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  1. 1. Development of Service-based Systems in Ubiquitous Computing Environments Stephen S. Yau Director, Information Assurance Center Professor of Computer Science and Engineering Arizona State University Tempe, Arizona, USA Abstract To achieve the goal of ubiquitous computing (ubicomp) – “computing anytime, anywhere”, it is essential that ubicomp software systems have the capability of adapting to dynamically changing environments. Such adaptations change the configuration and behavior of ubicomp software systems to provide not only the required functionality, but also satisfactory QoS, such as timeliness and security. Recent development of service- oriented architecture (SOA) has shown the great potential of developing adaptive software systems based on SOA. Software systems based on SOA, called service-based systems, can be rapidly composed of services provided by various organizations, regardless of the differences in the languages and/or platforms used to implement the services, and can be easily reconfigured at runtime to accommodate new requirements. However, how to develop adaptive service-based systems with satisfactory QoS in dynamic environments like ubicomp environments remains largely unknown. In this talk, the challenges for the rapid development, deployment and operation of adaptive service-based systems to provide satisfactory QoS in ubicomp environments will be presented. Related research effort, such as autonomic computing and situation awareness, will be discussed. In particular, our research on Adaptable Situation-aware Secure Service-based (AS3) systems and Design of Service-based Software Systems with QoS Monitoring and Adaptation will be presented. Some important related research issues, such as security and privacy, arisen in the usage of contextual and situation information, and distributed trust management in service-based systems in ubicomp environments will also be discussed.