015
  2. 2. @5031: www. gobic. org B. Household Appliance: If the PPGI is used for Household appliance, the state own steel mill is first choice. The mills which named Baosteel/ Handan Steel is very famous and own good reputation for the quality. However, the price is higher than other mills. As the manufacture of household appliance, the quality is first consideration. We suggest you should be very cautious for the quality especially for the grade/ Surface requirement. For the state own steel mill, they will not cheat for the zinc coating/ premier coating/ quantity. They need sustained and long term order from end—usage. If you have tested their cargoes for the trial order, you need to keep placing order with them for long time. Mill will give you strong support for all the requirement. Hope this paper could help you make quick and right decision for choosing the supplier. For the business, right choose means saving cost. Please keep visit our website for more information: www. gobic. org and keep visiting our blog: b| og. gobic. org. Or like our facebook page: gobic. Moreover, if you have any comment and suggestion about this paper, please send the e—mail to info@gobic. org. We will contact with you within 24 hours. Thank you for reading! Copyright@Gobic Industry 2015