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HP and Layer 7 Data Sheet Update 3.4.09_danax

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HP and Layer 7 Data Sheet Update 3.4.09_danax

  1. 1. SOA Governance Solutions Comprehensive SOA Governance from HP and Layer 7 HP SOA Center deployed in HP’s SOA Center combined with Layer 7’s SecureSpan SOA appliances conjunction with the Layer 7 provides a comprehensive set of service and policy governance solutions and SecureSpan SOA Appliance provides: with enhanced security and policy enforcement. • Fine Grained Access Control The Challenge of SOA Governance Governing the terms and conditions under which application services can share business • FIPS Compliant Message Security functionality and data with other application services requires the ability to manage trust and control policies in a distributed production environment. This requires centralized policy • API Security and Virtualization management, strong security for cross-domain scenarios and the ability to enforce how and domain when services are shared with other services. Defining, enforcing and coordinating policy on • Service Availability Management and between services is therefore essential for proper service governance and activity audit. This requires policy governance infrastructure that can control the creation, change, requires • Scalable SLA Enforcement provisioning and reconciliation of policies across loosely coupled services and their client loosely-coupled applications. Managing the policy lifecycle from creation to reconciliation is compl complicated in • XML Acceleration real-world environments by the decentralized nature of development and diverse operating world environments Effective SOA governance requires processes and an infrastructure for environments. overnance • Policy Lifecycle Management controlling SOA assets at both design time and runtime runtime. • SOA Performance Optimization Layer 7 for Runtime Governance The Layer 7 SecureSpan family of SOA hardware and software appliances provides secure, family a scalable, centralized runtime enforcement of service-level policies in a distributed SOA. level These policies can include access preferences, message confidentiality and integrity, content integrity validation, message transformation, credentialing, transport mediation and SLA conditions to give some examples Using the SecureSpan policy editor, architects can create rules for examples. To learn more about Layer 7 and governing the operational behavior of their services and have those rules enforced inside of how it can address your the SOA appliance eliminating the need to recode the service or deploy agents on every appliance, organization’s SOA and Web services service platform. needs, call 1-800-681-9377 (toll free within North America) or HP SOA Center for Design Time Governance +1.604.681.9377 HP SOA Center is comprised of a number of products, including SOA Registry Foundation, ncluding SOA Systinet, and SOA Policy Enforcer, which provide an authoritative SOA registry/repository end-to-end SOA policy management and essential SOA monitoring. registry/repository, end monitoring Together they deliver the key elements for SOA governance and lifecycle management, ensuring that SOA architectures will scale from pilot to full production. ing Layer 7 + HP Synergy Layer 7 SOA appliances deployed in conjunction with HP SOA Center enables administrators to browse for available assets, including service definitions, message schemas and transforms, and reference those assets when composing runtime polices. The SecureSpan policies themselves can be saved to and subsequently retrieved from HP SOA Systinet or ubsequently SOA Registry Foundation like any other SOA asset. The lifecycle and overall management of these assets is performed in SOA Center, providing an authoritative, controlled source of SOA assets, while SecureSpan provides runtime enforcement of relevant polic policies. This provides a solid set of critical capabilities for implementing and scaling a SOA governance solution solution.
  2. 2. Key Features SOA Appliance Performance Accelerated XML message processing ThisManagement Access document enforcement point for identity-driven SOAReader client Policy requires Adobe security, including version authentication and fine-grained, service level authorization 6.0.1 or later. To view this document, please Message Security Integrated PKI infrastructure helps ensure data confidentiality through message- level signing and digital encryption download and audit files at multiple levels, and export data for correlation and Regulatory Compliance Generate log Adobe Reader from: forensic analysis Would you like someone from Layer 7 to follow-up with you regarding this datasheet? Layer 7 Interoperability SOA Systinet Provides an authoritative, controlled source of SOA assets, including Layer 7 SecureSpan policies, facilitating lifecycle management. 1. First name* SOA Registry Foundation Enables developers to reference available service assets when composing runtime 2. Last name* polices on the Layer 7 SecureSpan SOA appliance. SOA Policy Enforcer Allows administrators to gain a rolled up view of performance associated with all the 3. Email* systems in their SOA, including Layer 7 SecureSpan SOA appliances. SOA Governance Ensures managers, developers and architects can get a single view of all information 4. Organization* Interoperability related to a business or technical service. Framework (GIF) 5. Country/region Supported Standards XML 1.0, SOAP 1.1, REST, AJAX, XPath 1.0, XSLT 1.0, WSDL 1.1, XML Schema, LDAP 3.0, SAML 1.1/2.0, PKCS #10, X.509 v3 Certificates, Kerberos, W3C XML Signature 1.0, W3C XML Encryption 1.0, SSL/TLS 2.0 / 3.0, SNMP, SMTP, HTTP/HTTPS, POP3, IMAP4, JMS 1.0, MQ Series, Tibco EMS 4.0, WS-Security 1.0, WS-Trust 1.0, WS- Submit SecureConversation, WS-Addressing, WS-Federation, WS-MetadataExchange, WS-Policy, WS-SecurityPolicy, WS- Skip PolicyAttachment, WS-SecureExchange, WSIL, WS-I, WS-I BSP, UDDI 3.0, XACML 2.0, MTOM The Layer 7 SecureSpan SOA appliance is available as either a 1U rack mounted appliance (featuring 64-bit multiprocessors and optional hardware-based XML acceleration, SSL/crypto acceleration with HSM, four GE/FE NICS and dual PSUs), or as a VMWare virtual appliance. To learn more about how Layer 7 can address your needs, call us today at +1 800.681.9377 (toll free within North America) or +1.604.681.9377or visit us at Copyright © 2010 Layer 7 Technologies Inc. All rights reserved. SecureSpan and the Layer 7 Technologies design mark are trademarks of Layer 7 Technologies Inc. All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.