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Eymy Radio Overview

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Eymy Radio Overview

  1. 1. Etmy Radio 2016 Etmy Co Ltd EtmyRadio Product Overview  HandheldRadio  MobileRadio  RadioAccessories  TrunkAmplifier  BaseStation  Antenna  Duplexer Secure Dependable Cost Effective High Performance Overview
  2. 2. Etmy Radio 2016 Company Brief Introduction Founded in 2007 and with headquarters in Guangzhou China, Etmy Co Ltd is a manufacturer specialized in the research, development and production of two way radios. Ecome is our own brand with competitive price and practicability in domesticmarket. We are also the authorized agent of Motorola, Hytera and Kenwood. All of our products are in international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world. Etmy Radio Products Etmy Radios are idealfor various fields and functions.Products arerange from handheld radios, mobileradioto repeater and base station. Powerful andfeature-rich, EtmyRadios arefast and easyto implement. Motorola Radio Products Since 2012, we havebeenthe authorizedagentof Motorola.We mainlycover Motorolaradiossuchas Analog Business Radio and MOTOTRBORadio. Hytera Radio Products Since 2011, we have become the authorized agent of Hytera and one of the authorized maintain stations. ItsDMR radios are highly appreciated by most of our customers. Other Radio Products Aboveare two starbrandof our company.What’smore, we alsoprovideotherradio brands,suchas Icom, Kenwood, Kirisun, andEcome.
  3. 3. Services We exceed in all aspects of Two Way Radio Communications, including : * Two-way radiosales * Two-way radio hire * Two-way radio system design, installation, training and maintenance * Two-way radiorepair Partner Programme We do not sell radio products only. Our development direction is going further to radio engineering, but currently it is only in domestic market. We believe that better services are provided to our valued customers. Contact us B270 HAISUN MARKER DASHATOUSHAN MALU DASHATOU ,GUANGZHOU CHINA Tel: 0086-20-83794907 Fax: 0086-20-83794907 E-mail: Web: TM: cn1510909062 Skype: ecome.gz Whatsapp: +86 15902061646 Etmy Radio 2016